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Pantone Colour of the year 2019 – Living Coral
December 14, 2018 at 2:47 pm 0
We've dabbled with Greenery, gone intergalactic with Ultra-Violet, but what's next? We've been waiting for a while to see what's new for 2019 and we can now reveal Pantone's Colour of the Year 2019 is...


"An animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge"

      The experts at Pantone have chosen Living Coral for the 2019 colour of the year due to its presence in the natural world, but also across social media, which is having more of an impact on our day to day life. It represents the fusion of modern life, giving a vivid and engaging hue to use across art, design and social.   With such a vibrant colour, how does this translate to interior design? The modern home is unlikely to be painted wall to wall in Living Coral. Instead, we will introduce it in our soft furnishings, accessories or in a few, well-considered areas. Pantone have created Living Coral colour palettes which allow you to be on trend, without going "changing rooms" and painting the house head to toe... Let's take a look at some subtle colour palettes for your modern home.  


The first Living Coral colour palette we have is Sympatico. A subtle, complementary palette reflecting "a beautiful array of colours that humanize; fusing together a panoply of international sin tones". This is a really versatile colour combination to translate into our interiors due to the taupe base. You can play around with quantities of each colour to create very different looks, while still creating a harmonious interior which is easy on the eye.     Bring this look into your home with a striped wallpaper like this one from Cole and Son, which features metallic gold stripe with a subtle pop of coral. Pair with neutral furniture and natural textures to balance out the soft tones with harder textures.

Stylist's Top Tip: Stick to a luxe look for this colour palette to create a high end feel with minimal effort. Balance out your textures and introduce very subtle pops of Living Coral to stop your home feeling too twee. Velvet and walnut would be a great choice for this look. 


Get the Look:


Harper Dining Chair in Shell Velvet


Curva Dining Table in Walnut


110/9044 Striped wallpaper, Cole and Sons


Under the Sea

For our second Living Coral colour palette, we're taking things a bit more literally. This vibrant 'Under the Sea' palette is a bright, eclectic mix of blues, yellows and pinks brings fun and style to your home. You can really play around with proportions; stick to a predominantly blue interior with coral and yellow accents. Alternatively, keep your walls and furniture neutral and mix all these colours together into your soft furnishings.    

Stylist's Top Tip: This is a great colour palette for young families. Choose bold and clashing prints for a real eccentric style in vibrant colour combinations. Use this colour combo in your kitchen, but remember to keep your walls and furniture white, to avoid giving yourself a headache! 


Get the Look:


Fern White Gloss Extending Dining Table


Finn Dining Chair in Mustard


Seafern Wallpaper, Cole and Sons


Focal Point

Finally, we come to Focal Point. A muted colour palette with greys, olive greens and a gentle touch of Living Coral. This would be a great colour palette for use in bedrooms and living rooms due to its calming feel. Soft textures lend themselves to this colour palette due to the earthy base tones. Velvets, leathers and woods would all work perfectly, making this colour palette suitable to your existing home interior. Update your walls with a lick of green paint and a botanical wallpaper for a trendy, modern style.     Introducing pops of metallics will also give this colour palette that little lift it needs to avoid becoming too sludgy. Coppers and Brass will work wonders by pulling out the tone in the coral and olive colours while adding that extra stylist's touch.  

Stylist's Top Tip: Choose a wallpaper with a small pop of Living Coral. If you're feeling brave, create a focal wallpaper wall and select a colour from within this to paint you woodwork, leaving your walls white. This will make your home feel super considered while remaining a bit more subtle for future trend changes.


Get the Look:


Amalfi Velvet Bed in Peacock


Flo Table Lamps


Graham and Green Botanical Wallpaper


What do you think?

So, how do you feel about Living Coral? We'd love to know your thoughts and how you're introducing Pantone's 2019 Colour of the Year into your home. Tag us on Facebook and Instagram using #mydanetti and show off your killer style.
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Choosing the Right Colour Schemes for Modern Homes
October 5, 2018 at 12:07 pm 0

When the time comes to decorate, we all know the daunting feeling we get when we see that blank canvas. Deciding on the right colour scheme for your room can be as important as choosing the right furniture.

Colour stimulates the mind as well as our emotions. There is a wealth of information on the internet about the symbolism and history behind the use of certain colours. But we're going to keep things simple and guide you in the direction of interior colour schemes. Take a look at our guide to help make that perfect colour choice!


The Colour Wheel - Your best friend when it comes to selecting interior paints.


Cool Colours

Cool colours are on the right-hand side of our colour wheel. They are hues ranging from Green to Blue, through Blue-Violet. These colours are best used when you want to create a calming and relaxing atmosphere. Cool colours are typically used in the living rooms and bedrooms, as they promote a sense of tranquillity and relaxation.


Blue is a particular interior favourite for creating calmness, peace and tranquillity. It is a popular colour for many rooms due to the fact it can go with both traditional and modern styles.


The Grey Gloss Fern Console and White Trestle Desk work great against this dark blue wall to create a modern vintage vibe.


Vintage styles can be created using blue with white and floral prints. Choose a chalky looking colour with a richness. Vintage homes need to feel authentic, so the deeper the colour, the better


Try Oval Room Blue from Farrow and Ball for a rich shade to suit your vintage interior.


Contemporary styles can be created using a cooler tone of blue with mismatched metallics and gloss finishes. Or try creating a more colourful interior by pairing shades of blue work well with pastel colours. Think soft apple greens or bright yellows for a great combination creating a sunny Mediterranean style.


Denim Drift from Dulux is the perfect cool shade for modern interiors.


Green is the colour used to symbolize nature, balance, harmony and positivity. Pantone announced Greenery as its Colour of the Year 2017 due to its fresh, zesty feel. It creates a relaxing atmosphere when used in various tones.


Pantone, Greenery


Team with pastels and neutrals to create a contemporary look in a living room. Alternatively, for a country cottage look, work with shades of cream and neutrals for a look that's very easy on the eyes.


The Arc and Riva Set brings just the right amount of colour to your kitchen. Use a graphic rug for a modern look.


Adding black and white to green can create an Art Deco look or why not be bold and try a retro theme with lime green for something a little different.



Purple can be a tricky colour to introduce into our homes. Pale Lilac can feel very young and sweet, but too dark can feel a bit seedy. The key to getting this trend right is using purple sparingly and combining with other colours.

        When Pantone announced UltraViolet as 2018's Colour of the Year, we were all a little unsure what to think. However, after reviewing the colour combinations suggested by Pantone, we came round to using purple in our homes. Keep your walls neutral and play with purple in your furniture and soft furnishings.    

Anzio Gas Lift Barstool in Mulberry Purple

    The Anzio Barstool is just the right amount of attitude and colour for modern kitchens. Keep accessories metallic for a cool vibe and for a lighter feeling home.    

Warm Colours

Warm colours are on the left -hand side of our colour wheel. These are your reds, oranges, pinks and yellows.  They are lively, stimulating and domineer over cool colours. Warm colours should not be used as a base colour and are best used when highlighting statement pieces in your room.


Just like warning signs, red is a colour which grabs your attention. Making it ideal when used on a feature wall or creating a statement piece in a room. As red is a very dominating, powerful colour, it's best to use in the social rooms in your house, such as your kitchen or playroom.   

The Brick Red Finn Dining Chair is the perfect way to introduce red into your home without it feeling too overpowering.

  Avoid using red in your bedroom or living room, as it is a very visually stimulating colour and will not help with the relaxation. That said, when used in small doses, red can often be more effective, so great for those decorative accessories.


For a more subtle red, take a look at Picture Callery Red, from Farrow and Ball for a more traditional and softer look. Pair with off-white and dark woods to create an antique vibe.



Like the sunshine, yellow is bright and exudes excitement so ideal for a child's room or in an entrance hallway. It is also effective when used to highlight elements of your space.  

Finn Barstools in Mustard

  When choosing yellow furniture, be sure the rest of the decor is subtle, otherwise, you risk creating a very busy looking room. Navy and Yellow are a match made in heaven, so stick to dark blue walls and offset with a pop of mustard.


As a mixture of red and yellow, it shares both attributes of these colours. Although Orange is hot and fiery like Red, it is not as aggressive. Orange actually stimulates mental activity, so add a splash of orange in a study or children's playroom. It also works well in a kitchen as is associated with appetite and health foods.  

The Orange Zilo is just enough of a pop in this modern home office with the Black Cavour Desk



Pink has been having a moment recently. Be in Millenial pink or Plaster pinks, we see different shades popping up all over the interior circuit. Blush pink has been a favourite in our homes for a while now, especially when paired with copper and white.  

Blush Pink Plaza Velvet Stool

  Create a real statement by painting a pink ombre wall. This is a great interior paint effect for a little girls room or a home office. tone down pink by mixing with Grey and White for a more grown-up look.  

The White and Oak Aver Extending Dining Table works beautifully against a Pink Ombre Wall



Neutrals are great for creating a light and soft environment and giving the illusion of space. This scheme looks stylish, sophisticated and is great used as a blank canvas. You can then injected with colour, print and pattern for interest.  

Cleo and Santo Dining Set

  This is ideal as a base colour as allows you to update the room by just using bright accents and accessories. These tones are great when used with warm tones such as rich red, mushroom, and terracotta.  


Black is formal, elegant and prestigious. It makes other colours stand out so ideal for teaming up with warm shades. Too much black in a space can make the room feel smaller so stick to limiting the quantities by adding accents of other colours. Black is perfect for that formal dining area to add a touch of class and style.


Elise and Black Chrome Dining Chair

  Perhaps try black Leather Dining Chairs as they are great at hiding marks and bring drama to your home. Our black chrome is a great alternative to a classic chrome finish, so go to the dark side and play with these inky tones.    
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How to use Spiced Honey in your Home – Dulux Colour of the Year 2019
September 14, 2018 at 5:28 pm 0
September sees the release of UK colour specialist, Dulux's Colour of the Year 2019. Previous years have highlighted varying shades of blues, purples and coppers. But what does 2019 bring? And how will we use in our interiors? Say 'Hello' to

Spiced Honey

    The experts at Dulux say; "Spiced Honey is a warm Amber tone, inspired by the beauty and versatility of honey itself. Spiced Honey can be soothing or calming, cosy or vibrant, depending on the palette you pair it with." Dulux have created 4 very different looks incorporating Spiced Honey into all manner of interior styles. But how do you work this look into your home? With a new colour of the year from Dulux and Pantone released every Autumn / Winter, it's hard to keep up with these changing colour trends.   So to help you out, we've taken the new Dulux Spiced Honey colour palettes and shown you how you can change your dining chairs to sit within these interior schemes. This is a quick and cost effective way of updating your interiors. Use the new colour of the year 2019 on your walls, and mix and match our colourful dining chairs to suit your favourite style.  


This colour palette features very harmonious, natural, earthy tones. Spiced honey has been balanced out with darker mulberry and slate greys, and lighter oatmeal and taupe shades to keep the colours similar. A harmonious colour palette is made from selecting neighbouring colours on the colour wheel. A few shades darker, or lighter, will create a soothing interior, perfectly suited for living rooms and bedrooms.   To introduce this colour palette of Spiced Honey into your home, keep your wall treatment simple, and match your woodwork and ceilings to your walls. We've selected the Finn Dining chair in Taupe, Taupe Grey and Mulberry Purple to bring the light and dark shades to your Spiced Honey walls. Choose soft textures such as plush velvets and waffle knits to emphasise the soothing feel.

New Dining Table?

We recommend the Grey Gloss and Glass Arc Dining Table. The high gloss grey leg complements the colour palette perfectly, while the glass top allows the colours of your Finn chairs to be seen at any angle.  

Arc Glass and Grey Gloss 4 Seater Dining Table



Similar to the Soothing colour palette, the Calming board has colours toned down with a grey base. Wack up the saturation of these pinks, purples, blues and greens, you will have a very eclectic look indeed. However, by choosing a more muted tone, we end up with the calming, pastel colour palette.   This Calming look is perfectly suited to rented accommodation or first-time buyers, as it works great with a blank canvas. The Finn Chairs we've chosen with this board is the Aqua, Taupe and Steel Blue. By keeping a cooler colour palette in our dining chairs, we can then inject Spiced Honey and the pink and purple tones into our wall colours and home accessories. What's more, this combination of Finn chairs can be updated throughout the changing colour of the years. This palette will sit with Driftwood of 2018, and Denim Drift from back in 2017. By sticking to a neutral colour palette, you give yourself the flexibility to refresh your soft furnishings and wall colours, rather than buying new colourful furniture every year!

New Dining Table?

For this look, try the Aver Oak and White Extending Dining Table. The matt white table top balanced with the oak legs bring warmth and a scandi vibe to your interiors.   Aver Oak and White Extending Dining Table

Aver White and Oak Extending Dining Table


This Cosy colour palette is reminiscent of traditional English countryside cottages, with a slightly modern twist. The classic shades of sage, oatmeal and rust are brought into the 21st century with a pop of Brick Red and Teal. Dulux recommends being experimental with your wall paint treatment. The below image shows Spiced Honey used around windows with 2 stripes of brick red racing around the centre of the wall.     Stick to using the neutral colours on your walls for longevity, and inject a pop of colour into your dining chairs. If this is the Spiced Honey look you're after, we suggest choosing the Finn Chairs in Teal, Brick Red and Taupe Grey.

New Dining Table?

If you're looking for a new table too, we think the Cleo Dining Table would look great in the Calming setting. The Oak table top mimics the tone of Spiced Honey, whilst the powder blue base brings some much-needed colour.  

Cleo 6 Seater Modern Farmhouse Dining Table



Finally, we have the Vibrant colour palette. Made up of all the colours in the rainbow, however, knocked back to a slightly more muted shade.     The key to getting this look right is to select one main colour and 2 accent shades. Introduce the remaining colours in small quantities throughout the space. We think as a starting point, the Slate Grey works perfectly with Spiced Honey. As an accent, Mustard and Aqua are always a safe bet. Then, the bright reds, oranges and royal blues can be used as your highlights in soft furnishings and accessories.  

New Dining Table?

To avoid any danger of this look feeling too much like a playschool, be sure to choose a sleek and modern dining table. The Grey Gloss Sanza is a great option. Its angular silhouette will bring a crisp edge to the mismatch of colours, while the cool grey will balance those bright shades.  

Small Grey Gloss Sanza Extending Dining Table


So there you have it!

How will you be using Spiced Honey in your home? Don't forget to share your beautiful homes with us by tagging #mydanetti on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We can't wait to see how you bring Spiced Honey into your homes.
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2018 Interior Trends – How to do Warm Neutrals
May 18, 2018 at 3:48 pm 0
For the past few years, Grey has been the colour of choice for all of our interiors. However, we all know that trends come and go, and this year we are seeing a shift towards Neutrals. Grey still has a place in our homes, but now with undertones of taupes and creams. These earthy tones are richer, deeper and allow you to be more adventurous with your interior colour schemes. Take a look at our styling suggestions for each room in your home. From furniture to wallpaper to paint colours, you'll be updating your home with warm neutrals in no time at all.  

Neutrals in the Kitchen

  For most of us, the kitchen will probably be the most expensive purchase we make for our homes. Most of us won't be in the position to update it every time trends change! Which is why it's always wise to stick to a neutral colour pallet for those longer lasting purchases. Think stone coloured doors with wooden worktops... timeless!   That said, there are a few small cost-effective home updates for your kitchen that you can update with the changing seasons. But let's start with the basics...     Neutrals are great for the kitchen, as the majority of textures and materials which are used for kitchens sit very well in a neutral colour palette. Grey gloss and Oak is a perfect combination as the coolness of the grey is balanced by the warmness of the wood. But be sure to choose a grey with an earthy tone, rather than a blue tone as this can look a bit too cool.   Our Cross Grey Gloss and Oak dining table is the perfect partner to your grey gloss kitchen. Pair with the Form Dining Chair in Cool Grey for a modern touch. Update your kitchen cupboard handles to chrome and play with marble textures to bring this look to life. It's these small details which will give your kitchen that interior designer edge.  

Stylists Tip: For extra kitchen storage, choose a simple grey gloss sideboard, such as our Lexi sideboard to keep the look clean and modern. Top it off with a cool wallpaper in an oatmeal shade to create a real focal point in your dining area.

Get the Look:


Cross 4 Seater Dining Table in Grey Gloss and Oak


Form Dining Chair in Cool Grey


Lexi Sideboard in Grey Gloss


Neutrals in the Living Room

  Our living rooms tend to be where we relax and unwind at the end of a long day. Because of this, calming colours are best suited to areas of relaxation as they exude that calming vibe. Pairing neutral shades with a blush pink and brushed brass creates an elegant and stylish interior. As with our kitchens, sofas are also an investment piece of furniture, so by choosing this is a neutral colour will ensure longevity.     You can then update the more cost-effective items, such as side tables and coffee tables inline with current interior design trends. That way, your home is always bang on trend without breaking the bank! We think the warm Parchment real leather of our Ellis range sits perfectly with our new Plaza Velvet Stool in Blush. Pair with the Brass Ripple Coffee Table and a bold wallpaper for a feminine, neutral interior.  

Stylists Tip: If you want to great a more colourful look, but still in keeping with a neutral theme, try adding muted shades of green. The green and pink are a great colour combination, very on trend, but by selecting a more muted shade, the colour won't feel too overpowering. In turn, you've got a soothing neutral interior with a bit more depth and personality. 


Plaza Velvet Stool in Sapphire


Wallpaper from Graham Brown

  For more masculine interiors, swap blush for navy blue. Try our Sapphire Velvet Plaza Stool and a strong geometric wallpaper. Keep a touch of brass within the wallpaper for that luxe feel.  

Get the Look


Ellis Sofa in Parchment


Flamingo Wallpaper from Freathr


Ripple Coffee Table in Gold


Blush Plaza Velvet Stool


Neutrals in the Home Office

  Finally, we come to the home office. If you have the luxury of a dedicated home office, you can afford to get a little more creative by designing an individual and unique scheme. However, if you have a compact workspace tucked away in a corner, these neutrals will sit well in any existing interiors.     For this look, we are continuing with natural wood, but balancing the cool, scandi vibe with a rich Cashmere real leather. Balancing washed out woods with rich chocolate tones adds texture and keeps the overall look warmer. Warm neutrals are great for home office spaces as they promote concentration and productivity.  

Stylists Tip: Choose a playful wallpaper with subtle tones to keep the space interesting. Use different metallic finishes for a sleek, modern style. Balancing out warm neutrals with heather based colours will help to warm up and greys or earthy tones.

    Dulux's Colour of the year 2018, Heartwood, is a perfect pairing to neutral shades as its earthy base helps pull out the lilac tones in your other furnishings. Find out more about Heartwood right here.  

Get the Look


Scandi Natural Ash Desk


Stylo Dining Chair in Taupe Grey


Serin Occasional Chair in Cashmere


Flo Wallpaper from Feathr

  By now, you should have a solid idea on how to use new, warming neutrals in your existing interiors. Remember, if you still want to use grey rather than natural colours, be sure to pick a warmer shade to keep your home cosy and on trend. If you decide to re-decorate or re-furnish your home with these tips in mind, be sure to tag us!   Tag us by using #mydanetti on Facebook and Instagram to show off your Danetti Neutral Style!  
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High Gloss or Wood Veneer? How to Choose the Right Finish for your Furniture
March 23, 2018 at 4:15 pm 0

Assi Walnut and Moda Dining Set

  Buying that new piece of furniture is a very exciting time. Browsing through Pinterest and creating boards of your dream home is a great way to narrow down your search and define your style. But with so many styles and finishes out there, how do you whittle it down to that final piece? We are here to help. Two of our most popular furniture finishes here at Danetti are our high gloss and wood veneer furniture. So we've written a few quick, easy to digest pointers on high gloss furniture and wood veneer furniture, to help you decide which is right for your home.

High Gloss or Wood Veneer?

Before you go head first into making your new furniture purchase, make sure you know what your new product will be used for. Families will need a harder wearing item, whereas first-time buyers can afford to choose a more delicate, stylish look. To make this easy, we're going to be looking at out Assi Range. A collection on Extending Dining Tables and co-ordinating Sideboards available in White Gloss, White and Grey Gloss or Walnut Wood Veneer.  

Assi White and Grey Gloss Extending Dining Table with Danni Dining Chair in Charcoal Grey Leather


High Gloss Furniture

  • Super modern and clean look
  • Sits well in all interior styles
  • Brightens up your home
  • Simple clean with a damp cloth is all that's needed
Need to Know
  • Coasters and Placemats are recommended to protect the high gloss finish
  • Leaving spillages may cause discolouration if not cleaned up quickly
  • Small scratches can appear if not protected from day to day use

Assi White Gloss Extending Dining Table with Danni in White Leather 


When to Choose High Gloss Furniture:

  • If you have a Modern, bright and minimal home
  • If you want to use colour but keep your large furniture simple
  • If you're a first-time buyer and still discovering your style
  • If you have a smaller space, as the reflective nature will make the room appear larger
  • If you want a clean look to your home

How to Style White Gloss Furniture

White High Gloss Dining furniture is a great option for any home. The 'blank canvas' of a white dining table means you can play around with an array of textures, colours and interior trends. However, for this post, we've created an inky blue look with lighter elements:  

We've teamed white high gloss with a variety of blue shades, a trendy palm print wallpaper and pops of copper.

  Inky tones are a huge interior design trend at the moment. However, when used sparingly with white gloss, you can create a stylish look without your home feeling too dark and moody. The copper highlight help brings a luxe touch, while the palm print adds personality.

Stylist Top Tip: Balance a high white gloss with dark grey dining chairs. This will create contrast and an interior designer touch

Get the Look:


Assi White & Grey Gloss Dining Table


Danni Real Leather Charcoal Grey Dining Chairs


Assi White Gloss and Grey Compact Sideboard


High Gloss Cleaning Tips:

  • Dust daily with a clean, microfibre cloth
  • Mop up any spillages as soon as they happen to prevent staining
  • For tougher marks, warm soapy water and a clean dishcloth is all that's needed. Be sure to dry any water straight away with a clean, dry microfibre cloth.

Assi Walnut Extending Dining Table


Wood Veneer Furniture

  • Hardwearing and low maintenance
  • Brings texture and warmth to your interiors
  • More affordable than real wood furniture
Need to Know:
  • Avoid any harsh chemical cleaners
  • Use coasters and placemats- this will prevent any unsightly mug rings.
  • Wipe up any spills quickly, as water left sitting on the surface may cause damage.

When to Choose Wood Veneer Finish

  • If you're a busy family and don't have time to care for real wood furniture
  • If you want to add warmth to a more minimalist interior
  • If you want to bring a hygge element to your home
  • If you want to add texture to your interiors
  • For a modern and trendy interior without spending a fortune on real wood furniture

How to Style Wood Veneer Furniture

The beauty of wood veneer furniture is that, without trying at all, you can bring colour and depth to any room. If you wanted to create a warming interior, we recommend keeping your base palette rich with walnut and dark greys. You can then play with pops of colour, such as an on-trend colour palette of green and terracotta.     Adding a pop of colour will instantly lift any interior. Wood Veneer furniture adds instant texture to a room, so you can afford to be experimental with softer finishes to create a well-balanced interior style.

Stylists Top Tip: Replace terracotta with copper accessories and use green glass and props rather than painted walls. These items are cheaper and easy to update with the changing seasons. Meaning your home will always be bang on trend- without breaking the bank! 


Get the Look:


Assi Walnut Extending Dining Table


Elise Dining Chair in Putty Grey


Assi Walnut Sideboard


Made your mind up?

So, now we've given you a quick rundown of high gloss vs wood veneer, you should now have more of an idea of how you'd furnish your home. If you want more in-depth tips on caring for your final choice, check out our white gloss care guide, or our wood veneer post for tips and tricks catered to your chosen furniture finish. That said, it's not always a case of this or that. You can mix things up and style your home with both high gloss and wood veneer furniture! Our Assi Sideboard in White Gloss and Walnut is the perfect, versatile piece.  

Assi Walnut and White Gloss Sideboard

  Pair it with any of our Assi Extending Dining Tables and you'll have a seamlessly pulled together, coordinated look. Still unsure? Let us know your questions in the comments below and we'll be happy to help! If you have decided on white gloss or walnut veneer, don't forget to share your pictures and tag us on Facebook and Instagram by using #mydanetti.
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Real Leather: How to Care for your Real Leather Sofa
February 2, 2018 at 11:51 am 0
Ellis 3 seater Sofa and Armchair

Ellis 3 Seater Sofa and Ellis Armchair

As any interior designer or furniture specialist will tell you, a sofa is one piece of furniture that you should really invest in. This means choosing a sofa that is built to last, that performs well over time and that can stand up to daily use in a busy home. Real Leather ticks all of these boxes, which is exactly why real leather is such a popular choice for a sofa; it is undoubtedly the most durable material available. You can’t beat it for long-term performance, durability, ease of maintenance and of course… Modern Style!   Leather Swatch

Luxe Sofa Range Swatch


What Makes Real Leather So Durable?

The leather we use for our range of sofas is extremely thick and falls into the Top Grain Leather category. Top Grain leather goes through a considerable process to remove any marks and blemishes on the hide to create its uniform appearance and makes it more desirable for home furnishings. Our pigmented Top Grain Leather has been dyed and treated with a protected surface. This offers great colour uniformity and maximum resistance to spills and stains, while it's thickness also increases its strength and durability. All together you end up with a high-quality leather that looks great but also is very fit for purpose. Thinner, lower quality ‘Split’ leather is commonly used in cheaper sofas but will not offer the same durability. It will wear quicker and be more susceptible to rips and tears, meaning you'll be replacing your furniture much sooner than anticipated.   Top Tip: Aniline Leather, often cited as the most premium type of leather, actually has little to no treatment to protect it. So whilst it is a premium material, it may not be the most practical for a modern sofa. This type of leather is used when people want to build a worn look, or patina, but it doesn't give a clean, uniformed look.   Ice Grey Leather Detail

Top Leather Grain Detail


Top Grain vs. Split Leather

Top Grain - The top layer of the hide usually the thickest layer when the hide is separated. Top grain is the highest quality, thickest part of the hide and such requires less processing resulting in a softer feel. Split Leather - This is the thinner part of the hide and as such often needs a protective synthetic top treatment. The result is a lower quality more rigid leather.  

One Leather Doesn’t Fit all...

The term ‘leather sofa’ is used very broadly, so it’s easy to forget that the leather itself comes in a whole variety of styles and, more importantly, standards. Here’s a quick breakdown of the most popular choices for a leather sofa:   Dillon 2 Seater Leather Sofa

Dillon Real Leather 2 Seater Sofa


High Protection Leather

  • Pigmented Leather - A top grain leather that's had dye and protection applied to the surface. As a result, this offers protection from marks and stains and evens out surface appearance. Features of Pigmented leather are great durability, very even colour and grain and a soft feel.
  • Bi-Cast Leather - A split leather with a thick synthetic layer placed over the leather which is embossed with a look-alike grain. The features of Bi-Cast leather are a stiff texture (more suited to contract settings), consistent grain and easy cleaning.

Medium Protection Leather

  • Waxed Leather - The surface of the leather is buffed, then waxed and has a smooth, very shiny appearance with almost no grain which can be wiped clean. Waxed leather will show scratches but can be re-waxed although has a stiffer feel and can be prone to cracking.
  • Semi-Aniline - A top grain leather that is pigment dyed and treated with a very light protective treatment. It has some of the features of aniline leather but with a harder feel and increased durability.

Low Protection Leather

  • Aniline Leather - A top grain leather dyed with aniline dyes but with no protective treatment applied. Features of aniline leather are that it is very soft and luxurious in feel and will show natural blemishes, scratches and scars found in the hide. Aniline leather also has variation in colour consistency.  People often see Aniline leather as the best in class but it doesn't have the protection that other leathers have.
  • Nubuck - a top grain leather which has been treated so the natural fibres produce a velvet-like surface. Soft to the touch it has an almost fabric-like look and feel but has no protection at all from marks or spills.
  • Vintage Leather - Leather that has been double-dyed and purposefully buffed in areas to give an aged look. A feature of aged leather is that the uneven surface can be quite forgiving but it has very little ongoing protection.
  Pure White Real Leather Swatch

White Real Leather Swatch


The Do’s and Don’ts of Cleaning Real leather

Because leather sofas are so durable, it makes them even easier to care for. Marks and spills from food and drink are easy to remove compared to marks on a fabric sofa. However, stick to our do’s and don'ts of cleaning to make sure you keep your real leather looking its best:     DO use an absorbent cloth or sponge to wipe the affected areas as soon as the spill occurs. Lukewarm water or diluted mild detergent should do the trick! DO be sure to dry your leather furniture after cleaning with a clean, soft cloth rather than leaving your leather furniture to air dry. DO check the label before using any product to check that it’s not too drying on leather. If you’re not sure, spot test an inconspicuous area first! DO invest in a leather maintenance kit. Find one which will look after the leather before, during and after cleaning to make sure your leather furniture lasts for years to come.      BE AWARE that keeping your real leather sofa in direct sunlight can cause some fading and deterioration over time. Sunlight will have the same effect on fabrics so just give it some thought when you consider the placement. BE AWARE that brand new clothes, especially jeans, can mark upholstery. To clean marks left by clothing, use something such as a magic sponge immediately for the best results.   Luxe Leather Sofa in Heather

Luxe 3 Seater Sofa in Heather


Give Your Real Leather Furniture Some TLC

Real leather is strong and very durable, however, you still need to give it some TLC to keep it looking its best for longer! With this in mind…
  • Don’t drag your sofa when putting it in position, but rather lift it to manoeuvre it in your space.
  • Sofas can be very heavy, so it’s important to protect your flooring. Many sofas will come with floor protectors but make sure there’s some kind of protection on the feet, especially if you're placing the sofa on wooden or hard flooring.
  • As tempting as it may be, try not to sit on the arms of the sofa. This will not only weaken the structure of the sofa over time, but it will also pull on the upholstery.
  • When cleaning, don’t forget to get in-between all the small nooks and crannies of the sofa cushions. Vacuum regularly to keep your sofa spick and span.
  • Do not use chemical-based cleaners on real leather. Spot clean with warm, soapy water, and invest in a high-quality Leather care kit. 
  • If the cushions on your sofa can be moved, it's a good idea to rotate them regularly, giving them a good shake and plump up.
  • Give your sofa a quick but regular clean to stop marks from building up over time. Just be sure to wring out your cloth thoroughly and dry as soon as you've finished.
  • Everyone has their favourite spot, but it’s best to use your sofa evenly. This will stop some parts becoming more used and worn than others.
  Have we convinced you that a leather sofa is definitely a smart choice for your home? Be sure to let us know in the comments! :)
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How to Use Colour in your Home: Mulberry Purple
October 27, 2017 at 4:04 pm 0

Previously we have explored the colour trend of using Oak & Blue together in our Dining Room (If you missed it, you can read all about it right here). This week we are going to mix things up a bit and look at a braver colour combination: Aqua and Mulberry Purple! 

  Mulberry Purple and Aqua Moodboard   Over the last few years, we have witnessed the rise of dark colours in our homes, and this is one interior design trend that does not look like it's slowing anytime soon! Now is the time to update your look with rich, autumnal tones. We're talking deep mulberry purples and asphalt greys teamed with a refreshing aqua. Well, you don't want your home feeling too dark now the nights are drawing in! 

Colour Trend 1: Deep Purple

Let's start off with the ever popular Jewel Colours. Dominating the pages of your favourite Interior Magazine this is actually a really easy trend to pull off.  You just need the confidence to do so! Coloured Dining Chairs are a great way to bring this trend to life as they add a punch of colour and attitude to any space, without creating huge house renovations.


Fern & Stylo Dining Set

Fern Grey Gloss and Stylo Extending Dining Set, £595

This room is subtle, white and very airy, but by dropping in a hint of Mulberry Purple we bring depth and mood to the space. Our Fern Dining Table in Grey Gloss balances out the deep Purple tones, but also reflects the colour around the room. Instant colour coordination and a bang on trend dining area! Introduce Jewel tones like Sapphire and Emerald into your accessories to create a harmonious, colourful look. 

  Danni white Leather Dining Chair

Danni Dining Chair, £169


However, if you want a more dramatic dining room decorating trend, choose a Mulberry Colour Paint for your walls such as Abigail Ahern’s “Bleecker”. This is a very deep shade of purple which reflects light beautifully. Whether you paint just a feature wall or go all out and paint the walls, ceiling, skirting and door frames too, you will not be disappointed!

Get the Look:

Fern Grey Gloss 6 Seater Dining Table, £399

Stylo Dining Chair in Mulberry Purple, £49

Stylo Dining Chair in Aqua, £49

Abigail Ahern Paint in Bleecker

Anzio Bar Stool in Mulberry Purple, £95

Colour Trend 2 : Colourful Scandi Style

Potentially the biggest Interior Design trend around is the light, airy and minimalist Scandi style. Typically this colour trend is a subtle palette of whites, neutrals and warm textures like chunky knits and naked woods. That's not to say it can't be colourful though! So, by reversing the volume of colour in this pallet and using just a hint of Mulberry Purple, we've create a very different look. 

Metro White Gloss & Finn Dining Set, £595

The wooden base of the Finn Dining Chair complements the Scandi look perfectly, while the Metro White Gloss Dining Table adds contrast and interest. By styling with coloured glass and sheepskin rugs, we were able to create a warm, inviting, coloured Scandi destination which is achievable in all existing Kitchens or Dining Rooms. Share the colour across your Dining Chairs and Bar Stools for a perfectly coordinated style.

Get the Look:

Metro Extending Dining Table in white Gloss

Metro White Gloss Extending Dining Table, £399

Mulberry Purple Finn Dining ArmchairFinn Dining Armchair in Mulberry Purple, £59

  Finn Barstool

Finn Barstool in Aqua, £89

Eve Compact Frosted Glass Sideboard in Grey

Eve Compact Grey Gloss Sideboard, £369

Colour Trend 3: Modern Metallic

Take a look at this: by integrating the Stylo Dining Chair in Aqua, we were able to really lift the room and create a lighter and more refreshing colour scheme for a kitchen that's still in keeping with our Jewel Tone trend. The reason this colour combination works so well is that Aqua and Purple are opposite each other on the colour wheel. This makes them complementary colours. By deepening the Purple and lightening the Aqua this typically vivid colour combination becomes subtle, stylish, and oh so easy on the eye!


Tiva & Stylo 6 to 8 Seater Dining Set, £539


The Chrome Leg of our Stylo Dining Chair helps to keep the room modern, while the combination of Aqua, Purple and White keep it playful. Keep accessories metallic and sleek for a modern contemporary dining room. For a Traditional Family Kitchen, try bright and bold accessories. However, if you're feeling adventurous why not add in a colourful print or even a printed wallpaper? We can’t get enough of the Prism wallpaper by Cole & Sons.

Get the Look:


Tiva 6 Seater Dining Table, £299

Aqua Stylo Dining Armchair, £55 

Mulberry Purple Stylo Dining Chair, £49 

White Stylo Dining Chair, £49 

Prism Wall Paper, Cole & Sons

So to conclude...

Hopefully, you now know what to do to embrace this colour combination and will show us your lovely pictures! If this colour combo isn't quite your cup of tea, luckily with our dining sets you can choose whatever colour combination you like. Go all one colour or mix and match your dining chairs, it's up to you. Just remember these tips:

  • When picking colour combinations, try using a colour wheel. Aqua and Mulberry Purple are opposites on the colour wheel, making them complementary colours and a very visually stimulating combination. Want a more subtle colour combination? Choose colours which are neighbouring. These could be Aquas, Blues and Greens to create a very relaxing and tranquil setting.
  • Play around with the volume of colour you use. Maybe stick to a darker colour on your walls and keep furniture and accessories light. Or opt for neutral walls and floors and keep your chairs and styling bold!
  • For a Modern look, use metallics, chrome and gloss finishes. For a scandi look, work with textures, neutrals and mix and match!
  • Adding a printed wall paper or dramatic colours to your walls will instantly change the look of a room. Rich, inky tones are very 'in' at the moment, so experiment with colours. Just remember to use tester pots on more than 1 wall. That way you can get a feel for the colour in different light and shade. What works opposite a window may look much different around the window itself!

Stay tuned for the next 'How to use Colour in your Home". In the meantime, share with us the colours you have chosen on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with #mydanetti!!