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A Royal Roomset | The Ideal Home Show with Style Editor, Jess Taverner
April 5, 2019 at 2:05 pm 0
A Royal Room Set at the Ideal Home Show 2019 Featuring the Luka Dining Table and Harper Shell Velvet Chairs.

If you visited the 2019 Ideal Home Show at London Olympia, you would have seen a very eye-catching, bright and stylish kitchen room set from Good Homes Magazine and devised by Style Editor, Jess Taverner.

Full of bright colours, luxe materials and curvaceous shapes, this bold look plays on the Pantone 2019 Colour of the Year, Living Coral, while giving a nod to the current interior design trend of curved silhouettes.

Our stylist, Kitt, caught up with Jess to see how she thought up this incredible room set, and why she chose our Danetti products to feature to complete the look...

Kitt: How did you come up with the concept for this Royal Roomset, and what was the inspiration behind the look?

Jess: Each year the Good Homes’ roomsets are assigned a theme and with the overall concept of the Ideal Home Show being ‘Best of British’ we thought it would be fitting to design the roomsets for the Royal family.

The kitchen-diner features two top trends for 2019 - Pantone’s colour of the year, Living Coral, and curvaceous silhouettes. With a glamorous nod to Meghan’s Hollywood lifestyle, the kitchen-diner had to be designed for none other than Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The Form Blush and Brass Barstools look perfectly at home in this colourful kitchen, made to feel more mature with pops of walnut and brass.

K: How do you take such a bold colour and incorporate it into a suitable style for our homes?

J: The key to conjuring up an all-pink colour scheme is to combine a variety of textures to help prevent the pink from overpowering the look. For example, we used natural elements such as herringbone flooring and marble-effect worktops and then introduced blush pink upholstered chairs and brass accents for a luxe finish.

Be daring and enhance crescent-shaped furniture or make a statement with shutters by painting them three or four shades darker than the wall colour.

K: What did you see in the Danetti product that made you choose these pieces for the roomsets?

J: We wanted to elevate this tonal look with plenty of decadent materials – such as brass and velvets. The Form bar stools with curved brass legs and Harper dining chairs featuring shell detailing on the back were perfect for achieving this Hollywood-glam scheme.

Form Blush and Brass Barstools with Backrest

K: What’s your favourite element of the roomset?

J: Either the curved cabinets – we had these custom-made for this room. I learned that the carpenter put lots of tiny cuts in the wood to allow it to bend, which I found fascinating. Or, the lighting! I sourced these from a new company that instantly caught my eye.

Harper Shell Velvet Chair and Luka Dining Table

K: What advice would you give our customers and readers when it comes to using colour?

J: Don’t shy away from using colour, although it can feel daunting, once you find the colours that work for you and instantly bring joy, it can be exciting and uplifting. Either introduce pops of colour with artwork and accessories or push boundaries with paint and furniture.

I’d suggest sourcing lots of paint charts and visual inspiration to help discover which colours excite you.

Love this Look? Here's how to recreate for yourself:

If you want to inject a bit of Living Coral into your home, but in a slightly more subtle way, as jess suggested, look at adding a pop of colour to your soft furnishings or wall art.

Cole&Sons Wallpaper

We love this wallpaper from Cole & Sons for its geometric print and combination of Coral and Pink. Look at wallpapering dresser drawers or framing a bold pattern for less commitment but max style!

Tone down a vibrant print with soft materials and luxe finishes for a soft overall look. To get the look as seen in the Ideal Home Show Royal room set, here's what you'll need:

Harper Velvet Dining Chair in Shell

Harper Shell Velvet Dining Chair

Luca Extending Dining Table

Luka Extending Dining Table

Plaza Blush Pink Velvet Stool

Plaza Velvet Stool in Blush Pink

Form Blush Pink Velvet Bar Stool

Form Velvet Barstool with Backrest in Blush Pink

Love this look? Show us your Royal style and how you'll be using Living Coral in your home. Tag #mydanetti on Facebook and Instagram to be featured!

Big thanks to Jess for chatting with us and credit to Gemma Gear, we hope you love this Living Coral, Royals inspired Kitchen.

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Dining Table Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Dining Table for Your Home
September 1, 2017 at 3:47 pm 2
White gloss and glass dining table and colourful fabric chair dining setting In many cases, a dining table is at the heart of the home. It’s a place where friends and family can come together, sit down and enjoy some tasty food. So if you feel like your dining room needs a bit of a makeover or deserves some TLC, you’ve come to the right place! We've put together this Dining Table Buying Guide to help answer all of your dining table needs. From knowing your table measurements to choosing the right finish to coordinate with your space, we’ve got it covered.  

How to Choose the Right Dining Table

If you’ve already started browsing the variety of dining tables on the market, you’ll have seen there’s a lot of choices available. Don’t let that overwhelm you though, as the first step will always be narrowing down your search. Ask yourself the following questions and make a note of each suggestion. Chances are there will be a table out there that ticks all of the right boxes!  

Q1 - How will you use your dining table?

Everyday dining = a table that’s durable and easy to clean will be the main priority. Hub of your home = you’ll want a table that’ll bring people together in a warm and welcoming environment. Mainly for special occasions = a table with a wow factor and really premium look will be best to impress your guests. Table extensions will come in handy too. Doubling up as a workstation or desk = you’ll want a table with a durable surface and enough space for laptops and books.  

Q2 - How many do you need to sit at your dining table?

2-4:  many two seater tables can seat up to four, so this is an ideal option if you’re a little pushed for space. 4-6: Having a table that seats six when you on average only have four is a great option (if you have the space) as you’ll always have room for guests. 6-8:  a six to eight seater dining table will be a real staple piece in your dining room. It’s sure to be an investment piece.  

Q3 - What table finish would be best?

A glossy or matt table finish will instantly create a clean-lined a crisp look. Timber or wood finishes will add both warmth and texture to your dining space. A clear glass dining table is ideal if you want to create a fresh, open and modern dining setting. Choose a frosted glass table if you’re after a durable table with a soft, hazy appearance and a hint of colour.  

Q4 - Do you need an extending table?

YES if:
  • You entertain regularly
  • You have the space to fill
  • You're after a versatile seating arrangement
  NO if:
  • You’re short on space
  • You don’t need extra seats
  • You don’t think you’d benefit from the extension

Q5 - What shape dining table would be best?

Round or oval - always feels social and is great for maximising any space. A round table top takes up less room and offers more seating flexibility. Square - gives an open and spacious feel with plenty of table top surface available. Easy to turn an unused corner into a cosy dining spot. Rectangular - lots of choices available and easy to fit within most rooms. Great match with dining benches. Hopefully, that will have given you a better idea of the type of table you are after. We’ll break each part down in a bit more detail later in this post.  

How to Measure a Dining Table

We understand that measuring a dining table isn’t as fun as choosing shapes, styles and finishes. However, it needs to be done! To make things that bit easier, we’ve highlighted the main dining table measurements that you’ll need to consider:  
  1. Table height. This is a key measurement when it comes to choosing dining chairs.
  2. Table length. This will help you decide how well the table will fit in your space.
  3. Table width. This is especially important if you are planning on using the table ends.
  4. Inner leg length. This is the table length from inside the table legs, not the length of the table top.
  5. Apron. This is the depth of the table top which will differ greatly depending on the table top material and table design.

And if the table extends:

Make sure you measure the table length both with and without the extensions in place. Ask yourself: will everyone fit? You’ll want to leave enough space for any extra chairs to be tucked in and out. Find out where the extensions are stored: separately or within the table top?     Top Tip: if the table extension leaves can’t be stored within the table, a great and safe place to store them is under your sofa or bed. This won’t take up any of your existing storage space and will keep the extension pieces safely and neatly out of the way.  

Dining Table Spacing:

When measuring your dining table, it's also a good idea to mark out your room. To do this, cut out some fabric or card and lay it where you're planning on having your dining table. This is the easiest way to get a feel for how much physical space the table will occupy. We suggest leaving around 70cm to 90cm between the edge of your table and each wall or between other pieces of furniture in the room. This is so that chairs can be pulled out with ease and leaves enough room for people to pass through.  

Dining Chair Spacing:

Allow between 60cm to 80cm per place setting, dependant on whether you want a cosier feel or a more spacious setting. Remember to also check the width of the footprint of the chairs you are considering. It’s where the feet will go that defines if they’ll fit or not. Measure between the legs from the narrowest point of the table to ensure your chairs will fit neatly under.     Top Tip: The length measurement of a table refers to the length of the table top, not from where you can fit your chairs tucked in underneath. Generally speaking, the description of the table will include how many it can seat, but if you are hoping to squeeze in a few more or use other chairs, make sure you check.  

What Dining Table is Right for My Space?

If you’re short on space…

Opt for a dining table that has a space saving pedestal base. This will allow you keep the base of your table looking spacious, with the option to squeeze in and pull up a couple more seats when needed. A round dining table is also a little less restrictive on how many people you can seat giving you a bit more flexibility in a smaller seating area. Material wise, a clear glass dining table will be less visually impactful in a space due to the transparency of the glass, so this will help to open up the look and feel of a smaller dining room.

If you entertain semi regularly and have the room…

It’s best to upsize. So if you have a household of four, go for a table that seats six. If you have a household of six, opt for an eight seater table and so on. This is a smart table choice as the extra place settings won’t take up much more room but you'll have the seating space available for when you need it. A square or round dining table will create a more intimate dining setting as everyone will be sat equally apart, making it a great choice for sociable dining.


If you entertain semi regularly but don’t have a lot of space, or if you don’t want a large dining table all of the time…

Then an extending dining table will answer all of your styling needs! This is because you can extend the table as and when you need the extra seats. Just make sure the table has enough space to be fully extended. You’ll also want to check if the table extensions can be stored within the table top and if they’re not, whether you have a place to store them externally when not in use.

Once you have a better idea of the style of dining table you’re going to choose, the next step will be considering your dining chairs...

  A round dining table… looks effortlessly sleek and smooth when styled alongside rounded back and curved dining chairs, such as our Form and Santo chairs. This look works so well as the shape of the table is carried through to the shape of the chairs to create a really soft and inviting setting.   An extending table… is a great match with a stackable dining chair is as you can stack and store the chairs when not needed.   Chrome or metal finishes... will allow you to match up table and chair legs.  Having a dining table alongside chairs with a coordinating metal finish will instantly help to tie the whole dining set together.     A glass dining table... is a great opportunity to add a splash of colour to your space. Clear glass can be placed alongside a whole variety of colours so you can really have some fun with your styling.   If you'd like to read some more tips on how to choose the right dining chair, check out our handy How To Choose The Right Dining Chair blog post.  

Interior Styling:

A dining table is such a staple feature of any dining room. That’s why the shape and style you choose will really have an impact on the rest of your dining space. Whether your room already has a particular theme, or if you want to create a certain type of look, there is sure to be a table design that suits all of your styling needs.  

Traditional Interior Styling (with a modern twist):

If you have more of a traditional interior and don’t want to jump right in with loads of glossy and reflective finishes, a great option is to go for a wooden table that also has metal elements. The Angola table, for example, has a wonderfully tactile wooden table top while the brushed metal legs will add a subtle yet sleek modern flair.

Scandi Interior Styling:

When it comes to Scandi styling, the colour palette tends to be very light and neutral. Using colours such as light grey and white gives Scandi style its signature clean and calming look, while the incorporation of wooden textures stops the space looking sparse. This is because wooden finishes help to add a touch of warmth. Dining tables like the Cleo 6 Seater Oak and Matt White Dining Table is a great way to add a practical yet stylish Scandi look to your dining space.  

Minimal Interior Styling:

If you love simplistic design and minimal interiors, chances are you’ll want a dining table that reflects this too.  A table like the Neo 6 to 8 Seater Glass Dining Table, with its clear glass top and clean leg frame, are ideal as they add a modern and designer look without being too impactful or overpowering.  

What Material Dining Table?

Now we’ve covered dining table sizing and shapes, let’s take a look at dining table finishes. We’ve touched on a couple of these designer finishes already, but here’s a comprehensive breakdown of each finish, what look it’ll create in your dining area and how to clean it.  

High Gloss Dining Table

The Look: bright, fresh and super modern. Especially Good For: versatile styling. White and grey gloss finishes can be styled alongside a whole variety of dining chair finishes and materials in your existing interior due to their neutral qualities. Gloss is also a very sleek and contemporary dining table finish. Care and Cleaning: use a soft, microfibre damp cloth. You can add a dab of mild detergent like washing up liquid to clean more stubborn marks. Make sure you dry a gloss dining table after cleaning. Most importantly, avoid throwing anything sharp on or across the surface as this will mark the gloss.


Matt Finished Dining Table

The Look: soft, cool and contemporary dining. Especially Good For: a relaxed family setting. A matt dining table will also effortlessly blend with multiple finishes so it’s a quick style fix. Care and Cleaning: similar to gloss, use a soft damp cloth to clean matt painted furniture. Be sure to dry the table after cleaning and don’t drag anything sharp across the surface.


Tempered Glass Dining Table

The Look: clear, crisp and fresh. Especially Good For: glass is a really safe, durable material that creates the illusion of more space. Glass also allows you to be really bold with your chair styles and colours choices. Care and Cleaning: you can use antibacterial sprays, even ones that contain bleach, on a glass dining table as the glass is nonporous. Then use a specific glass spray, such as a window cleaner, to protect the surface from smears using a lint free cloth. Alternatively, you can also use soapy lukewarm water and dish soap to give the table a good clean.   Top Tip: Remember to also clean the underside of your glass table if it’s transparent. It won’t need an in depth clean like the top surface, but it’s still important to clean and maintain the underside to keep your table looking its best.  

Frosted Glass Dining Table

The Look: soft, slightly hazy and calming. Especially Good For: durable dining. Frosted glass is the most durable possible version of a matt finish as it is made from tempered safety glass. It’s a luxurious but practical smooth finish. Care and Cleaning: to clean frosted glass, use a non-streaking window cleaner or antibacterial spray and a soft lint free towel. Don’t place hot utensils straight from the oven onto a frosted glass surface and don’t drag anything sharp across the table surface.


HPL Finish Dining Table

The Look: satin with a subtle sheen. Bright but not glossy. Especially Good For: families and busy mealtimes. HPL is incredibly strong, durable, practical and easy to maintain so it’s an ideal choice for something as often used as a dining table. Care and Cleaning: HPL can withstand common household cleaners such as washing-up liquid or antibacterial spray, so these are all fine for use on the surface. However, stay away from corrosive chemicals such as descaling agents, oven cleaners, chlorine and acetone as this will damage the surface.

 If you'd like to learn more about HPL, we've featured this durable finish in a Material Spotlight blog post which you can view here.


White or Grey Oak Veneer Dining Table

The Look: the best of both; the texture of timber with a clean even painted surface. Especially Good For: a setting that has lots of texture but still needs to feel modern. Care and Cleaning: use a paper towel or a clean dish cloth rather than a sponge to clean the veneer, as a sponge will more than likely just spread the liquid across the surface. For the best results, try to wipe up any spills as soon as they happen.


Timber Veneers (oak, black ash, wenge, walnut) Dining Tables

The Look: warm and textured with a crisp finish. Especially Good For: coordinating with other timber finishes. A wood veneer is a great alternative to a plain white or grey surface, and is ideal for adding depth and making quite a statement. Care and Cleaning: to clean a wooden veneer, dampen a non-abrasive lint free cloth and move in the direction of the wood grain. For more stubborn marks, apply a dab of mild dishwashing detergent to your cloth. Avoid using wax-based polishes or cleaning products as they are designed for raw solid timbers rather than veneers and can cause a cloudy appearance on the surface.  

Real Wood Dining Table

The Look: tactile, warm and textured. Especially Good For: styling alongside more modern finishes. Real wood dining tables are both long lasting and very durable. They will also bring such a welcoming and inviting feel to any dining space. Care and Cleaning: use dish soap and water on your wooden finishes, applied with a damp cloth. Try not to scrub repeatedly in the same area though as this will damage the protective seal on the wood’s surface  

Still can’t choose?

Go for a mixed material dining table. A dining table with a combination of finishes is a great way to introduce a variety of textures and colours in your space, without making your dining setting look mismatched or messy. We’ve done the edit on our range of mixed material dining tables so you know you’ll be choosing a piece that’s been carefully considered.  

And Finally… make sure you use placemats and coasters each mealtime if you want to protect your table surface and keep it looking its best for longer.

  Phew, we’ve made it! Everything you need to know when shopping for a dining table. We’ve also created a handy pocket guide full of dining table buying info that you can view and print here.   Many of the table and chair combinations shown in this post are also available as pre made sets. If you like what we've put together, be sure to take a look at our dining set collections.  

Show Us Your Style!

We love seeing how you’ve set up and styled your dining spaces with Danetti pieces, so why not post a snap on social with #mydanetti for a chance to be featured on our Instagram and Facebook pages.  
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On the first day of Christmas, Danetti gave to me… Fabulous Free Delivery!
November 13, 2013 at 1:15 pm 0
Free Delivery with Frosty

Free Delivery with 'Frosty'

Free Delivery available on all orders over £200 - use the promotional code 'Frosty' at check-out.

Treat yourselves to a new sofa, dining table and chairs, coffee table, bar stools, TV unit or sideboard and get free delivery from our top-class two man delivery service.  This offer ends at midnight, 30 November 2013 and includes deliveries to Scotland.

Unfortunately we do not deliver outside of the mainland UK.

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An Extending Dining Set – Perfect for Sunday Lunch!
August 13, 2013 at 10:04 am 0
Take a look at our fantastic range of stylishly modern Dining Sets - there is one to suit everyone!  If you have a young growing family, or just enjoy having friends and family over for Sunday Lunch, then take a look at our wide range of Extending Dining Sets.  We have lots to choose from and they are very flexible. If Wills and Kate were hosting a Sunday Lunch we think they would choose The Curva White Gloss Extending Dining Set.
Eton Mess

Eton Mess

And what would Wills prepare to serve Kate and their guests? We think their menu might look like this: Starter: Garlic and Jersey Royal Soup Main: Roast Beef with all the Trimmings Dessert: Eton Mess Coffee and Cheese Board
Curva White Gloss Extending Dining Set

Curva White Gloss Extending Dining Set £975.00

The Curva Round White Gloss Extending Dining Set is ideal for the future King and Queen. It has a sleek round White Gloss Table Top that can easily be cleaned, useful when you have a newborn like Wills and Kate. It extends with a 400mm wide extension leaf, making it an oval shaped, perfect for a growing family or visiting friends. When extended the table top measures 1600mm in length and 740mm in height - perfect for a high chair. The matching White Gloss extension leaf is stored separately. The glossy white table top is supported by a matching gloss pedestal which has a funky polished steel trim on each side with a matching polished steel base.
Curva White Gloss Extending Dining Set

Curva White Gloss Extending Dining Set £975.00

The Curva Dining Chairs have an elegant curved back, making them as comfortable as a throne. The well padded seat is upholstered in soft and luxurious faux leather, available in designer Black or classic White. The Curva legs are finished in shiny chrome and have an elegant tapered design which ensures this dining set stands out from the crowd. What would you serve, if you were hosting a Royal Sunday Lunch?  
Dining Inspiration, Dining Sets
Let Me Entertain You!
August 1, 2012 at 9:19 am 0
Extending dining sets are a great solution for big family occasions and dinner parties. Extending dining tables are ideal because day-to-day they can be used at their smaller size and then easily extended when you need to be able to seat extra guests. We have a range of extending dining tables which seat from four to ten people in stylish Walnut, fashionable white high gloss, contemporary matt white and matt black, gorgeous black glass and rich Wenge dark wood to choose from.  Take a look at our great selection of contemporary and versatile extending dining tables if you love entertaining at home! Fern White Gloss Extending Dining Set  
Fern White Gloss Extending Dining Set

Fern White Gloss Extending Dining Set £529.00

The Fern Trendy Gloss Extending Dining Set is modern, contemporary and excellent value too! The White Gloss Extending Dining Table has a classy minimalistic design with simple, smooth straight lines that make it stand out from the crowd. The high quality wooden lacquered surface provides a long lasting and hard-wearing finish - perfect for busy every day life. Without the extension pieces in position, the Fern Extending White Hi Gloss Dining Table can easily seat 4 people. With one extension leaf inserted you can seat 6 to 8 people, and with both leaves in place you can easily seat 10 people, 12 at a push!  The Fern dining chairs are available in six modern colours, from classic black and white, to cheery bright yellow and lime, and the juiciness of berry and grape. Epoque Black Glass and Imola Extending Dining Set
Epoque Black Glass and Imola Extending Dining Set

Epoque Black Glass and Imola Extending Dining Set £749.00

The Epoque Black Glass and Imola Extending Dining Set combines elegance and flexibility wonderfully. The Epoque's tempered black glass top is superbly supported by a stylish chrome frame and slim baroque-style black legs.  The top smoothly extends from 1600mm to 2200mm to comfortably seat 8 people.  The matching Imola Dining Chair's high back and well cushioned seat make it an absolute dream to sit upon. Well upholstered in dense foam and high quality, durable faux leather, the Imola looks and feels wonderful. The contemporary flattened cantilever legs which are finished in shiny chrome, complement the smooth shape of this trendy dining chair. Style Extending Dining Table and Moda Dining Chairs
Style Extending Dining Table and Moda Dining Chairs

Style Extending Dining Table and Moda Dining Chairs £699.00

The Style Extending Dining Table is supported by contemporary brushed metal legs which beautifully complement the walnut veneer table top. This beautiful walnut dining table measures 1600mm when closed, seating 6 people, and extends to 2000mm via a fold out leaf to comfortably seat 8. The extending mechanism is very smooth and easy to use. You simply pull one end of the table, which slides out easily with the help of two small wheels on the bottom of the legs, and unfold the extension leaf which is stored underneath and simply slot it into place. Perfectly complementing the Style Dining Table are the exclusive quilted Moda Dining Chairs which are very stylish with modern brushed steel legs to match the detail of the dining table. These chic Moda Chairs are upholstered in high quality, comfortable padding, covered in a beautiful black faux leather which is quilted on the backrest.
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Space Saving Stackable Chairs and Stools
February 15, 2012 at 1:45 pm 0
If you are tight for space in your kitchen or dining room, or you may just want to keep some extra chairs or stools handy for parties, family get-togethers and unexpected guests, then stackable stools or dining chairs could be the answer.  These chairs and stools can be popped one on top of the other and easily stored out of sight until they are needed. Arezzo Stackable Armchair
Arezzo Stackable Armchair

Arezzo Stackable Armchair £112.00

The Arezzo Plastic and Steel Stackable Armchair has a contemporary, curved design, suitable for just about any use. The chairs fit in perfectly in a contemporary style kitchen or dining area, and will also bring a fresh new look to any restaurant or bar. The armrests add some funky curves to the chairs whilst maintaining comfort. The steel frame is sturdy and will survive the wear and tear of modern life. Available in six funky shades - white, pastel yellow, orange, green, red, purple and black. Tori Modern Dining Chair
Tori Modern Dining Chair

Tori Modern Dining Chair £59.00

The stylish Tori Chair is a very contemporary and sleek stackable dining chair. It is upholstered in high quality faux leather, available in classic Black, trendy White or rich Cream. The comfortable seat curves round at the bottom to offer support behind the knees and is complemented by slim squared chrome legs. The Tori Dining Chair would look fabulous in any modern dining room or kitchen-diner and offers fantastic quality at a very attractive price. Podo Plastic Coloured Stacking Dining Chair
Podo Plastic Coloured Dining Chair

Podo Plastic Coloured Dining Chair £64.00

The Podo dining chair is a beautiful piece of modern dining furniture that looks as though it's come straight off the features page of a trendy interiors magazine.  This easily stackable plastic dining chair is made out of polypropylene and is available in many matt colours including white, black, red, orange, green and blue. Buying a set of Podo plastic coloured dining chairs is a great idea if you want to modernise a tired looking kitchen, dining room or restaurant and the Podo dining chairs are also hardy enough to be used in an outdoor setting. Fern Dining Chair
Fern Dining Chair

Fern Dining Chair £38.00

The Fern range of dining chairs comes in six great colours, from the classic black and white to the popping brightness of yellow and the juiciness of berry. The seat is made from laminated plywood and the seat and back are all one piece, which makes the chair look streamlined and seamless, and enables easy stacking. This chair is for home use, and would add a contemporary, designer look to any dining area. Team with a glass, wooden or laminated dining table and you have instant style without breaking the bank! Silvi Stacking Bar Stool
Silvi Bar Stool

Silvi Bar Stool £89.00

The Silvi Bar Stool is a tall, plastic stackable stool with a fixed 'tractor' style seat. A young quirky minimalist design, the Silvi Bar Stool is made of polypropylene plastic with a gas injection system used in manufacture that ensures the stool is light yet strong and rigid and can stand up to the rigours of commercial use. This resistance to environmental factors also enables the Silvi to be used in any contemporary exterior space.     Rubix Plastic Stackable Stool
Rubix Plastic Stackable Stool

Rubix Plastic Stackable Stool £109.00

The Rubix Plastic Stackable Stool is a cool, trendy and affordable piece of furniture that comes in a veritable rainbow of colours.  Take your pick from transparent purple, red, smoke grey, black, white or clear transparent. The Rubix stool is made from polycarbonate plastic and so it's light weight and easy to move around, plus they're tough enough to be able to withstand outdoor conditions.  And of course they are also stackable meaning when they aren't in use you can store them easily! The Rubix plastic stool is available in three different heights as well. Seat heights available are 450mm, 650mm or 750mm. Sky Plastic Bar Stool
Sky Plastic Bar Stool

Sky Plastic Bar Stool £119.00

The Sky Plastic Bar Stool  is chic and sleek.  Its comfortable seat has a curved edge and comes in contemporary white or classy beige. The elegant legs are chrome finished and have foot rests on three sides. A useful feature is that these stools can be stacked up to four high, which is great if you want to store them away when not in use.
Dining Inspiration
The coolest bars in films
March 30, 2011 at 3:47 pm 0
We love a good bar stool here at Danetti. And we like other bar furniture from funky chairs to hard-wearing bar tables. Even when we're watching a film we're always getting inspiration and ideas. So we thought, just for fun, that we'd cast our minds back to the best bars we've ever seen in films. Not all of them have great furniture (we're not sure we'd sit down in half of them) but they are iconic, never the less. Cocktails & Dreams in Cocktail It's the film that symbolised everything good and bad about the 80s - cheesy music, entrepreneurial spirit and the shallowness of success. We loved Cocktails & Dreams and wished we could go there on a Saturday night instead of our own boring local! The furniture wasn't that remarkable - the neon sign is the thing we all remember. Rick's Bar in Casablanca Much of the classic film Casablanca is set in Rick's Bar, an elegant colonial-style gin bar with Sam on the piano, white table cloths and twinkling lights. It's somewhere from a by-gone era, but great for inspiration if you're setting up a restaurant yourself. Lost in Translation When Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson get chatting in the hotel bar in Lost in Translation, it's the beginning of a beautiful friendship (to borrow a line from Casablanca!). The bar is actually the bar at the top of the Park Hyatt in Tokyo, and it's a dark modern space with leather bar stools and chairs and dark wood tables. Coyote Ugly It's the bar where the party never ends, the bar staff are some of the most beautiful women you'll ever see, and the drink is free-flowing. If we owned Coyote Ugly we'd be worried for the furniture frankly - plastic wipe-clean chairs would be the safest bet!
Dining Inspiration
Is Your Kitchen the Heart of the Home?
March 23, 2011 at 4:52 pm 0
We've changed the way we use our homes. Open plan spaces and larger kitchen-diners make for far more sociable spaces. One person can be cooking while others sit around the table or at a breakfast bar, meaning the kitchen is no longer just a place to cook. It's fast becoming the heart and social hubs of our homes! If you don't feel you’re making the most for your kitchen, have no fear. In this post, we offer our best tips so you can transform your kitchen into the hub of your home.  

1. Make the Most of Your Kitchen Space

If you have a large enough room or are willing to knock through from your kitchen to another room, then a kitchen diner will draw the whole family together. Choose furniture that's relaxed and family-friendly, like an extending dining set or a round dining table, as this will make everyone feel welcome.  

2. Go For Something Cosier

There’s no reason your dining area shouldn’t be as comfortable as your lounge or living area. You want to make sure everyone is sitting comfortably before, during and after dinner. One way to do this is to have dining benches. Benches create such a relaxed and conversational setting as they bring everyone a bit closer together.   If you want to really up the comfort factor, choose a velvet bench. This will give your dining space a more cosy vibe, similar to that of your living room, thanks to the plush velvet upholstery and comfy padded seat.  

3. Sociable Island Seating

If you want to create a space with a chilled, contemporary feel- a place where you can have a cappuccino in the mornings and sit with your friends in the evenings, then a breakfast bar styled with a few bar stools may be the answer. Bar stools look great in modern kitchens and really help to open up the space. Having bar stools alongside your dining table also means there are plenty of seats for all the family.  

4. Keep it Bright

Arc and Riva 4 Seater Glass and White Gloss Dining Set Well-lit spaces are always far more inviting than dark and dingy rooms. Lots of natural light will always help illuminate the space, but you can also brighten the area with your choice of furniture too. Reflective gloss finishes and glass tables will bring a visual lightness to your space. These materials can also be styled alongside brighter coloured dining chairs. Be bold with your colour choices for a fun and entertaining space.   if you'd like some help choosing a dining set for your dining area, take a look at our Extending Dining Sets Buying Guide.  

Show Us Your Style!

Have we inspired you to make the kitchen the hub of your home? We hope so! Remeber to share with us your Danetti transformations by posting a picture on social, along with the #mydanetti. 
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Large tables and matching chairs for Easter dining
March 4, 2011 at 1:09 pm 0
Easter’s set to be a big event this year. With the usual Easter bank holiday weekend followed by the Royal wedding bank holiday and May Day bank holiday, we’re bound to be enjoying a lot of family dinners and celebrations. If you’re looking at your dining room table and thinking it’s just not big enough (or starring at an empty space because you don’t have one!) then now’s the time to start searching for a new one.
large white dining table

The Emmett large white dining table

A great solution for a big family occasion like Easter is an extendible table – they’re ideal because they can be used collapsed down for just two or four to eat comfortably, but when everyone descends on your house or flat, they can be extended out. Glass extendible tables are a nice option as they will make your home feel light and airy and have a contemporary vibe. Wooden tables on the other hand are a little more traditional, but we work with the best modern furniture designers to make sure all our tables are timeless in their look. If you’re buying a table to sit the whole family at, then you should also invest in a new set of dining room chairs – you don’t want people sat on mismatching seats!
Wooden dining table plastic dining chairs

Mix wood and plastic for a contemporary effect

Some of our dining room tables come as part of sets, so you can simply place one order and get the lot, for others the tables and chairs are sold separately but we have such a vast range of both that you’re bound to be able to find a good combination – you could try mixing a sturdy wooden table with brightly coloured laminated wood or even plastic dining chairs for a funky scheme, or go for the classic combo of glass dining table and quality leather chairs. If you order now then even our products that have longer order lead times should be with you for the Easter celebrations.
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Cool work canteen seating
February 25, 2011 at 3:33 pm 0
Work's no fun is it? Getting up every day to do things work-like and sensible when you'd rather be watching Cash in the Attic and eating toast. Well, if you're an employer then there's a way you can make the experience of work that much nicer for your employees... Give them a great staff canteen. If we can take an hour out in the middle of the day to eat lunch, chat, read a book or whatever we fancy, then the morning bit and the afternoon bit may become bearable. That's where our fabulous Emo chair comes in.
The Emo plastic stackable chair

The Emo plastic stackable chair

It's one of our best-sellers and we're not surprised, as it's great value for money, really stylish and modern and comes in heaps of colours. Plus it's stackable and wipe-cleanable. It's the perfect choice for a staff canteen or even an informal 'coffee area' or breakout room.