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Bedroom Styling Tips with our Interior Stylist
November 16, 2018 at 10:25 am 0
We've all seen how to style a sideboard, coffee tables and shelves. But when it comes to bedroom styling, it's not enough just to get the furniture right. Styling your bedroom correctly will transform it from a place just to sleep, to where you want to spend your time. It's these simple, homely touches that will finish off your bedroom and add plenty of personality.   Bedroom styling: Rene bed in midnight blue velvet

Rene Velvet Bed in Midnight

  We've recently added a collection of beds to the Danetti family. So what better way to show you two different looks than with our new range of velvet beds! Available in Double, King and Superking, you're bound to find the bed of your dreams.    

Bedroom Styling Essentials

Before we get into interior bedroom trends, you need to know your styling basics. No bedroom is complete with the following:
  • Decent Mattress
  • High-Quality Duvet and Pillows
  • Statement Bed (from Danetti)
  • Lighting
  • Soft furnishings
It may seem obvious, but without one of these elements, your room can feel stark, cold and very uninviting. Regardless of your personal interior style, these are the five must-haves when it comes to how to style a bed and bedroom.  

Moody Bedroom Styling

A key trend for interiors right now is dark, moody and rich colours. By using a dark colour in the bedroom, you will create the illusion of more space. All the while creating a cosy, snug room you can't wait to be in. Although the thought of painting your bedroom black can be scary, that doesn't mean your room will feel gothic and dark.   Rene bed in midnight blue velvet

Rene Velvet Bed in Midnight


Top Tip: Offset dark walls with white bedding and light textures. Choosing lighter elements will lift the room and make your chosen colour really stand out.

  The Rene Bed in Midnight Velvet sits beautifully against our Black Blue wall, as the curves of the headboard pick up light and add depth and tone. If, for example, you had a dark blue fabric headboard against a nearly black wall, it could look flat and lacking in interest. The way the velvet picks up the light helps to show the shape of the bed, drawing your focus here, rather than the dark walls.   Rene bed in midnight blue velvet

Rene Velvet Bed in Midnight

  If black walls aren't for you, look at dark greys, berries, browns or blues to create the same look. Just be sure to complement the colour of your chosen bed. It's easier to paint your walls than buy a new bed!  

Bedroom Styling Tips

  When you come to simple bedroom decorating ideas and adding that personal touch, remember to follow these top styling rules:
  • Stick to a minimal colour palette. When you have a statement bed, you don't want your styling to overpower your headboard. Choose colours within the same shade to create a complementary look and create a serene setting.
  • You can't beat fresh white sheets. White sheets are a classic. When you want your bed to stand out, keep bedding simple. Add a couple of tonal cushions for an added element of colour- but simple is always best.
  • Clash your textures. Velvet beds are beautiful and look super luxe. However, if you're after a softer, more relaxed look, balance the smoothness of velvet with a chunky knit and cool metallics like brass and copper. These metallic finishes will lift the styling and add a layer of luxe.
  Rene bed in midnight blue velvet

Rene Velvet Bed in Midnight

  • Mimic shapes. Where the Rene bed has an Art Deco-inspired curved headboard, we've chosen the Pablo table lamps as our bedside lights. The spherical shade and arched marble base mimic the shape of the Rene bed, tying the look together. The marble texture also adds another modern art deco vibe.
  • Less is always more. Feel free to add pictures of your loved ones and the typical alarm clocks and beauty products to your bedside tables. Just remember to keep things clear. The more bits and bobs you have on display, the more cluttered your bedroom will feel. Invest in trendy boxes or side tables with drawers to hide all those unsightly necessities. Tidy room, tidy mind.

Bright and Breezy Bedroom Styling

Dark walls aren't for everyone. Dark rooms will feel cosy in the evenings, however, if you struggle to wake up in the mornings, think about a clean, bright white bedroom. This way you will keep light bouncing around your room, and introduce colour through your furniture, rather than walls.   Mellow velvet bed in ochre

Mellow Velvet Bed in Ochre

  Our second bedroom decor look differs from the Rene bed in almost every way, except for one thing; the statement velvet headboard. Available in Teal, Ochre or Pepper Grey Velvet, our Mellow bed is the most perfect way to inject a splash of colour into a white bedroom. Whether you're a fan of a clean, scandi style, or a more eclectic, vintage look, the Mellow bed suits any interior style.   Mellow velvet bed in ochre  

Top Tip: Pendant lights work great as bedside lamps. They will keep your side tables clear while creating a style statement.

  Mellow velvet bed in ochre

Mellow Velvet Bed in Ochre

  Choosing a bright colour for your bed is an effortless way to bring an interior designer look to your bedroom. Let the bed be the focus, and keep your soft furnishings subtle and tonal. The shape of the Mellow bed with its smooth, sweeping velvet headboard lends itself perfectly to versatile, constantly changing interiors.   Mellow velvet bed in teal

Mellow Velvet Bed in Teal 


Colour Combinations

One of our favourite features of the Mellow bed is the rich colour palette. You can play with different colour combination with your soft furnishings to change things up as often as you like. As homewares tend to be more reasonably priced than a bed, you can afford to be a bit more adventurous with your colour combinations. Here are a few of our bedroom styling colour suggestions:  
  • Teal: Combine teal with cherry reds, navy blues and highlights of brass. The Navy will compliment the Teal, while the pop of red will be your accent colour. Mix and match textures and prints for a real eclectic look.
  • Ochre: Pair this soft mustard yellow with burnt orange, soft grey and graphic black and white textures. Ochre and orange complement each other while the grey will tone down the look. Monochrome textures will add a level of depth to your bedroom decor.
  • Pepper Grey: Possibly the most versatile colour of the Mellow bed is the Pepper Grey. The world is your oyster with this one, however, we would suggest adding a bit of colour to your bedroom decor. Play with forest greens and dusky pinks for an on-trend style with a hint of vintage glamour. Add elements of brass and marble for a true luxe look.
  Mellow velvet bed in teal

Mellow Velvet Bed in Teal


Bedroom Styling Tips

Styling a white bedroom gives you the freedom to choose any colour or accessory your inner stylist desires. These are some of our Stylist's top tips for decorating a simple bedroom:  
  • Play with proportions. When styling a king size bed, you need to be aware of proportions. Avoid an expanse of bed linen by breaking it up with throws and cushions.
  • Choose classic wall art. There are many online websites where you can buy cheap prints. These are great if you want to update your home regularly, however you cannot go wrong with a classic art print. Be it an Andy Warhol Tomato Soup print, or maybe a vintage poster you picked up from a flea market. These are the treasures with meaning behind them and are unlikely to date. Keep wall art to a minimum in the bedroom, and remember to stick to a classic.
  • Wooden floors need a rug. It's a big trend at the moment to pull up the carpets and show of your exposed floorboard (if you're lucky enough to have them). However, this can make your bedroom feel cold, so always ensure you have a rug in your bedroom. You can choose an area rug, to sit under and around the base of your bed, or a couple of runners either side, just to keep your toes toasty on cold mornings.
  Mellow velvet bed in pepper grey

Mellow Velvet Bed in Pepper Grey

  • Warm things up. As we get into the winter months, make your bedroom a snuggly, hygge space with chunky knits and sheepskin rugs. It's these soft elements which will create that cosy cocoon you won't want to leave.
  • Style your bedside tables simply. Don't over-do the bedside table decor. Choosing hanging pendant lights will keep your table top clear, although this doesn't mean you have more space for clutter! A simple stack of your fave books, a pretty vase and a relaxing candle should be more than enough.

Show us your style!

We hope you love our new range of beds, although, we've only shown you two! We have a whole range of newness for you to see right here. Tell us which bed you would choose and how you'd style it. Don't forget to tag us in your #mydanetti shots on Facebook and Instagram, and we hope you too will create a calm and relaxing bedroom.   Rene midnight blue velvet bed    
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Haunted House Party | Create a Sophisticated Spooky Style for your Halloween Party
October 23, 2018 at 4:03 pm 0
  Surprise your friends this Halloween by creating a sophisticated Haunted House Party. Forget about tacky cobwebs, bats, pumpkins and skeletons. Instead, choose black lilies, blush roses, and dripping candles for your Halloween decor. This year we've created a Gothic Glamor Halloween in just 5 simple sets. Take a look and re-create this spook-tacular look yourself!  

Step 1: Halloween Flowers

Although fresh flowers are not the common choice for Halloween, that doesn't mean they can't be used to create a spooky setting. Choose faded, antique colours with a splash of greenery.     For our shoot, we went for faded pink roses, black lilies and purple tracellium for an eclectic mix which doesn't feel too "done". The dramatic silhouette of the lilies and greenery create that hard edge. All the while the softness of the roses and filler flowers give the antiqued look.  

Step 2: Candles

No Haunted House is complete without an abundance of pillar candles. Turn the lights down low and let the gentle flicker of candlelight provide the spooky, atmosphere. By choosing black candles, you instantly create a gothic look. Pair with antique candelabras and a splash of gold, to avoid thing feeling too dark.    

Step 3: Pumpkins

Ok, so I know we said no pumpkins, but once you've painted various shapes and sizes in a subtle colour palette, they're the perfect accessory for your Haunted House party. We've chosen pale pinks, light greys and dark greys to compliment the rest of our scheme. Scatter your pumpkins around your floral displays and candles to balance the colour and add a new shape into the equation.    

Step 4: Cut Roses

No Gothic Glamour look is complete without roses. Choose deep reds or, like us, super dark grey for your Halloween decor. Chop the heads off and arrange individually and in small groups around your pumpkins and candles.     Or, if you're planning with plenty of time, why not dry out your roses first by tying them upside down out of direct sunlight for a couple of weeks. These dried petals and stems will bring an element of decay to your Haunted House Party to solidify the Halloween vibe.  

Step 5: Velvet and Brass

Finally, to bring you Halloween look all together, add the glamour. Velvet and Brass are the perfect combination for a luxe look, so by adding Brass and Velvet furniture into your setting will bring the whole look together. Our Form Velvet Armchairs were selected for our Halloween shoot for this exact reason. The smooth sheen of the velvet against the hardness of the brass perfectly reflects the candlelight, creating a spooky vibe for all to enjoy. Our pale roses and candles pick up the blush pink velvet of the seat, while our gold antique candelabras balance the brass base. The final flourish to bring this look all together.  

Happy Halloween

Whatever your plans, and however you choose to decorate, we hope you have a fantastic Halloween. Just remember- if you're welcome to trick or treaters, be sure to pop a pumpkin outside the front of your house. This signals to your fellow ghosts and ghouls that you're happy to participate in trick or treating!   Are you going to spookify your Danetti wares? Don't forget to tag us and show off your Halloween style with #mydanetti on Facebook and Instagram... Don't forget to creep it real!
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How to Become Your Own Interior Designer
July 27, 2018 at 5:00 pm 2
So you're finally in your new house, however, the dated decor leaves little to be desired. You're thinking to yourself "it's going to take a qualified interior designer to sort this place out".


There's no need to fork out for an interior designer when you could quite easily do it yourself! Plus, you'll have great fun along the way and learn a few new skills. Follow our ten steps and you'll be well on your way to creating the home of your dreams.  

1. Focus on What You Like in Your Home

  The first thing to do is to focus on what you like to do in your home. Think about how it gets used, or how you would like to use it. Perhaps you'd like a cosy TV and games room for the kids or a quiet spot where you can sit and read. This may require a bit of re-configuring but that's why creating your dream home is all about.  

Luxe Chaise and Ripple Glass Coffee Table in Gold

  It's all these considerations can form a 'Wishlist'. Your wishlist will end up being very similar to a brief that you would give to an interior designer, so it's a good place to start even when you're doing it yourself.  

2. Don't be Afraid to Borrow Ideas

  Create a Pinterest board of looks you love and details you would like to incorporate. Don’t just take inspiration from the internet, though. Get out and about, visit art galleries, beautiful shops, friends homes and restaurants and take snaps of the areas which really catch your eye. Remembering these places and ideas can help you understand how form, texture, colour, scale, lighting and space can be combined to create something you like.    

3. Bring out the Best in What You Have

  Try to bring out the best in what you already have and work with it. What are its best features? Perhaps it’s a beautiful fireplace, an incredible view or a high ceiling? Accentuate these features with lighting and furniture arrangement to create a dramatic focal point. If you have a modern house, there's no point trying to make it ornate or trying to create a 'heritage' look. You have been blessed with a blank canvas to create the modern home you've always envisioned- be it glam, or minimal.  

Aria, Santo and Loop Bench Set, from Interhouse Design 


4. Get the Basics Right, and the Rest Will Fall into Place

  Although it's tempting to get carried away with thoughts of the fun stuff like wallpaper and soft furnishings, you really need to think carefully about the basics first. Create boards of flooring, tiles, wallpapers and paint samples to make sure you're happy with your chosen colours and finishes. Once you have the basics figured out, the little details will simply fall into place.  

Santo Dining Chairs and Canio Occasional Chair in White


5. Select Your Furniture Wisely

  Just because you like the look of a piece of furniture doesn't necessarily mean it will look good in your space. Make sure you always measure your room before investing in furniture. To really make sure there are no errors, draw out a plan of the room to scale on squared paper. Then you can draw in the furniture so you can see exactly how it will look. At Danetti we make this easier, by always providing full measurements for our products. It's also worthwhile measuring your doorways and stairwells - the last thing you want is for your furniture to arrive and then not to fit through the door!  

Dillon Sofa with Halo Walnut Coffee Table and Walnut Duo


6. Think About Your House as a Whole

  Too many people isolate one room, give it a certain vibe and colour scheme, and then chose something totally different in the room next door. Rooms shouldn't all be decorated the same, but it does help if there is some harmony. This is a particular skill of an interior designer, but it's a useful habit to get into.  

Finn Barstools

  You want your living spaces to be vibrant and energetic, such as kitchens and playrooms, but keeping your resting rooms more subdued, like your living room and bedroom. Stick to a harmonious colour palette and a similar style throughout. The best part of this is that your furniture should then be interchangeable between rooms. Meaning you can refresh your home whenever you see fit with things you already own.  

7. Don't Forget Lighting

  In most modern homes spotlights are the preferred option. They are great as they distribute light evenly across a room and don't get in the way. However, they can be quite harsh in the evenings and don't offer much character. If you have spotlights, think about adding a few tasteful lamps to your home. these will give out a softer light and promote a more relaxed home.  

Acute Console Table

  Where possible use your pendant lights to create a statement or a focal point. This could be a cluster of low hanging pendants over a dining table or a beaded chandelier in a grand entranceway. Lighting will create mood and give a space personality, so be sure to give it some consideration.  

8. Keep Your Budget in Mind at all Times

  You don't want to run out of money halfway through a renovation project, so set yourself a budget and stick to it. Some things are worth investing in, such as flooring and your larger furniture like sofas and dining tables. Where trends change so frequently there is no point spending hundreds on your soft furnishings and decorative accessories. These smaller trend items are more cost effective so buy what you like, but don't spend the earth as you'll probabley be bored after a few years!  

Robin Sofa Range

  Remember when spending on any electrical appliances and gadgets that new technology soon becomes old technology, so it's probably not worth spending that much on the latest fad- do your research and invest in timeless items.  

9. Be Professional in Your Dealings with Tradesmen

  Before committing to a tradesman, be sure to have done your research, have a few recommendations and get a few different quotes. You should also ask for references and ask to see their previous projects. If they are good, then they shouldn't object. It's useful to put your objectives in writing, as this can be a useful document fall back on if things do not turn out as expected. Builders don't have the same artistic vision as interior designers, so be sure to keep a close eye and communicate every step of the way- too much communication will be better in the long run and save any unwanted surprises!  

Zen and Elise Dining Set


10. Don't be Afraid to Ask for Help

  Sometimes your creativity may run dry, and that's ok! Being innovative and artistic all the time isn't easy. Look to those who inspire you and maybe ask for help or advise. Independent furniture retailers such (like us here at Danetti) are very familiar with the process of furnishing a home successfully. We would be more than happy to help you find the pieces that will work well together and bring out the best in your home. Just give us a call and we will happily suggest a few beautiful options.   Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for Interior Inspiration. Use #mydanetti to tag us in your photos to be featured too!
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Velvet and Brass: How to use 2018 Hottest Interior Trend in your Home
July 6, 2018 at 9:53 am 0
Velvet and Brass finishes have been creeping up our interior wish-lists for a while now, with 2018 seeing the biggest influx of velvet furniture. For your average homeowner, velvet can feel out of reach as it can be expensive as it's a premium fabric. However, we think great design should be affordable for everyone! Which is exactly why we have launched our own range of velvet furniture. All at a more affordable price range so you, too, can have your dream home.    

Coming Soon...

      As velvet is a newer material to use in our homes, it can be tricky to know how to style around what you already own. We love the combination of velvet and brass and have designed some simple pieces which can seamlessly slide into any existing home interior.   Check out the Plaza Velvet Stools and Mellow Velvet Benches, and keep reading for our styling tips! Plus, keep your eyes peeled for more exclusive velvets coming very soon....  

Why do we Love Velvet and Brass?

In all honesty, you probably love velvet and brass together because it suits your own interior style. But believe it or not, there is a reason why this luxe combo is so easy on the eye. Velvet is a cut pile, which simply means the weave is cut lengthways, to provide a soft surface with more of a sheen. A cut pile will naturally make velvet more delicate. Over time if not cared for properly you may begin to see bald patches form. That said, all of our Velvets are rub-tested to ensure longevity. So, treated with care, they should last for years to come.  

Sapphire Velvet and Brushed Brass Plaza Stool

  As velvets create this super soft lustre, brushed brass does the opposite and gives off a cooler, matt vibe. The juxtaposition of these 2 materials gives off very luxurious vibes while remaining cool and contemporary. Gone are the days of crushed velvets and diamante trims- less is definitely more when it comes to interior decor.  

Velvet Inspiration

As with any home update, it's important to look for inspiration before making any decisions. Anything can inspire you, from fashion and interior mags, social media or even your favourite restaurant. Velvet and Brass is a very luxe look, so you want to be sure you incorporate extra luxe elements into your vision to create a perfectly styled home.  

Sketch, London

  Potentially the space to start off this interior design trend is Sketch, London. With its head to toe pink velvet interiors balanced with warm brass and textured marbles, there's no denying the instagramability of this stunning restaurant.   Transferring this high-end look into your home is much easier than you may think. Aside from painting your walls and ceilings bright pink, you can add a few simple velvet and brass pieces to create the same look at a much lower price tag.  

Plaza Stool

The quickest and simplest way to introduce velvet and brass is with our Plaza Velvet Stool. The versatility of this little stool allows total freedom to use in any room of your home. Position it against your leather sofa for a comfy place to put your feet up, use as a trendy dressing table seat or as extra seating around your dining table. Plus at just £99, it's affordable no matter what your budget!  

Plaza Blush Pink Velvet Stool

  Take a leaf out of our super stylish customer's book and use your Plaza Stool as a Dressing Table Seat. The Plaza is available in 4 colours with 3 different finishes meaning you'll be sure to find the ideal option for your home.  

Penny Goldstone has chosen the Teal and Warm Brass Plaza for her dark and dramatic dressing area.


Aalkins has gone for the Pink Plaza Stool to balance with her Brass and Marble dressing table.

  Swapping your classic dressing table chair for the Plaza Stool instantly adds style and form. Its handy size also means it will tuck neatly under your dressing table or desk. Stylish, compact and space saving!  

Mellow Bench

One of our best selling lines is our Mellow bench- now available in Sapphire Velvet and Brass. The beauty of these benches is that they can be part of your dining set, or sit on their own as a statement piece. You could even double up and use as a compact sofa!  

Mellow 3 Seater Bench in Sapphire Velvet and Brass

    With the current dark wall interior trend, the sapphire velvet works beautifully against many inky shades. Position against dark blue walls for a camouflage look and to make the brass legs pop. Alternatively, the soft blue sheen also looks great against varying shades of purples, dark greens and smokey greys- the possibilities really are endless. We all know the soft sheen against the matt brushed brass works wonders, but how about adding another layer and pairing the Mellow Velvet Benches with a high gloss dining table?! The super-reflective surface bounces light around the room, giving your new velvet furniture extra depth. Plus, no one can resist a durable, grey gloss extending dining tables, such as our Sanza.  

You could even pair your Mellow Benches with the Plaza Stool for extra seats when needed!

    The Mellow Velvet Bench also comes in a Petrol Grey and Stainless Steel leg, which we will be covering very soon on the blog.  

How to Style Velvet

Although we've only shown you 2 new styles, fear not- we have plenty more velvet and brass newness in the works! Let's just build up the courage to introduce this trend into our homes one step at a time. If, however, you're diving straight into the velvet scene, our Stylist has some top tips for you when it comes to styling velvet and brass in your home.    
  • Velvet is a very soft material with a subtle sheen, so contrast this with natural materials such as marble and wood. Marble is also a very luxe material, so pair with velvet for a modern, minimal and very luxurious interior.
  • Mix and match your metallics. Sticking to just brass can feel overpowering and a little dated. Instead, clash highly reflective metals with brushed finishes. Or maybe mix a brushed brass with a stainless steel.
  • If you opt for a brighter velvet, keep the surrounding colours neutral to really make your velvet pop.
  • Use textured throws and cushions with a graphic print over velvet sofas to avoid your home looking too twee and to add personality.
  • Choose muted or darker colours as these will last longer. A bright orange velvet sofa will look incredible, however, you want your furniture to last. Instead, choose a colour which has a bit more longevity and versatility to work in your home as you change over the years.  Dark blues and muted pinks work great in any existing interior.
  • If you really want your velvet to glisten, place in a room with plenty of natural light. However, avoid direct sunlight as this can cause bleaching.
  • Velvet is a tricky material to clean if you don't pick up any spillages right away. You can use warm soapy water and a clean cloth to mop up any spills. For bigger stains or those you don't get to in time, seek professional advice before attempting to clean the velvet yourself.

Coming Soon...

  Keep an eye out for our Velvet Buying Guide coming soon to the blog, full of tips and tricks to cleaning your velvet and how to keep it looking good as new! If you want to see more don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. We'd love to see how you style our Velvet Furniture in your home! Don't forget to use #mydanetti in your photos!
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Julia Kendell – 2018 Must Have Interior Metallics
May 11, 2018 at 4:51 pm 0

Any designer will tell you, it's the quality of materials that make an interiors scheme. Whether a simple design, quirky, classic or contemporary, the surface details must be of the highest finish for the overall effect to look well considered.  This year, the vibe is all about combining luxurious materials such as marble, polished glass and unpolished natural wood with eye-catching, matt metals.


Both brushed steel and matt brass/gold are big news and dominate kitchen trends for 2018. The subtlety of the matt metallic finish exudes an understated elegance whilst the reflective qualities of the metals lift and brighten the look. It's a perfect combination and this palette ensures a room will look both stylish and welcoming.


When planning a room update, detail is key and my top tip is to think about what will draw your eye in the room. Any strong colour or heavy pattern will attract attention first.


So to achieve a good balance within the space, plan the material finishes with this in mind. For example, a colourful backsplash can create a dramatic effect. But if the colour isn’t used in other places around the room, the eye will ‘stop’ at the backsplash allowing it to dominate the scheme and create an imbalance overall.


If you are planning a marble-clad island and want this to be the ‘hero’ of the design, ensure none of the other elements dilute or drown out its appeal. With beautiful, good quality materials, the ‘less is more’ approach wins out.

Form Stainless Steel Barstool Range


Often the best interiors, and those easiest to live with, are the simplest where each piece has both a function and contributes to the overall aesthetic. The Form Barstool has been designed with quality of finish very much in mind and the new stainless steel cantilever base perfectly complements this year’s materials palette.

      Whether set against a dark granite, timber veneer, luscious marble or glossy colour, the steel and leather-effect surface materials will stylishly enhance the look.    

Julia’s Material Tips for Updating a Kitchen

  1. Consider the ‘balance’ of the room, what materials will dominate and draw the eye. Are these the areas you want to draw attention to?
  2. Every surface material should complement and enhance the rest as a complete palette of tone, pattern and texture.
  3. Using the ‘less is more’ approach, choose the best quality you can afford for fewer pieces to ensure a quality overall look.
  4. Add in matt metallics to tap into this year’s trend and add life and energy to the scheme.
  5. As with any room design, lighting is key to ensuring the fixtures and furnishings look their best. Use several circuits to produce a flexible lighting scheme for all occasions.
    Keep your eyes peeled for new colourways and textures of our Julia Kendell Collection coming soon. To stay up to date, don't forget to sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for behind the scenes sneak peeks! Follow Julia's new blog, The Relaxed Home, for more on her latest projects and Interior Design updates.
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7 Outdoor Furniture Buying Mistakes You’ll Want To Avoid!
April 27, 2018 at 2:54 pm 0
7 Outdoor Furniture Buying Mistakes You’ll Want To Avoid! Image: Palermo Grey Pedestal Table and Lola Small Dining Set When browsing for garden furniture, it’s so easy to get carried away with all the different shapes, sizes and styling possibilities. But have no fear, we are here to help. Stay away from these 7 Outdoor Furniture Buying Mistakes and you’ll have created your dream garden setting in no time!  

Mistake 1: Not Thinking About Your Outdoor Space

The outdoor dining set in that glossy magazine may look a dream styled alongside acres of grass and a 30ft pool. But unfortunately, we don’t all have the same luxurious space to fill! Before you start your search, consider your own garden area and what furniture you think will work (and fit) in the setting. Have you got a little alcove that’s ideal for a dining bench?
Palermo Grey Pedestal Table and Lola Small Dining Set

The Palermo White 2 Seater Bench is the perfect fit in a corner or by the side of your patio. Featured set: Palermo Grey Pedestal Table and Lola Small Dining Set

How about a square decked area that would suit around dining set? If you shop for the space you have, you can either maximise it with space-saving features or decide what portion of your garden you want to utilise with furniture. If you have a large decked space, you don't have to completely fill it with furniture. You could choose a dining set that will fill only part of the space to section off a dining area and leave the rest open, ideal if you'd like have a clear view out of your patios doors.   It’s also a good idea to think about usage. Do you entertain regularly? Make sure you have enough seats for friends and family. Are you looking to create an alfresco dining spot or more of a lounge area? You’ll need to think about what you want to use the space for so you can choose the furniture to match.

Mistake 2: Not Measuring Before You Buy

We talk about this a lot in each of our buying guides (which you can read here if you’re interested), but we can’t stress enough how important it is to measure before you buy. Measure the space, mark it out using a cardboard cut out or bedsheet before you buy so you know the furniture will fit. In a garden space, you are a little less restricted than you are indoors, but it’s always best practice to check first.

Mistake 3: Not Researching The Materials Or Quality 

Some materials would look stunning in a garden space, but they may not be fit for purpose. Others will stand the test of time, but then have the bulky and boring look of traditional garden furniture. Thankfully, there are materials that are as practical as they are good looking! If you’re opting for fabric outdoor furniture, two key features to look for are Shower Proofing and UV protection. Showerproof fabrics are okay to be left out during those light summer showers (though it’s best to store them inside when heavier rain starts to fall). Fabrics with a UV protection are far less likely to be subject to fading as the coating is designed to prevent this.   An aluminium frame is also something to keep on your radar. The great thing about aluminium is that it’s anti-rust and can, therefore, withstand the rain. It’s also lightweight so you can easily move, reposition and manoeuver your garden furniture. Our range of aluminium garden furniture has a sleek powder coat so you have the option of a dark or lighter finish to style in your space.

Mistake 4: Forgetting About Function And Relying On Aesthetics

It’s easy to get drawn in by trendy colours and finishes. But if you don’t also consider the quality and function of the furniture alongside its looks, then it’s very unlikely to be fit for use or stand the test of time. This is why you need to consider both function and form. Our frosted glass table tops, for example, not only look effortlessly sleek, but they are also functional too. The glass is easy to wipe clean and weather resistant, while the frosted top stops you getting a glaring reflection in the sun. Our range of dining benches has also been designed with style and practicality in mind. The bench cushions are showerproof and can be removed for cleaning making them perfect for garden seating. However, they also have the comfort, look and style of indoor seating, ticking all of the right boxes!    

Mistake 5: Forgetting About The Finer Details

Not essential but they can make all the difference. Those finer details and finishing touches can be what really makes your garden area stand out from the rest! Adjustable floor guides, for example, may seem like a small feature. However, when you consider how annoying a wobbly garden table or chair can be on an uneven floor, the floor guides soon become a great addition.  Having chairs that are stackable are also ideal as they not only save space, but it also means you can have a couple of extra seats and pull them out when needed. This will make your garden space even more versatile. We’ve mentioned how useful it is to have removable cushions for cleaning and storage. But how about having the space double up as an extra side table? This considered feature is part of our Palermo corner bench range, where the end cushions can be removed to reveal and sleek wooden table, perfect for your drinks and snacks when not being used as a seat.

Mistake 6: Not Considering Storage

So you’ve got your dining bench and table all set up and it looks great sitting there in the sunshine. But what about when the warmer weather starts to fade? Although designed for outdoor use, you’ll want to protect your furniture in the winter months to keep it looking its best for longer. Consider whether you have room to store your garden furniture indoors, such as in a garage or garden shed. If you don’t have space to store the furniture indoors, invest in a garden cover to give the pieces an added layer of protection. It’s also a good idea to remove any fabrics and to stack you dining chairs for added stability when the wind picks up!  

Mistake 7: Ignoring Existing Colours And Finishes

This one’s more a styling preference but it’s one to consider if you’re keen on creating a considered and coordinated look. Unlike indoors, you’re not matching your furniture with a sofa colour or feature wall. Instead, you’ve got your green lawn, flower beds and pebbled patio to contend with. With such an earthy palette to work with, try to choose furniture that can be tied in with the rest of the space. Matcha green and light greys are perfect for creating an earthy outdoor look. This look also works really well in a smaller garden as the green will blend rather than overwhelm. That’s not to say you can’t go bold though. Our Edie chair in Ginger works a treat in a garden area as the bright colour just radiates the look and feel of summer sunshine.   So there you have it, the 7 Outdoor Furniture Buying Mistakes You’ll Want To Avoid. Just recap, here’s what we’ve covered:
  1. Not thinking about your garden space
  2. Forgetting to measure before you buy
  3. Not researching the materials or the quality of the furniture
  4. Forgetting about function and relying only on aesthetics
  5. Forgetting about the finer details
  6. Not considering storage
  7. Ignoring Existing Colours and Finishes

 Show Us Your Style!

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Walnut Finishes: The Hottest Look for Cosy, Autumnal Interiors
December 15, 2017 at 5:30 pm 0
Cosy walnut finishes, with a walnut coffee table and side tabes Welcoming walnut finishes into your home is a sure fire way to make it the cosiest place to be this winter. Walnut finishes instantly create such a warm, tactile and inviting feel throughout your space, not to mention adding a really premium look. So sit back, snuggle up and relax as we show you how to create a cosy autumnal vibe throughout your home.  

Why Walnut?

Walnut is a medium-brown finish that’s not too light or dark, yet its yellow undertones place it within a warmer colour group along with finishes such as mahogany or cherry.  What sets walnut apart is that it’s incredibly versatile when it comes to styling with other colours and finishes. You can easily style walnut with light or dark paint colours and furniture pieces, depending on whether you’re after a bright or cosier look. Styling walnut with green, grey and blue shades will keep the look connected, while lighter colours will create a stronger contrast and really make your walnut furniture stand out.

Walnut Finishes: The Winter Warmer

There are so many ways to introduce this tactile finish to your home. So whether you’re looking to create a cosy living area or inviting dining space, there is sure to be a walnut piece to suit your needs. However, that’s not to say you need walnut finishes in every aspect of your space. Coordination and combinations are key...  

Accentuate the Look: Walnut and Black Chrome

Two finishes that are a match made in heaven are walnut and black chrome. A subtler take on a regular chrome finish, black chrome further accentuates the dark luxe qualities that a walnut finish has, while also introducing a modern flair and shine. A combination of black chrome and walnut is also an easier way to introduce a black chrome finish to your space as the two materials work so seamlessly well together. Top Tip: a fabric sofa will keep your walnut finishes looking even cosier. To keep the look light but coordinated, opt for a lighter colour fabric. 
Studio 2 Seater Fabric Sofa styled alongside the Acute walnut square coffee table and side table.

Studio 2 Seater Fabric Sofa styled alongside the Acute walnut square coffee table and side table.

Our Acute range, which includes a side table, square coffee table and large coffee table, is a simple but really effective way to introduce this winter warmer look to your living space. With a combination of such deluxe finishes, you can really have some fun with your styling. Take the Acute console table, for example. To create this moody yet cosy look, add a candle and some dark accessories. If you’re looking for a little more contrast, opt for regular chrome. This can be done with walnut and chrome mixed material piece like the Curva dining table. Here we’ve gone for the coordinating Curva chairs in black but if you want to lighten the look, go for a lighter colour such as white.  

Complement the Look: Walnut and Brushed Metal

If you’re after a slightly less shiny surface to chrome, brushed metal is about to become your new best friend! This sleek material finish has a much gentler shine than chrome. This, combined with the warm tones of the walnut, really helps to create a smooth and cohesive look. Another great thing about brushed metal is that you can introduce this as part of your walnut furniture, such as the legs of the Halo coffee table. Alternatively, you can coordinate your walnut pieces with other brushed metal elements in your space, from dining tables and chairs to your sofa feet and curtain rails.
Halo Walnut Coffee Table

Place a rung under the Halo Walnut Coffee Table for an added look and of warmth and texture.


Coordinate the Look: Walnut and Leather

A great way to create a really cosy feel is to combine your walnut finishes with smooth leather pieces. The variation of textures will again break up the look but if you opt for cooler shades like stone or charcoal grey, the colours and textures will seamlessly blend together. To achieve this look, you can opt for a smaller piece that combines the finishes, such as the Duo Walnut Side Table and Graphite Grey Stool Set. If you’re looking to create a real style statement in your space, go for something larger like the Assi Walnut Extending and Deco Dining Set. If you’re looking to carry a walnut theme throughout your home, opt for both!  

Lighten the Look: Walnut and Glass or Gloss

Styling your walnut finishes with a glass or glossy surface will keep your room feeling rich and tactile but will help to lighten the overall look. The contrast of finishes will break up the scheme while also stopping your interior looking too dark. This might be a factor to consider if you already have a lot of darker finishes and want to introduce walnut into your space. You can achieve this look by choosing a piece that is a mix of materials, such as the Assi White Gloss and Walnut Sideboard, or choose a glass item that will complement your interior while not being too visually impactful, like the Ripple Glass and Gold Coffee Table.   So there you have it, a whole variety of ways to introduce walnut in your home. Have we inspired you to create this winter warmer look in your home? Let us know in the comments! And for even more inspiration on how to style this on-trend finish in your home, be sure to take a look at our walnut Pinterest board which is packed full of design ideas.   

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Wood Veneers: All You Need To Know About Wood Veneer Furniture
November 10, 2017 at 4:43 pm 0
If you hear the term wood veneer and instantly think of cheap, thin, flat-pack furniture, it’s time you thought again! Wood veneers are an excellent material choice for many furniture pieces, due to their clean look and the variety of colours and styles available. In this post, we’ll talk you through the different types of wood veneer, what one to go for to create a certain look, and how to care for this material in your home.  

So, What is a Wood Veneer?

Cleo 4 Seater Matt Grey Pedestal Dining Table

For our Cleo 4 Seater dining table, the oak veneer top has been cleverly sectioned. This beautiful detailing adds real designer credentials to this piece, while also making sure that the table looks great from every angle.

A wood veneer is typically made up of a thin layer of natural hardwood, that is then bonded to a stable composite base material. The purpose of a veneer is that it’s more affordable than solid timber as less actual wood is used but also the base material gives the whole thing overall stability. Natural, solid wood is very susceptible to moisture, meaning it can result in warping if left. Veneers ensure that furniture not only looks great, but is also long-lasting.  

Wood Veneer vs. Solid Wood Furniture

If you’re stuck between choosing real wood furniture and furniture with a wood veneer finish, there are more factors to consider than just the price. Here we’ve broken down some pros and cons of each material. It's important to consider which factors would benefit you most when shopping for your new furniture.  

Solid Wood Furniture


Advantages of Solid Wood

  • Solid wood furniture is very durable and in many cases easy to repair. This includes anything from scratches, watermarks, dents and stains. You can usually give it a light sand with fine sandpaper to take care of any markings. 

Disadvantages of Solid Wood

  • Because real wood furniture is, well, real wood, it can be prone to splitting. This generally only happens in extreme conditions, but real wood furniture can expand and contract causing it to split along the grain. To prevent splitting, try to avoid exposing solid wood furniture to strong sunlight or direct heat sources. Waxes and oils can help prolong the life of real wood furniture, but takes more maintenance. 
  • Solid timber is susceptible to changes in atmospheric conditions.  Fluctuations in temperature can mean that surfaces warp and bend.


Wood Veneer Furniture

Walnut and brushed metal finishes are a match made in heaven! Image: <a href="https://www.danetti.com/living-furniture/coffee-tables/halo-walnut-coffee-table" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Halo Walnut Coffee Table</a>

Walnut and brushed metal finishes are a match made in heaven! Image: Halo Walnut Coffee Table

Advantages of Wood Veneer Furniture

  • Wood veneer is actually far better for the environment! As it’s solid wood sliced into multiple pieces, it means much more can be made out of one piece of wood. Meaning less trees, which is always a good thing.
  • There are also lots of design possibilities for wood veneer furniture. Since veneer is far thinner than solid wood, it allows designs and arrangements of the wood that solid wood just couldn’t achieve.
  • Good quality wood veneer furniture is also very stable. This is because the veneer is glued to a stable substrate, so the surface isn’t prone to warping or splitting.

Disadvantages of Wood Veneer Furniture

  • Wood veneer can blister, delaminate or peel back at the edges if not treated with care. However, this is incredibly easy to prevent by using mats each mealtime and by giving your wood veneer furniture a regular, light clean.

Wood Veneer Finishes: Oak, Walnut and Painted Oak

Like with solid wood, there are a whole variety of wood veneer finishes available, each with their own features and benefits. Here are our top 3 wood veneer picks, each with the look that they’ll help to create in your home:  

Walnut Veneer

When extended, the grain of the Assi extension leaf runs in the opposite direction to the main table grain, adding a touch of interest alongside a stylish design feature.

When extended, the grain of the Assi extension leaf runs in the opposite direction to the main table grain, adding a touch of interest alongside a stylish design feature.

If you're looking to create a warm, rich and tactile look, opt for walnut veneer furniture. Style alongside Black Chrome Dining Chairs for a really visually strong, dark luxe look. Alternatively, try styling your walnut veneer alongside glass furniture to help lift and lighten your space.  

Oak Veneer

  Furniture with an oak wood veneer has a lighter look, with a slightly modern Scandinavian feel. This creates an ideal opportunity to style it alongside some slightly more modern finishes, such as gloss or brushed metal. An oak veneer dining table or set of side tables are a great way to add a hint of wooden texture to your room, while keeping your space looking bright and fresh.    
The Glide Sideboard in Grey Gloss with White and Oak is a perfect example of how you can combine a tactile oak veneer surface with some more glossy finishes.

The Glide Sideboard in Grey Gloss with White and Oak is a perfect example of how you can combine a tactile oak veneer surface with some more glossy finishes.

So what if you're not into the light, minimal scandi style? Oak is a very traditional and versatile material which has been used throughout our homes for years. Our Cleo 4 Seater Pedestal table is a contemporary take on the classic farmhouse style, featuring a circular segment design and a matt painted pedestal base, to give it a modern update.


White Oak or Painted Wood Veneer

Close up detail of the Aria Glass and White Oak Sideboard

Close up detail of the Aria Glass and White Oak Sideboard

  If you’re looking for a really crisp and contemporary finish, take a look at a white oak veneer. Just like a Gloss finish, a white oak veneer allows you to create a really fresh and modern look. But unlike gloss, a white oak or painted veneer isn’t shiny or reflective. Instead, you get a subtle but really lovely wood grain running throughout the surface.   With a painted wood veneer finish you really do get the best of both worlds- a super fresh and modern look with the tactile qualities of a wooden finish.  

How To Clean A Wood Veneer: The Do’s and Don’ts

When cleaning a wood veneer surface, whether that’s a dining table or sideboard, we suggest using a damp, soft lint-free cloth. For the best results, wipe in the direction of the wood grain.  When trying to tackle those more stubborn marks caused by food and drink, apply a dab of mild dishwashing detergent to your cloth and again wipe in the direction if the wood grain.  
Wooden veneer side tables are bound to get used daily, so it’s best to know how to clean them incase spillages occur! Image: Duo Walnut and Grey Side Table Set

Wood veneer side tables are bound to get used daily, so it’s best to know how to clean them in case spillages occur! Image: Duo Walnut and Grey Side Table Set

  Aim to dust your wood veneer regularly with a dry, soft cloth to help keep it looking its best. Then for a quick, non-deep clean, you can spray a wood veneer with a light layer of non-ammonia glass cleaner and wipe it with a paper towel. When cleaning, avoid using any furniture polishes that contain wax or silicone. If used, wax can build up on your veneer furniture and over time, lead to a cloudy and uneven appearance. Silicon meanwhile leaves behind an unsightly white residue that destroys the furniture finish. So be sure to check what’s in the cleaning product you are using, just to be safe. This goes without saying, but never use any kind of abrasive cleanser or cloth on a wood veneer. Stick to soft cleaning agents and clean cloths as to not damage the surface.  

Maintenance of Your Wood Veneer

"We’ve If any minor marks appear on your veneer furniture, have no fear! In many cases, this can be treated with a few DIY furniture restoration tricks. Before you start, be sure to clean your veneer with a mild soap and some water to remove any dirt, wax or silicone deposits.
  • For marks and small scratches, try applying a high-quality furniture polish to hide small scratches in the wood furniture finish. To do this, rub the polish in with a soft cloth until the scratch is no longer visible.
  • For deeper scratches or gouges, there are a variety of furniture repair kits that will help to fill and colour any nicks or gouges.  Just be sure to read the manufacturer's instructions first, and test a small patch, just to be sure! 

How to Care For Your Wood Veneer

When it comes to protecting your wooden veneers, there are three main things you’ll need to keep an eye on (and try to avoid!) These are sunlight, heat and moisture.  

How to Avoid: Sun Damage

  If exposed to direct sunlight over long periods of time, the colour of your wood veneer furniture can be subject to fading. This is incredibly easy to prevent by not placing your wooden furniture in front of windows or in direct sunlight. If that is not an option due to the design or layout of your room, you can always protect your veneer with blinds, curtains or UV screens and films.    

How to Avoid: Moisture Damage

  If you spill any liquid on your wood veneer dining table, try to wipe this up as soon as possible. If left, liquids can seep through the veneer and loosen the glue from the surface. Don’t use a sponge as this can just spread the liquid. Instead, use a paper towel or a clean dishcloth. It’s best to use coasters under glasses to avoid water rings from drinks. It may seem minor, but water rings can cause damage to veneer tables by soaking the finish and changing its opacity. Avoid any damage by using mats and coasters each meal time.  

How to Avoid: Heat Damage

    It’s important to protect your wood veneer table top as the heat or steam from very hot plates can, over time, loosen the glue holding the veneer to the surface underneath. This is really easy to avoid by using placemats and coasters each meal time. Avoid placing plates and dishes straight from the oven onto a wooden veneer table surface as this will damage the surface. A heatproof mat will do just the trick and help protect the surface.  

Top Tip: Placing trivets under hot serving bowls will prevent high heat causing the veneer to blister. Check your trivets have felt bottoms as this will further protect the veneer from both the heat and scratches.

  So, have we managed to change your opinion on wood veneer furniture? After seeing so many stylish wood veneer pieces and how versatile this material can be, we hope we’ve inspired you to introduce this finish to your home. To see our full range of wood veneer products, from Dining Tables and Sideboards, to Consoles and Side Tables, be sure to head over to our website.  

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8 Top Tips on How to Furnish a New Build Home: A New Homeowner’s Ultimate Guide
September 18, 2017 at 5:26 pm 5
Image Credit: Louise

Image Credit: Interhouse Design

Buying your first home or moving house is such an exciting, albeit stressful, milestone in life. A new home usually means a new location, a fresh start and, what we’re most interested in, some new stylish furniture.   Having to furnish a new build home can seem a little overwhelming. This is because there is likely to be a lot of space you’ll need to fill. So whether you’re starting from scratch, downsizing, or moving into a bigger space,  we thought we’d offer a helping hand. This post is packed full of our tips and tricks to help you furnish a new build home.  

Firstly, let’s address some of the top mistakes people make furnishing a new build home. These are the ones you’ll want to avoid!

  • Don't Overfill. Just because you’ve got a whole new empty space to work with, doesn’t mean you have to fill, cram and coordinate every space, nook and cranny right away. Start with your investment pieces rather than buying everything in one go (we’ll talk more about this in more depth later), and then you can add any additional, non-essential pieces later on.
  • Don't trust your eye rather than a tape measure. This is never a good idea when choosing your furniture, especially when buying online. Thinking your new sofa and coffee table will fit is very different to knowing that it will, so save yourself the stress and hassle on delivery day by knowing your measurements well before you place your order.
  • Don't be unrealistic. We’ve all done it; seen a gorgeous two-page spread in Elle Decor or Ideal Home, bookmarked the page and dreamed that one day our home would replicate the stylish setting. Although the imagery in the glossy magazines does look flawless, if you try to make your room look like a page in a catalogue it’ll sadly never quite live up to the expectation. That’s not to say a stunning interior setting is impossible. Keep in mind that your new build home is going to be lived in. So although you won’t want it to look messy, you’ll still want it to have a welcoming and inviting feel.
  Now you know what not to do, let’s get stuck in with our 8 top tips on how to furnish a new build home.  

1. Starting Off

The ease and popularity of buying furniture online has dramatically increased. That's why furnishing your new home with all new furniture pieces should no longer be seen as an expensive luxury. There’s so much choice online when it comes to dining room, living room and kitchen furniture. Start by focusing on one room at a time so you don't become too overwhelmed. Then you can start browsing online to see what shapes and styles catch your eye.  
Aver Oak and White Extending and Finn Dining Chair Dining Set

Try to focus on one room at a time so you don't become overwhelmed by the choices available!

Moving house is also the ideal time to think about any additional furniture pieces that will benefit your new space. If you’ve been squeezing everyone around a small dining table, now’s the time to invest in that stylish extending dining set that can offer everyone a seat. If you’ve never had a dining table of your own, there's no better time to find one that’s just right for you and your new space.   TOP TIP: One great way to stay focused on one room at a time is to use Pinterest. This way, you can create a board for each room. It’s also a great way to get an idea of how the pieces you’ve selected will work alongside each other. New to Pinterest? Don’t worry! We have a handy guide for Pinterest beginners that will get you up and pinning no time.  

2. Measure Up

Get to know your space by measuring the area, and if you haven’t moved in just yet, make use of the estate agent’s floor plan to get a better idea of the shape and size of the rooms in your new home. If the layout differs greatly to your current home, that’s when you’ll need to consider furniture that'll suit your space. If you’ve downsized, then your current furniture might no longer fit. And if you’re starting fresh, the furniture world is your oyster! Many online retailers will list the furniture measurements on their website, and there are loads of handy sizing guides available.
Robin 2 Seater Leather Sofa Sizing

Sizing details on our Robin 2 Seater Leather Sofa

  To get a better idea of how your furniture will fit before you move into your space, interior design apps are a great help. Apps such as Planner 5D can be easily downloaded to your iPhone (for free!). You can then size and scale furniture pieces along with the size of the room. This will help you get a feel for how things will look.  
The 2D view is great for creating floor plans and seeing how much space you have to work with.

The 2D view is great for creating floor plans and seeing how much space you have to work with.

The 3D view is where you can try out different colours and styles of furniture pieces.

The 3D view is where you can try out different colours and styles of furniture pieces.

There's a whole host of interior apps that will help you each step of the way of your new home journey. Want to know the best ones? Take a look at our Top 6 Must Have Interior Design Apps.   

3. Don't Buy Everything All At Once

So you have your dream house, you know which room is which and you’ve measured everything (including the door frames). Armed with everything you need,  it can be tempting to go ahead and buy everything at once. However, this is one furniture buying mistake to avoid when furnishing your new home. Buying everything at once is a huge cost in one go. It will also take away your styling focus from each room. This is beacuse you’re looking at multiple pieces and styles throughout your home.
Modern Living Room Furniture from Danetti

Starting with your staple pieces is a great way to start filling your new room. You can add any additional pieces when you have a better idea of the space and style you have to work with.

Not buying everything at once doesn't mean you have to spend the first few months sat eating your dinner on the floor, however.  Focus on your staple and investment pieces first, then all of the sleek accessories can be added later to give your room an even more homely touch.   TOP TIP: One way to make sure you stick to the essentials is to make a note of your budget- and stick to it! Moving home can be an expensive time,  so it’s a good idea to know how much money you have to actually spend on furniture before you set your heart on a sofa and dining set that is way out of your budget. Once you know what you’ve got to work with, then you can start shopping around. If you have any leftover cash, you can then buy those extra pieces on your wish list without any guilt as all the important pieces have been covered.  

4. Start With Your Investment Pieces

The term investment pieces can hold connotations of costing a lot of money, but try to think of your investment pieces as just that- investments, not expenses. A good quality bed, sofa and dining table will provide comfort and seating for your family for years to come. So if you can afford it, it’s a very smart move to spend more on these staple pieces for your new home.  Vital parts of any home, investment pieces will be the furniture that you use the most and keep the longest, so you’ll want to choose something that’ll last.

Dining Sets

Dining sets are definitely up there with the essentials for a new home. A set like the Sanza White Gloss and Loop 5 Seater Right Hand Corner Bench will offer you style, practicality and versatility all in one setting.

  A dining set is definitely one of the investment pieces you’ll want to get right. With so many choices and combinations available, we’ve also written two handy guides to help you choose the perfect dining chair and dining table which you can view (after you’ve finished reading here of course!).    


      A sofa is something that will be used day in, day out. So you’ll want something as comfortable as it is durable. We have a whole variety of sofa sizes in fabric and real leather upholstery; there is sure to be a piece that is right for you and your family!  


Eve Frosted Grey Glass and Matt Grey Sideboard

Sideboards are a great way to use a space for both styling and storage, like with our Eve Frosted Grey Glass and Matt Grey Sideboard

A sideboard is such a versatile piece of furniture. This is because it can be used for both styling and storage in a variety of rooms. If you think you’ll be a little pushed for space, consider a compact sideboard as this will still offer a storage space that keeps items out of sight, without taking up too much space.


5. Make the Most of Your Space, Inexpensively

Make the most of your new living room by choosing a side table set that can be stacked when not in use. Or, consider a set that doubles up as a table and stool to offer a handy extra seat.
Tiva Coffee Table Set

The Tiva Coffee Table Set can be arranged to suit your needs

Our Tiva Coffee Table Set can be separated and styled to suit your space, and then stacked again when not in use making it great for a versatile living area.   The Duo Matt Grey Side Table and Lime Fabric Stool Set doubles up as side table and stool which can be used as a footrest, surface for drinks and even a handy extra seat.  

Make the most of your new space with an extending dining table. Sets like the Metro Grey Gloss and Finn Extending will mean that there's plenty of room for guests to pull up a seat during your house warming!

The Metro grey gloss dining table can extend from a four-seater all the way up to a ten-seater dining table.  Save space with this table too, as the table extensions are stored within the table top.  

6. Tie Everything Together With Colour

Starting out with a blank canvas such as a new home doesn’t mean that you have to buy everything matching to coordinate your space. One great way to tie your room together is through your use of colour. So if you already have a sofa but now have the space for a coffee table, consider your materials and colour scheme. This will help to seamlessly combine the pieces together.  
Create a welcoming living room setting by using real leathers and warm walnut finishes.

Create a welcoming living room setting by using real leathers and warm walnut finishes.

  Here we’ve coordinated the Duo Walnut Side Table and Graphite Grey Stool Set with the Halo Walnut Coffee Table. The grey leather stool also coordinates with the grey Dillon sofa (even though the greys are a slightly different shade). This is a great example of how you can tie different furniture together with the use of textures and colours.    
Riva Stackable Fabric Dining Chair

Add a splash of colour to your dining room with chairs like the Riva Stackable Fabric Dining Chair

  Many new builds will have a very neutral interior. So if you want to inject some colour into your space but don’t have the time or money to go all out on your decor, be clever with your furniture choice colours, such as colourful dining chairs or a bold coloured sofa set. Colourful dining chairs, like our Riva range, are a great way to add a stylish pop of colour to your new dining area.  
Luxe Modern Large 3 Seater Leather Chesterfield Sofa

You colour choice of sofa can have a big style impact on the rest of your living room.

The neutral scheme of many new build homes is a great opportunity to be bold with your colour choices. Our Luxe sofa in mustard yellow is a great example of how to inject some colour into a more neutral space. With our free swatch sample service, it’s easy to order a couple of samples to get a flavour for your colour palette and material choices.  

7. Get Inspiration From Other New Homeowners

The glossy interior magazines do look stunning. However, sometimes the best styling inspiration can come from real homes. There's a whole community of new homeowners sharing their design journey on social media platforms such as Instagram and Houzz, so be sure to follow people in the community. #newhome, #newbuild and #firsttimebuyer are great hashtags to get started. Then you'll start to discover accounts that you love! You can also use the platforms to ask questions and even share some of your own knowledge. This can be invaluable when moving into a new home.  
Danetti Instagram New Build Hashtag

Start off by searching for relevant hashtags. This way you'll find relevant accounts and people to follow.

  Along with sharing the journey, many people like to showcase the finished look! We ask our customers to use #mydanetti when they snap their homes so we can see the finished results. Here are a couple of our favourite customer images, but remember, you can view loads more if you search #mydanetti on both Facebook and Instagram.  
Louise has really made the most of this stunning open plan kitchen and dining area with the Elise Bar Stools, Santo Dining Chairs and Zen Grey Gloss 6 Seater Dining Table.

Louise has really made the most of this stunning open plan kitchen and dining area. Here she has styled the Elise Bar Stools, Santo Dining Chairs and Zen Grey Gloss 6 Seater Dining Table.


Michaela has truly perfected a modern loft living look with the help of our Fern White Gloss Extending Dining Table!

Here Pip has shown how you coordinate the right way! Matching our Form Cantilever Dining Chairs with the Elise Bar Stools and Fern Grey Gloss Dining Table is definitely a winning combination.

Here Pip has shown how you coordinate the right way! Matching our Form Cantilever Dining Chairs with the Elise Bar Stools and Fern Grey Gloss 6 Seater Dining Table is definitely a winning combination.

8. Be Smart With Your Delivery

The ease of buying online is accompanied with another great factor- delivery services. Rather than trying to up end your sofa in the back of your car, at the click of a button you can have your new furniture delivered right to your new front door. From next day delivery to fully trackable orders, we’ve made sure that getting your goods to you is as easy as possible. Make sure you check the delivery process when you’re buying online so you know what to expect. All of our delivery info can be found here.   So there you have it, 8 top tips on how to furnish a new build home. We’ve covered a fair amount, so here’s the final takeaways and key things to remember…
  • Don’t overfill your space
  • Know your measurements
  • Be realistic with what you can create
  • Consider your investment pieces first
  • Know your budget before you start shopping
  • Try to focus on one room at a time
  • Don't buy everything all at once
  • Solve practical problems inexpensively
  • Tie everything together with colour
  • Take inspiration from other new homeowners
  • Connect with others on social
  • Be ready for your delivery
  And most importantly- have fun! Moving into a new home does have its worries and stresses, but make sure you take a moment to think of the home you’re creating for you and your family; it’s a space to make new memories during mealtimes, Christmas dinners, and snuggling up on the sofa.   We hope this post gives you a bit more guidance on how to furnish a new build home. If you have any questions or have just moved and want to share some of your new build experiences, be sure to let us know in the comments.  

Show Us Your Style!

We love seeing how our customers set up and style their Danetti pieces in their home. If you’ve just moved and furnished your new place with some Danetti flair, be sure to share a picture on Facebook and Instagram with the #mydanetti for your chance to be featured on our page!