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How To Create An Interior Focal Point
June 21, 2019 at 3:28 pm 0

Regardless of your personal interior style, all homes need a focal point, where your eye is drawn to and where your guests stare and say "WOW". Whether it's an architectural feature, statement wallpaper or oversized furniture, we're here to help you create the perfect interior focal point.

The Shell Pink velvet of our Harper Chairs create a focal point in this kitchen by adding a new colour and texture to an otherwise hard and cold space.

What is a Focal Point?

So, what is a focal point in interior design? A Focal Point is a something that will draw your eye to a specific point in a room. This could be a wide range of things from a feature fireplace, piece of artwork or one off statement colour.

If you're feeling brave, choose vibrant furniture against muddy, dark walls for an instant, eye catching focal point in your home. The Luxe Chaise in Mustard works great for this look.

Creating a focal point can be something super simple and subtle you may not even acknowledge it straight away- it's that level of detail that makes you stop and appreciate a space.

How to Create a Focal Point

Architectural Details

If you're renovating your home or lucky enough to be able to build your dream dwellings, think about creating an architectural focal point. This could be a textured wall, an ornate marble fireplace or a statement staircase in the middle of your living space.

The styling of this space is very natural and simple, however your eye is drawn instantly to that black full height fireplace in the middle of the room.

Don't worry, if you're not renovating there are some simple things you can do with a tin of paint.

By painting an area of your homes, such as a fireplace or staircase, you can create a dramatic contrast, leading your eye directly to this point. This also works especially well if you have any old details you wish to highlight like ornate Edwardian architrave.

Lighting Focal Point

A bold, metallic pendant light over a table or breakfast bar will instantly add height, which will draw your eye in creating a focal point with a designer edge. Alternativly, some well placed spots on your favourite pictures or artwork brings a warmer touch and makes a feature of your wall art.

An oversized, arched floor lamp will add shape and structure to minimal interiors...

The Evey Floor Lamp in Black adds drama against pale interiors.

... While metallic and marble pendants either-side of your headboard will draw the eye in, turning something simple into something special.

The Teo pendant lights are ideal when used ether side of a bed, really drawing your eye into that dramatic headboard of the Mellow bed.

Focal Point Furniture

If you're looking to make more of a statement with your furniture, the main thing to consider is contrast. A white table in a white room will blend in and feel light and airy but will be lacking in that spot your eye is drawn to as soon as you enter a space.

A Statement table in a contrasting finish will create an effortless focal point- Shop the Otter for minimal effort but maximum style.

However, introduce a wooden dining table or colourful sofa to contrast the white wash space, and instantly you've created that "WOW" effect. It's then important to consider the layout of the space, to really showcase your stunning furniture.

When planning the layout of your home, these are the things you need to consider.

  • Position: You don't always have to push your furniture up against a wall. Place your dining table in the middle of the kitchen, or a desk in the middle of your home office, facing a window, to create a more attractive and considered space.

The Nala and Clover set has been positioned in the middle of this room to great a dramatic statement as soon as you walk in.

  • Lighting: Arguably the most important factor in all elements on interior design, is the lighting right? Statement pendant lights over a table, or as we've mentioned an oversized floor lamp will bring the drama and highlight that area you really want to show off.

Large pendant lights like the Fiesta Dome Pendant draws your eye up encouraging our guests to take in the entire space.

  • Walkways: Make sure you consider the flow of your home, creating usable walkways but without having a straight line through space. You want to flow with ease throughout your home, making a point to walk past and appreciate the space you've created.

Placing a shelving unit coming out of a wall in an open plan space is a great way to zone your home will creating a real focal point.

Paint and Paper

Finally, there is no quicker or easier way to create that focal point than to experiment with paints and wallpapers.

We've already covered this a little bit, but there are so many things you can do as well as a statement chimney breast or staircase. Pinterest is full of creative and fun things you can do for focal wall inspiration.

L-R: Angelo Ocassional Chair | Scandi Desk | Image via Kidsinteriors

Different paint effects can create very different looks and feels to your space. Darker colours on white walls create a cosy nook which draws your eye in, while ombre walls bring a true colour statement.

L-R: The Naro and Form Dining Set | Image via Pinterest

Likewise, bold wallpapers can create a focal point by making your furniture stand out, or showcasing a key feature of your home, such as a reflective glass dining table.

Apart from building a focal point into the architecture of your house, creating a focal point is super easy with a little creativity and experimentation.

  • Play with the layout of your home to make your furniture the centrepiece.
  • Experiment with colour combination and paint techniques to draw your eye to a certain point.
  • A focal point doesn't have to be in the middle of the room. Take attention to a corner or doorway with the clever use of paint.
  • Balance print, pattern and colour to create a unique and eye-catching space.

Show Us Your Style

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How To Make Your Garden Feel Like Your an Extension of Your Interior
May 10, 2019 at 2:12 pm 0

With summer well on its way, we're looking forward to those long, balmy summer evenings spent outside. However, once you've filled up on a tasty BBQ, you may be inclined to move inside to relax.

Bring a warming vibe to your garden with simple candles and super comfortable furniture, like the Palermo Corner bench.

In this blog post we're going to show you just how to bring the comfort and style of your interior, to your exterior. Allowing you maximum time spent enjoying your garden and really making the most of every second of summer.


What's the one thing at the top of you list when it comes to any new furniture? Comfort. You wouldn't buy a sofa just because it looks good- you buy it to be comfortable and to have a place to relax at the end of a long day. The same goes for your garden furniture.

Bali Modular Garden Bench

We tend to opt for garden furniture that is low cost, plastic and easy to clean, however with new finishes and materials always being developed, you can say goodbye to your uncomfortable plastics, and hello to sofa style garden comfort.

Willow Corner Sofa

The Willow Range is perfect if you're looking for all the comfort of your sofa, but outside so you can enjoy the weather. The cushions are constructed in exactly the same way as your sofa cushions are, so you know you're in for a super sumptuous seat.

The Woven back and sofa style cushions give the Willow bench a super soft look.

The foam and fibre construction used on the seat of the Willow Bench make it really comfortable while also retaining the cushion shape, meaning no sagging and allowing the cushions to bounce back when vacated. The back cushions on the bench are stuffed with fibres, rather than foam, this makes them lovely and soft creating the ideal spot to spend your summer relaxing in.

The Savannah Range is super comfortable and can be re-arranged to suit your needs!

The cushions on our Palermo, Savannah and Bali Garden sofas are all constructed in the same way offering complete comfort.


As you know there are so many different interior styles to suit your personality. The same goes for your garden furniture. Whether you prefer a sleek, contemporary look, or a modern scandi vibe, you're sure to find the perfect match for your home.

We've selected a few different looks to help you seamlessly coordinate your exterior to your interior.

Colourful Homes

If you have the Aver and Finn Dining Set, think about coordinating it with the Palermo Corner Bench in Ocean.

Aver and Finn Dining Set

Palermo Corner Bench and Coffee Table in Ocean

The subtle pop of colour will show your fun side and suits family homes perfectly.

Minimal Homes

If you love the sleek feeling of the Loop and Sanza Dining Set, then the Savannah Modular Unit is the one for you.

Loop Left Hand Corner Dining Bench with the Sanza Table and Backless 3 Seater Loop Bench

Savannah compliments the Loop benches perfectly.

Both the Loop and Sanza benches have simple U-shaped legs to create a minimal and stylish look. The neutral colour palette gives you the freedom to accessories your outdoor space to match your interior, be it with colour, texture or accessories.

Small Homes

If you've got a slightly smaller home, chances are your garden isn't going to be massive either. If that is the case, co-ordinate your compact Terni dining table with the Koko Garden table.

Terni Matt Grey and Fia Dining Set

Koko and Edie Garden Dining Set

Whats more, we have a range of super comfortable garden dining chairs in a colourful summer colour palette to help you pick the right style, shape and colour to suit your space.

Alma Stackable Garden Dining Chairs

For added comfort and maximum style points, choose a chair like the Alma. With its considered silhouette and wrap around arms, you can add both style and comfort to your space.

Edie Stackable Garden Dining Armchair

For a more classic contemporary look, opt for the Edie or the Lola stackable garden chairs. Again, these are available in a variety of colours from the super on-trend mustard, to a fresh aqua to create the look you desire.

Palermo 3 Seater bench with 6 Seater Palermo Table and Skye Dining Chairs

That's not to say that garden chairs should only be used for small gardens! Think about pairing your garden bench with colourful chairs to really complete your garden style.


To really bring the feel of the inside out, accessories your garden space the same way you would your interior.

Palermo Corner Bench with Edie Dining Chairs

Add cushions and throws to garden sofas. This not only adds an extra layer softness and comfort, but also gives you and your guests a handy cover if the temperature should dip after dark. What's more, this subtle styling touch will create a super cosy setting you'll never want to leave.

Palermo White Corner Bench

We all love a house plant, and there's no better spot to bring in the greenery than to your garden. Choose palms and exotic plants to bring that Ibizan vibe, or opt for pots of pretty flowers to soften your space and add an extra splash of colour.

Rio White Dining Table with Ice Bucket

Lighting is so important for getting that cosy atmosphere indoors, so use that knowledge to subtly light your garden too. Lanterns and candles work great dotted about the floor, while festoon lighting or string lights will bring a subtle twinkle to mirror the nights sky.

Palermo Corner Bench in Ocean with the Grey 6 Seater Palermo Table

By thinking about comfort, style and accessories, just as you would when decorating your interiors, you can create a beautiful, inviting and cosy outdoor space. Our British summers are always that bit too short, so by bringing your interior style outside, you'll be outside enjoying the summer until it's gone.

Show us your garden style by tagging us on facebook and instagram by using #mydanetti. Take a look at the complete garden range here, and let us know what you would choose to match your interiors.

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Spare Room? 4 Practical Spare Room Ideas To Update Your Space
May 3, 2019 at 3:26 pm 0
Luxe Chaise Lounge Chair Danetti

Many of us are lucky to have a spare room. But are we using it to its full potential? Using the space as a dumping ground for boxes, books and unused gym equipment may make it a handy storage solution, when in reality the room could be used for so much more. Stuck for ideas? Or not sure it’s worth the hassle? Let us inspire you with 4 Practical Spare Room ideas to Update Your Space!

Guest room

The most common use for a spare room, a guest room is ideal if your regularly have friends and family staying over. You’ll want to make your guest room feel as inviting as another room in your home.

As a guest room tends to be one of the smaller rooms in the house, try to declutter and be savvy with storage to make the most of the space. A cleverly sized bed like the Hector double bed is ideal for smaller spaces, or you could choose a bed with storage, like the Amalfi, so you have extra space to store items such as bedding and coats when not in use.

Amalfi Peacock Velvet Double Bed with Storage
Amalfi Peacock Velvet Double Bed with Storage

Keep the scheme neutral and add homely touches such as chunky pillows, throws and nightlights to make your guest feel fully accommodated. Have a well thought out and considered guest room will also be beneficial when it comes to selling your home, as it show potential buyers how they can maximise and use the extra space.

Home Office

If you work from home, then a separate workstation is essential. It’ll allow you to separate work and home life and keep things in order. Home offices are also great for sorting some life admin or simply as a quiet place to read and relax.

Rey White Marble Arc Floor Lamp
Rey White Marble Arc Floor Lamp

A desk and chair will provide a space for you to sit at your computer or take notes. As we spend long periods of time sat at our desks, comfort is key. So opt for supportive chair and a practical sized desk: enough surface space to work at but one that won’t take up too much room.

Cavour Black Glass Desk
Cavour Black Glass Desk

Top Tip: Add boxes under your desk as a stylish storage solution. It'll keep clutter to minimum while also making the most of your space.

Hobby Room

Are you into your fitness? How about arts and crafts? Or do you simply enjoy the company of a good book? Whatever your enjoy, see if you can utilise your spare room by making your own hobby area.  

A compact TV unit is ideal for creating a games or movie room. The compact size means there’s enough room for some storage without it being taking up too much of your space. Add an occasional chair and stackable size tble for maximum versatility and comfort.

Walk in Wardrobe

A walk in wardrobe may seem like a distant dream, designed only for mansions and Disney princesses. But in reality, it’s far easy to create than you may think. Using desks, sideboards and other clever storage solutions, you can quickly turn your room into the ultimate storage space.

Aria Glass and White Oak Sideboard

You could also use the space as your modern boudoir, adding a comfy chair, desk and mirror to help you get ready for the everyday and those big nights out.

Plaza Teal Velvet Stool
Penny Goldstone has used our Teal Velvet Plaza Stool to finish off her glam dressing area perfectly!

Spare Room Ideas

You can view all the items listed here and many, many more over on our website. Have we already helped you transform your spare room? We’d love to see! Post a picture on social with the #mydanetti for your chance to be featured on our page.

If you're looking for more ideas on how to update your space, take a look at our Don't Move- Improve! blog post.

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Don’t Move – Improve! | 5 Simple Tips That’ll Revamp Your Home
April 12, 2019 at 6:06 pm 0
Zilo and Fia 4 to 6 Seater Dining Set

Moving house is expensive, time consuming and, let's be honest, incredibly stressful. So if you're happy with your house but what to make it more of a home, don't move but improve! When planned and styled right, you'll be able to transform your exsiting home far easier than you make think...

1. Keep It Cost Effective

Fiesta Dome Teal and Brass Pendant Light
Fiesta Dome Teal and Brass Pendant Light

One of the main benefits of improving your home rather than moving is that it is far cheaper. So utilise this by making the most of what’s already available. Take note of what you like in your existing space and consider how you could make it even better, for example:

  • High ceilings? Decorate them with statement pendant lighting.
  • An awkward corner? Consider swapping your table for a corner bench or round dining set so your can better use the space.
  • Updating your bedroom? Consider a bed with storage space so you don’t need as many drawers and cabinets.

You could even spend a bit of money doing that extension you've always dreamed of, or fitting a new kitchen. By spending a bit of time and money making your home work for you, you need't think about moving where you can create your dream home exactly where you are... Plus an extension or new kitchen is still must more cost effective than moving house!

2. Use Lighting & Mirrors To Add Space

Carmel White and Brass Floor Lamp
Luxe Modern Large 3 Seater Velvet Chesterfield Sofa &Carmel White and Brass Floor Lamp

Getting your lighting right can have a massive effect on your interior. Depending on your what room your renovating and its size, you’ll want to consider your task, ambient and statement lighting to ensure your space is well lit. You can read more on our lighting buying and styling tips here. Mirrors are also a great style feature that will also help to open up the look and improve the feel of your room, so consider your size and placement.

3. Maximise Your Room

Cavour Black Glass Desk
Cavour Black Glass Desk

Have lots to seat? Invest in an extending table with stackable chairs. Regularly work from home? Use a streamlined desk to turn an awkward spot into your new work station.

Planning like this is key when it comes to making your interior suit your needs. In many cases you'll find just by moving your furnuture around, changing the shape or downsizing when a larger piece isn't needed will maximise the space you already have.

4. Prioritise The Essentials

Rene Midnight Velvet King Size Bed
ene Midnight Velvet King Size Bed

Although cheaper than moving home, renovating or even just updating your space will come at a cost. So be smarter with your styling to make the most of your budget. Start with your essentials, like a new dining set or sofa, and then style your accent pieces around this. If you’re happy with your staple pieces but feel your space just needs freshening up, focus in on your accessories to update the look.

5. Add Colour Creatively

Plaza Blush Velvet Stool
Plaza Blush Velvet Stool

A fresh lick of paint is a simple and really effective way to improve any interior. But why not go further than a feature wall to brighten up your space. Introduce colour creatively through smaller items such as dining chairs, rugs or throws. Consider new material in your space such as velvet, brass or gloss to give your space both a new look and feel.

Home Improved... Now Get Styling!

Have we inspired you to give your interior a new lease of life? If so, head over to our website where you'll find a whole variety of stylish furniture pieces.

And as always, don't forget t tag your Danetti pictures with #mydanetti for your chance to be featured on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

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A Royal Roomset | The Ideal Home Show with Style Editor, Jess Taverner
April 5, 2019 at 2:05 pm 0
A Royal Room Set at the Ideal Home Show 2019 Featuring the Luka Dining Table and Harper Shell Velvet Chairs.

If you visited the 2019 Ideal Home Show at London Olympia, you would have seen a very eye-catching, bright and stylish kitchen room set from Good Homes Magazine and devised by Style Editor, Jess Taverner.

Full of bright colours, luxe materials and curvaceous shapes, this bold look plays on the Pantone 2019 Colour of the Year, Living Coral, while giving a nod to the current interior design trend of curved silhouettes.

Our stylist, Kitt, caught up with Jess to see how she thought up this incredible room set, and why she chose our Danetti products to feature to complete the look...

Kitt: How did you come up with the concept for this Royal Roomset, and what was the inspiration behind the look?

Jess: Each year the Good Homes’ roomsets are assigned a theme and with the overall concept of the Ideal Home Show being ‘Best of British’ we thought it would be fitting to design the roomsets for the Royal family.

The kitchen-diner features two top trends for 2019 - Pantone’s colour of the year, Living Coral, and curvaceous silhouettes. With a glamorous nod to Meghan’s Hollywood lifestyle, the kitchen-diner had to be designed for none other than Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The Form Blush and Brass Barstools look perfectly at home in this colourful kitchen, made to feel more mature with pops of walnut and brass.

K: How do you take such a bold colour and incorporate it into a suitable style for our homes?

J: The key to conjuring up an all-pink colour scheme is to combine a variety of textures to help prevent the pink from overpowering the look. For example, we used natural elements such as herringbone flooring and marble-effect worktops and then introduced blush pink upholstered chairs and brass accents for a luxe finish.

Be daring and enhance crescent-shaped furniture or make a statement with shutters by painting them three or four shades darker than the wall colour.

K: What did you see in the Danetti product that made you choose these pieces for the roomsets?

J: We wanted to elevate this tonal look with plenty of decadent materials – such as brass and velvets. The Form bar stools with curved brass legs and Harper dining chairs featuring shell detailing on the back were perfect for achieving this Hollywood-glam scheme.

Form Blush and Brass Barstools with Backrest

K: What’s your favourite element of the roomset?

J: Either the curved cabinets – we had these custom-made for this room. I learned that the carpenter put lots of tiny cuts in the wood to allow it to bend, which I found fascinating. Or, the lighting! I sourced these from a new company that instantly caught my eye.

Harper Shell Velvet Chair and Luka Dining Table

K: What advice would you give our customers and readers when it comes to using colour?

J: Don’t shy away from using colour, although it can feel daunting, once you find the colours that work for you and instantly bring joy, it can be exciting and uplifting. Either introduce pops of colour with artwork and accessories or push boundaries with paint and furniture.

I’d suggest sourcing lots of paint charts and visual inspiration to help discover which colours excite you.

Love this Look? Here's how to recreate for yourself:

If you want to inject a bit of Living Coral into your home, but in a slightly more subtle way, as jess suggested, look at adding a pop of colour to your soft furnishings or wall art.

Cole&Sons Wallpaper

We love this wallpaper from Cole & Sons for its geometric print and combination of Coral and Pink. Look at wallpapering dresser drawers or framing a bold pattern for less commitment but max style!

Tone down a vibrant print with soft materials and luxe finishes for a soft overall look. To get the look as seen in the Ideal Home Show Royal room set, here's what you'll need:

Harper Velvet Dining Chair in Shell

Harper Shell Velvet Dining Chair

Luca Extending Dining Table

Luka Extending Dining Table

Plaza Blush Pink Velvet Stool

Plaza Velvet Stool in Blush Pink

Form Blush Pink Velvet Bar Stool

Form Velvet Barstool with Backrest in Blush Pink

Love this look? Show us your Royal style and how you'll be using Living Coral in your home. Tag #mydanetti on Facebook and Instagram to be featured!

Big thanks to Jess for chatting with us and credit to Gemma Gear, we hope you love this Living Coral, Royals inspired Kitchen.

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How To Add a Warm-Weather Feel to Your Home
February 22, 2019 at 6:00 pm 0
Aver Oak and White Extending and Finn Dining Set

As the days are starting to get longer and the evenings are getting lighter, we can’t help but yearn for some summer sun. Sadly, it’s still a way off yet! But what if we told you you could inject a warm-weather feel into your home all year round? Now we’re talking!

By being savvy with your choice of colour, lighting and textures, you can break-through the winter blues and lift the mood by giving your home some much-needed warmth.

Get Creative With Colour

A good place to start is with your colour scheme. Summery shades like orange, yellow and red are warmer hues that will create a bright, sunny atmosphere. You can introduce this by being bold and adding them to a feature wall, or in a more subtle way through your choice of dining chairs and accessories.

Luka Matt White Extending Dining Table
The Luka table and Finn chairs styled by Denise. We just love how she's coordinated her set with the wallpaper!

With these brighter shades, you can always mellow out the look by having a mix of bolder colours alongside cooler hues. This will keep the look summery yet not too overpowering.

Consider Your Lighting

When it comes to lighting your home, you’ll want to have a considered balance of natural and artificial light. Table and floor lamps will create low lighting with a cosier mood, while pendants will keep the whole room well lit. To choose where to put your lighting, look at where the light naturally falls in the day and work out where extra lighting is needed at night.

Top Tip: Some bulbs have a softer, warm-weather glow, while others are stronger and brighter. Check the lumens and the type of bulb so it matches what you want to use the light for! You can find out more in our Lighting Buying Guide.

As the evening starts draws in, create an even cosier mood with a mix of scented candles:

Photo Credit: @our_money_pit

Plan Your Plants

One way to bring a piece of the outdoors indoors is to do exactly that! Potted plants and vibrant flowers are an easy and instant way to lift the mood and brighten any space.

@hollyanna11 showing how to make a statement with decorative plants.
Flowers are a great centre piece for your dining table and instantly freshen up the space. Photo by: @newcraighallnewbuild

Get The Natural Look With Wood

Earthy tones like greens, grey and beige alongside wooden fishes offer a more rustic feel. This will give your space an outdoorsy vibe without the need for bold statement shades.

Alessio Walnut Round 4 Seater Dining Table
The wood veneer of the Alessio table has an inherent warmth and natural feel, perfec for adding an outdoorsy vibe to your dining area.
Alessio Walnut and Iris Fabric 4 Seater Dining Set
Combining wooden and fabric finishes is a great way to add a softer and inviting feel.

Create warm-weather with textures

Get creative and mix your materials. Adding a throw to your real leather armchair or a gloss coffee table alongside your velvet sofa will give your space a coordinated and considered look, but by slightly breaking up the scheme will stop it looking plain and uninspired.

Luxe Modern Large 3 Seater Velvet Chesterfield Sofa & Carmel White and Brass Floor Lamp
Luxe Modern Large 3 Seater Velvet Chesterfield Sofa & Carmel White and Brass Floor Lamp
Amalfi Peacock Velvet King Size Bed with Storage
@gvrow mixing fabric cushions with her velvet Amalfi bed alongside a rustic brick wall. Love it!

Show Us Your Style!

Have we inspired you to create some warm-weather looks in your home? or do you already have some stylish Danetti pieces in your home? Why not share a picture on social with the #mydanetti for your chance to be featured on our page.

You can view all of the products shown here (and more) over on our website.

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House on the Market? 5 Tips To Help You Dress Your Home for Success.
February 22, 2019 at 1:09 pm 0

There's no denying in these somewhat uncertain times the current housing market is a little bit unpredictable. If you're thinking about putting your house on the market or currently listing, there are a few quick fixes to make your home look truly irresistible to potential buyers.

Simple touches such a fresh flowers and fruit will give your house that homely touch.

Making your home appealing for new buyers shouldn't take up too much of your time or money, but it's these little details which make all the difference...

1. Create Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is something your house has, or doesn't. Many of factors contribute to curb appeal, some of which are out of your hands altogether. That said, there are a few super easy things you can do to make sure your house stands out above the rest:

A simple paint touch up, cleaning and gardening will give your home all the curb appeal! Image via Pinterest.

  • Clean Windows. Making sure your windows have had a good clean, inside and out, will instantly make your house sparkle. Don't forget to give all the window frames a good scrub down, and if they need a little sand and a paint, it's definitely worth doing!
  • Shutters or Blinds. Shutters are not cheap, however, they do add value to your home, so an investment worth thinking about. Make your home stand out from your neighbours and think about those little bits of your interior you can see from the exterior.
  • De-weed and Jet Wash Paths and Drives. Spend a sunny Saturday afternoon pulling any weeds out from between tiles and giving your drive and pathway a good jetwash. If the exterior of your home is clean and looking well cared for, it gives potential buyers an indication of the standard you set for your home.

New Garden Range for 2019 - Coming Soon!

  • Get Green-Fingered. Depending on the time of year, pop down to the local garden centre and buy a few seasonal blooms. The fact you've taken time to make the front garden look good with flowers and a good tidy up will go a long way.
  • Tidy Up. I mean, this may seem obvious, but there's nothing worse than rubbish, an old sofa or old building supplies scattered around your driveway. Tidy up to give the best first impression possible.

2. Finish Those Odd Jobs Around the House

Maybe you've been meaning to fill those holes in the wall, or repaint the hall way from those mucky fingerprints. Make sure you set aside a weekend to get all of the little odd jobs done around the house.

Dark walls can show the scuffs so give your paintwork a touch up, or even repaint to look pristine. The Tiva Console table sitting pretty against deep grey walls.

If you feel like you've got nothing left to do, run through this little check list- there's bound to be something you've missed!

  • Touch up or repaint any areas that need some care and attention.
  • Fill in gaps in skirting boards and door frames. Fresh caulk will make the world of difference.
  • Oil any squeaky doors and cupboards.
  • Steam / clean curtains to look crisp and pristine.
  • Replace any cracked tiles.
  • Regrout bathroom and kitchen floors and walls. This will make your tiles look brand new!
  • Spend some time in the garden weeding, mowing the lawn and planting some lovely flowers and plants.

3. Clean Your Home From Top to Toe

Again, maybe an obvious one but give your home a thorough clean, making sure not to miss skirting boards, carpets and windows. Keep on top of the cleaning and dusting weekly, with extra attention just before you have potential buyers over to view.

Keeping your home clean and tidy will make potential buys know you've really cared for your home. Verona Barstools in the stunning kitchen of @renovationHQ.

It's also a great idea to have a Marie Kondo style clear out before moving. Not only will your home be organised within an inch of its life if any guest wants to check out the inside of your airing cupboard or kitchen drawers, but it will also make your life so much easier when moving! You'll only have to pack the things you need and use and be quick and easy to unpack in the new house as you will already have a home for everything.

Before you have a viewing make sure you do the following:

  • Put away any washing hung out to dry
  • Give the kitchen a spruce up. Clean any stainless steel appliances and surfaces with Baby Oil to disguise scratches and make it gleam!
  • Dust all your surfaces
  • Hoover the carpet and mop any tiles
  • Make the beds and plump up any sofa cushions
  • Declutter- hide remotes, paperwork and those odds and sods we all have lingering without a home.

Add homely touches to your interiors during viewing to make your home look cosy and inviting. The Effie Velvet Sofa is perfect for adding impact to neutral homes.

4. Keep Interiors Simple

Whether you're a fan of maximalist and bold interiors, it's likely the new homeowners will have a different interior taste to you. To make your home appealing to the masses, tone it down a little bit and where possible keep colours neutral.

The Zilo and Fia dining set is simple enough to appeal to the masses, yet packs enough style punch to show your personality.

Potential buyers will want to see the opportunities in your home and how to stamp their own personality. Now, we're not saying make you home a lifeless box with no personality, but maybe tone down the animal and floral print clash.

5. Add a Fresh Touch

Finally, go one step further and add small touches to your interior which will really show you care. Fresh flowers and a clean scent will do more than you think for visitors.

It's been said that injecting a splash of yellow instantly makes your home more appealing, while a fresh scent of clean washing or a spring day will draw potential buyers in.

Avoid overpowering fragrances and keep things subtle and not too feminine to appeal to a wider range of couples or families.

Market Ready?

There are plenty of things you can do to dress your home for success. The above are just a few small changes which won't take long but can make all the difference when attempting to sell your home.

Image via Pinterest.

Fun Fact: Research suggests that rather than call your house number 46, your home will be much more memorable to potential buyers if it has a name.

Properties named after books or animals or flowers and plants like Honeysuckle Cottage or Willow House will stand out and give a cosy preconception to those house hunting. We're not saying it's a must to sell your house, but it's a lovely touch and maybe something to consider when you move into your new home.

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8 Living Room Buying Mistakes You’ll Want To Avoid!
February 15, 2019 at 3:16 pm 0
Living room buying mistakes

Living rooms are a staple part of our homes. Whether we’re sat reading, watching TV or just generally relaxing, we all want a space that we feel comfortable in. Varying in shape, size and style, there are lots of things to consider. And to make creating a perfect living space that bit easier, here are 8 Living Room Buying Mistakes You’ll Want To Avoid!

Not Being Practical

You’ve set your sights on your dream living room interior in that glossy magazine or on Pinterest. It’s clean, contemporary and effortlessly cool. But is it liveable? Many shoots are set up to look great but they just aren’t practical. Remember that you and your family will be using the space, so keep key factors like comfort and durability inline with your styling dreams!

Poorly Planning Your Layout

No one wants to squeeze past your coffee table or climb over your footstool to sit down. Plan out your spacing so there’s enough room for drawers and doors to be opened, tables to be walked around and legs to be stretched out and put up without getting in the way.

Ripple Glass and Black Chrome Coffee Table
Ripple Glass and Black Chrome Coffee Table

Not Enough Light

We talk a lot about how important lighting is for your home and lighting your living room is no exception. (You can read more here if you’re keen to find out how to do it well). Consider where the natural light will fall in the day and what areas you’d like to illuminate when it’s dark at night. Living rooms are generally more relaxed settings, so you’ll want ambient lighting to help to create a softer, calming glow.

Alma White and Brass Table Lamp
Alma White and Brass Table Lamp

Buying Everything At Once

It can be tempting when furnishing a new space or renovating an existing home to get everything in one go. But not everyone has the time or money to have that luxury! And that’s not always a bad thing. Start with your essentials like your sofa and seating. Then you can colour match and coordinate accessories to this. Trends and fads come and go, and you can always change your accent pieces over time. But matching to your staple furniture in the space means your living room will always feel up to date.

Ellis Leather Armchair
Ellis Leather Armchair

Not Checking Your Measurements

One obvious living room buying mistake but also one that can be easily missed. When ordering furniture online, it’s best to check, check and then check again that the furniture can fit through your door, that it’s the right size and shape for your space, and that you haven’t overfilled the setting. You can do this by drawing a floor plan on squared paper or marking out your furniture using making tape. Either way, you want to know it'll fit.

Luxe Modern Large 3 Seater Leather Chesterfield Sofa
Luxe Modern Large 3 Seater Leather Chesterfield Sofa

Leaving Out End Tables & Surface Space

The comfiest sofa isn’t half as accommodating when guests have to sit with their drink in hand and snacks on their lap. That’s why it’s always handy to have a surface near your seating, whether that’s a coffee table or smaller end table next to your sofa. If you’re short on space opt for a side table that can nest or be stacked when not in use.

Dice Dove Grey Gloss Side Tables

Making Everything Match

Although coordination can go a long way in creating a well thought out space, overly matchy-matchy interiors can look a bit static and uninspired. Start with your basics and have one central colour or theme, but don’t be afraid to introduce different patterns and textures through your soft furnishings and accent pieces. This will really help bring your room to life and give it some character.

Ellis Large 3 Seater Leather Sofa

Living Room Buying Mistakes -Avoided!

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How to Be Your Own Interior Designer – Open Plan Living Ideas
January 11, 2019 at 1:55 pm 0
Open up your favourite interior magazine and I'm sure you'll see pages and pages full of open plan kitchens. Beautiful kitchen islands separating the cooking space from the dining area. Huge, clean homes fill your head with ideas and inspiration for creating your own open plan living space. And although these images look incredible, it's likely they've been styled within an inch of their life by a professional interior designer.    Interior Designer : Arc and Riva 4 Seater Glass and White Gloss Dining Set   If you want to create your dream open plan kitchen in your own home, all you need is a bit of willpower, planning and a head full of ideas. Here are a few tips on how to get started...  

Interior Designer: Open Plan Kitchens

Place Furniture in the Middle of the Room

When it comes to creating an open plan area of your home, it's really important to think about the layout. We want to avoid any clear walkways from one end of the room to another. Although it may feel natural to place your furniture around the edges of your room, mix things up and place a table in the middle! This will make you walk around the furniture. By simply placing furniture in the middle of a walkway you tie the room together and make a larger space feel cosy and filled.     Our customer, Lizzy, Has renovated her 70's home to a modern and crisp family home. They created a huge open plan living/dining space, with the focal point being this stunning kitchen featuring the Verona Barstool. By sticking to a simple grey and chrome colour palette their home feels seamless and warm, despite being very open. Kitchens work so well as open plan living spaces, due to the furniture naturally found in a kitchen. Kitchen islands, tables and dining benches are great pieces to use to separate the dining from the cooking.  

Top Tip: Glass Dining Tables are a great option for open plan living space. The clear table will allow more light to fill your space, keeping your home light and airy. 


Create Zones

Although you want the kitchen and dining areas to be in the one room, it's important to zone your home. Placing furniture in the middle of the room will help with the flow of the space, but by using subtle colour treatments and lighting, you can create clear zones to really separate the space.   Think about these tips when zoning your open plan kitchen:  
  • A kitchen Island will help bring the cooking area to the dining area.
  • Choosing a different colour/wallpaper in each area will help create a feeling of different rooms. Be sure to choose a simple colour palette to keep things harmonious. Avoid painting the kitchen green and the dining space purple as this will be too much contrast and create an unharmonious feel.
  Zen 6 Seater Grey Gloss Dining Table

Zen and Santo Dining Set with the Teora Bar Stools

Top Tip: Interhouse Design has created this amazing, light and open space by sticking to a clean colour palette and gloss finishes. A U-shaped kitchen featuring breakfast bar will help zone your open plan kitchen 

  • Add pendant lights over a table or island to create a 'wall'. This height will help break up your space all the while marrying the two areas together.
  • Use the same style throughout the space. If you have Velvet Barstools, choose Velvet Dining Seating too. Sticking to a scheme will help make the room feel tied together.
  • Think about height. Floor lamps or tall shelving units will help add height and a point of difference in your home. Using furniture which is all one level will make your home feel flat and uninspiring. Adding height adds interest.

Open Plan Living Areas

It's not just kitchens which work well as open plan living areas. You can create an open plan kitchen/living area, or maybe a home office combined with a living room. No matter what you use your space for, by following the above tips you can easily create any open plan living space.     If you're feeling super adventurous, why not have a fully open plan kitchen, dining, living area? This may take a little more thought and planning, but by spacing your furniture well and sticking to a cohesive colour scheme, you can create a truly beautiful home and become your own interior designer.   If you'd like to go back to basics, take a look at how to become your own interior designer. Where we walk you step by step through the basics of decorating your home without forking out for a professional interior designer.  

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