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We’re not all about cutting edge modern design…
February 14, 2011 at 1:35 pm 0
Beautiful wood, oak bar stool

Beautiful wood, oak bar stool

It's no secret that Danetti is known for its design-led, cutting edge modern furniture. We love chairs in bright molded plastics, huge modular sofas, glass tables with chrome legs, and statement bench seating. We actually think most of these pieces can be easily incorporated into any interior scheme, modern or more traditional, and will add a designer look wherever they are placed. But if your tastes are more traditional, and you would rather a wooden bar stool to a plastic one any day, and if you like your tables to be made from real wood as well, then we can help. We've tracked down pieces that we think are timelessly stylish, with some modern features.
Russi sofa, with measurements

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For instance, there's our hugely popular oak bar stool (above). This little gem is one of our best sellers and it's easy to see why. The sturdy wooden frame and seat make it a piece that you could have for generations to come - and it will never look out of date for the simple reason that it's got a timeless appeal. The Russi sofa (left) is another item that's a bit of a classic and would look right at home in a traditional living room - it's perfect for families to lounge around on. These items are perfect if you want to create a cosy home, full of natural materials, and accessories like throws and cushions. Just call us on 0844 804 2222 if you would like advice on styling a more traditional home.
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Trend Watch: Modern Country House Glamour
May 20, 2010 at 4:33 pm 0
We've all been flicking through the pages of House Beautiful and 25 Beautiful Homes,  wishing we could recreate that same Country House Glamour in our own homes. Those perfectly styled images look like they have taken years to cultivate all the bits and bobs. However, you too can bring this look to your home by following a few simple steps.  

Cleo 6 Seater Dining Table with Finn Dining Chairs

  The key to Country House Glamour is getting the textures and shapes right. Once you have these in place you can embellish the look with whatever artwork and props you see fit. But it's best to start with the basics- your furniture!  

Oak Bar Stools


Country Kitchen Style

  If you want to bring a country look to your home, the easiest place to start would be your kitchen. Simply add hardwood furniture with a modern twist!  

Cleo 4 Seater Pedestal Dining Table

  Our Cleo range comes in either a 4 seater pedestal dining table, or a 6 seater rectangular table. Both have a modern country style turned base, which exudes country glamour, whilst the wood grain on the table top brings that modern edge.     Once your dining table is in place, you have endless seating options! Either mix and match vintage chairs you've collected over the years from junk shops and boot fairs, or stick to one, modern style. We love the Santo stackable dining chair for a glamorous look. The smooth white faux leather will balance the wood grain and create a really stylised look.  

Cleo Powder Blue 6 Seater Dining Table with Finn Chairs

  Alternatively, pair the Finn dining chairs with the blue base of the 6 seater Cleo for a fun, colour country style.  

Country Hallway Style

  The entryway is the first part of our homes visitor see, so if you're looking for that country vibe, be sure you bring this style into your hallway. Choose a console table with a wood grain effect, paired with glass to keep that modern twist. The Calanna is a great option for your hallway as it is minimal enough to sit in any space, whilst the wood grain of the top brings that country charm.  

Calanna White Oak and Glass Console Table

  Style with a textured rug, a quirky hat stand and your favourite painting in a vintage frame to keep the country feel. Choose muted sage and cream colours to play on the calming country look.  

Country Living Style

  Finally, to top off your new Country home let's take a look at our living rooms. Tweeds, velvets and wools are your classic country textures, however, for that modern, glamorous feel, play with leathers and smooth textures.  

Ellis 3 Seater Leather Sofa

  It's important to keep an element of country homes with the use of wooden coffee tables and side tables. Keep the quilting detail on sofas, such as our Ellis sofa, and add plaid blankets to keep things cosy.  

Halo Walnut Coffee Table

  So, have we convinced you to introduce a country glamour style into your home? If so, don't forget to tag us in your photos on Facebook and Instagram!
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An Introduction To Feng Shui
September 5, 2008 at 1:38 pm 0
Feng Shui

Feng Shui

Feng Shui known as ‘wind and water’ has been a traditional part of Chinese culture for thousands of years. The ancient art stems from the belief of positive and negative energy reflected in the Yin and Yang flow of Chi. To create a harmonious and balanced atmosphere placement of furniture is key, it can even help the flow and movements of natural rhythms. Chi The most important element of Feng Shui is considered to be chi, an invisible energy or life force that runs through everything. By organising our environments we can alter the flow of chi, which in turn is believed to affect health, wealth, luck and even the energy of the individuals living and work in that space. The idea is to create a healthy flow around a space and prevent it from stagnating.

Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang are considered to be two parts of a whole, two opposing forces alive in all things.

Yang comes from the heavens, bright, masculine and forceful, it gains direction and purpose as it moves toward the earth, and Yin. Yang is so overpowering that Yin manifests as a dark, consuming element that moves upwards, toward the heavens, returning to Yang. Yin is regarded to be the earth, dark, feminine and passive, a complementary opposite to Yang's bright, active, masculine energy. Together these two elements represent a perfect balance.

Feng Shui is all about getting the right balance between these two forces. As Yin is a passive and calming force, decorating using this energy is best kept to places where a relaxing atmosphere is important, such as a bedroom. On the other hand for a lively atmosphere such as a child's playroom decorating with Yang would be more ideal.

The 5 Elements (or Wu Xing)

The 5 elements are as follows;

  • Metal - Releasing (complete, ordered, structured, pure, joy, evening, white, gold, round etc.)
  • Wood - Trusting (growth, new beginnings and ideas, rising, input, morning, rectangular etc.)
  • Water - Aligning (power within, dormancy, midnight, blue/black, irregular etc.)
  • Fire - Opening (enlightenment, action, midday, midsummer, red, triangular etc.)
  • Earth - Connecting (resourceful, centred, balance, afternoon, yellow, square etc.)
The 5 elements are regarded by the Taoists as an expression of nature. It's believed everything is made up of these energies, but with differing amounts of each. These manifest themselves with various traits and tendencies specific to the element or elements that are most dominan