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Back 2 School: Create a Motivational Homework Station
August 24, 2018 at 5:01 pm 0
Summer is almost over which means it's time to get back into a normal routine before your kids head back to school. "I don't wanna go back to school!" you hear them cry. But what if we could help you create a motivational and fun homework station, a space your kids will want to spend time?  

Cavour Frosted Black Glass Desk

  Making that dream desk area for your kids could not be easier. All you need are these 3 things;
  1. Natural Light
  2. Calm Atmosphere
  3. A Beautiful Desk (from Danetti, of course)
Give your kids this focused space and it'll be straight A*'s come exam season! Let's go back to basics as we show you just how simple it is to get that motivation homework station.  

Secondary School Starters

Moving up to secondary school can be scary for some kids. A bigger environment, lesson timetables and so many new faces to learn, coming home to a serene and motivation homework station is really important to ease their minds.  

Trestle White Desk

  The first thing required for a calming, motivation homework station is natural light. Positioning your desk facing a window, or close to is a great start. Kids nowadays spend so much time in artificially lit rooms staring into screens. So when it comes to clearing their head and focusing on homework, natural light will do them the world of good.     Not only is natural light better for your wellbeing, but when working on a screen, it's also super important to give your eyes a break. As a general rule, every 20 minutes you should focus on something 20 feet away for a good 20 seconds. This will reduce eye strain and tiredness, and help keep focused on the task at hand!  

Desk Styling

Now, when it comes to setting up your physical workspace, you want to reduce distraction and promote productivity. Keep your desk clear and uncluttered. Our Trestle Desk is perfect for this, as it's smooth white silhouette and a desk-wide drawer is perfect for clearing away general desk clutter.     Keep essential books and a task lamp on the surface, and tuck away any other bits and pieces. Out of sight, out of mind! By investing in good habits at the start of term, you'll be setting your kids up to succeed. This is exactly why getting your homework station set up early is a great idea. Get your kids excited about starting secondary school.  

Get the Look


Trestle White Desk


Ida Dining Chair

  When it comes to decorating your home, it's really down to you as to colour schemes and how you want the room to feel. Here are our stylist's top 5 interior design tips for styling a home office, for you or your kids:  
  • Keep colour schemes subtle. Whether you like dark colours or light, pinks or greens, avoid clashing too many colours or prints, as this may have a negative effect on your concentration levels. Instead, stick to 2-3 complimentary colours with a couple of accent shades if you're after that pop of colour.
  • Invest in good storage solutions. Keep your desk surface clear by organising your bits and bobs into drawers, shelves or even pretty storage baskets. I've said it once already, but a tidy desk means a tidy mind!
  • Add soft textures. Homework or general working from home can be time-consuming, so be sure you're comfortable. Add printed cushions to desk chairs or a soft rug underfoot. Although it's a workspace, there's no reason it can't feel like your lounge!
  • Lighting is everything. We've already mentioned the importance of natural light, but when the nights draw in and there's a lack of daylight, be sure you have some good house lighting. Avoid harsh overhead lights and these can cause eye strain. Instead, style your desk with beautiful, yet practical, task lamps to keep that Hygge feeling.
  • Minimise distractions. We all love a good stack of books or a wacky painting, but when you're trying to work, there's nothing worse than being distracted by things that are possibly altogether more interesting. Only keep the essentials on your desk to keep you focused, but be sure to plan in breaks. Pop out for a coffee and some fresh air during long revision sessions to keep you motivated.

College Kids

It's a tricky time, college. Not only do you have to study more and work harder, but you'll also have to compete with the freedom of being able to drive and reaching the age of 18. We would recommend creating that cool, mature home office space for your kids to make them want to study.  

Cavour Matt Black Glass Desk

  The Black Matt Glass Cavour Desk is perfect for your young adults. Its smooth frosted glass top softens the black and is versatile for any home interior style. Boost the calm atmosphere by styling your desk with soft textures, luxe storage solutions and house plants.   Cavour Black Glass Desk Danetti   The handy size of the Cavour Desk allows space for all manner of working, be it art materials or laptops and books. As the tempered glass desktop boasts a slim profile, you also have plenty of room for under-desk storage.  

Desk Styling

When it comes to styling your desk and home office, be sure you have your child get involved. What do they want the colours to be? How do they want to organise their workspace? If it's a space they have created, they will want to spend time there. Just make sure to delicately guide them away from very bright colours, as this may not help promote productivity the same way muted shades will.    

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Cavour Black Glass Desk


Russet Orange Zilo Dining Chair


Uni Student

Compact furniture is ideal for uni halls or first rental properties, as the sizing tends to be slightly less generous than they're probably used to at home. Whether your children decide to continue with education or make their first steps into the big wide world, you can still support them with a multi-functional workspace.  

Scandi Natural Oak Desk

  While at university, it is still important to create that motivational homework station, however, now the environment has changed slightly its function needs to be adaptable. With libraries and classrooms so readily available for studies and halls so full of distractions, it's maybe not worth creating a designated workspace.       Instead, create a multifunctional area for your young ones; a desk that doubles as a dressing table. The Scandi Desk is small and compact, with a handly concealed drawer for office supplies or beauty products. A smaller desk will allow more space in your room, reducing that cluttered, and sometimes stressful feeling.  

Desk Styling

Uni is all about finding yourself and expressing your personality, so have fun when creating your workspace. Pin pictures and postcards up onto the wall, but be sure to keep your worktop uncluttered. Invest in trendy storage baskets and avoid throwing clothes over the back of the chair! By keeping your worktops and space around your desk clear, you will be promoting a serene environment, perfect for writing that dissertation!      

Get the Look


Scandi Natural Ash Desk


Grey Senn Colourful Dining Chair

  No matter where your little ones are in their educational journey, it's so important to start off the new term on the right foot. Just remember, regardless of budget all you need is a lovely (uncluttered) desk in a calm space with natural lighting. That's all there is to it- style how you wish, but remember our stylist's recommendations! For more tips and tricks on how to style your dream home office, check out our Desk Buying Guide. Have you created a dream homework station for your kids? Let us know by leaving a comment and tagging us in your pictures on Facebook and Instagram.
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Desks Guide: How To Create Your Dream Home Office
February 9, 2018 at 3:51 pm 0
If you’re fed up of having to clear a space on a counter or balance everything on your lap when you want to get some work done, then you’ll definitely want to consider a home desk! Our collection of minimalist but designer desks are perfect for creating a handy and stylish study space for your home. In this guide, we'll give you some tips and tricks on how to choose the right desk for your home. You'll finally have a handy workspace to call your own!  

Home Desks: What To Consider Before You Buy


1. What size desk do I need?

When it comes to desks there isn't a one size fits all solution. However, for a desk to be useful as a study area, it's helpful to work out your spacing so you know what’s going where. For example, with a desk that’s 120cm in length, you could have:
  • 40cm laptop area
  • 40cm drawing or writing area
  • 25cm for a storage tray or dividers
  You'll also want to make sure you're sitting at the desk comfortably. You don't want a chair that's too high or a desk that's too low, so once you know the height of your desk, you can measure this against your chair to make sure the two pieces work together. All of our dining chairs are a great match with the desks, so it's easy to find a stylish pairing!  

2. Where should I place a desk in my home?

If you have a home office then this will obviously be where you're desk will live. However, that's not to say you can't have a desk if you don't have a separate room. You just need to be a bit more creative with your placement! If you work from home or are planning on getting some serious work done at your desk, then it's probably best to place it away from the busiest areas of your house, such as your kitchen or living room. However, if you're planning on using it for some downtime on your laptop then these rooms will be just fine. The great thing about our range of desks is that their streamlined sizing means they're big enough to work at but slim enough to make use of smaller, previously unused spaces. How we've styled the Trestle desk above, for example, shows how you can turn an open space into a sleek workstation.  

3. What can the desk hold?

Trestle Matt White Desk

If you need a desk to hold a computer and miscellaneous items, you’ll need to check how much weight the surface can hold. If you’re planning on using the surface for just for your laptop and a couple of books, then most desks will be perfectly fine. All of our desks have a total weight bearing of 100kg.  

Top Tip: if the desk itself doesn't have much storage space, consider making use of the area around it. For example, you can stack boxes and dividers underneath your desk for neat, quick and easy storage, or use your wall space by adding some sleek shelving units.


4. How do you work?

Are you happy to work just on your laptop, or do you like to spread out your papers and see every piece you’re working on? Consider how you like to work as this will affect what shape and size will be best suited to your needs.  If you work from home full time you'll want to consider:
  • Closeness to natural light
  • A desk that has some storage OR putting your desk in a space where you can have a shelf
  • Access to plugs and charging points
  • The comfort of your desk chair
They make seem like minor details but this can make a world of difference if you'll be using your desk regularly.

5. What material?

Once you’ve decided on the desk shape and design you like, it’s time to consider the material. Desks in various colours and finishes can create such different looks, even if the shape and size is similar. For example:


Matt White

A great alternative to white gloss, a matt white finish will give your study space a fresh look just without the reflective quality of a gloss finish. Matt white is ideal if you want a more subtle take on a contemporary vibe.

Care and Cleaning

  • As with gloss, it's best to wipe up any spills immediately by using a soft microfibre damp cloth, without applying too much pressure.
  • We’d strongly advise against using harsh chemical based cleaners as this will damage the material finish.  
  • After cleaning, give the surface a quick wipe over with a dry cloth to remove any moisture from the surface.

Natural Wood

Natural wood desks will give your study a warmer and slightly more traditional look, but that’s not to say it has to look old-fashioned. Pair a wooden desk with some chrome stationery pieces or a colourful desk chair to update the look.  

Care and Cleaning

  • To clean a wood veneer desk, dampen a non-abrasive lint-free cloth and move in the direction of the wood grain.
  • For more stubborn marks, apply a dab of mild dishwashing detergent to your cloth.
  • Never use wax-based polishes or cleaning products on your wood veneer as these are designed for raw solid timber rather than veneers.
  • Use coasters every time you place hot or cold drinks on the surface as this will give the veneer an extra layer of protection against general wear and tear.


White Gloss

We’re big fans of a white gloss finish, and looking at a piece like the Fern white gloss desk, it’s very easy to see why! Other than being an incredibly easy way to update the look of your interior, the white gloss will keep your room feeling modern and fresh. Because white gloss is so neutral, you can style it alongside a whole variety of colours and finishes making it incredibly versatile.  

Grey Gloss

A more subtle take on a white gloss finish, a grey gloss desk will bring a lovely shine to your space accompanied with a hint of warmth. Like white gloss, grey gloss is great for styling alongside a wide range of finishes. A grey gloss desk will instantly give your study space a designer look.  

Care and Cleaning

  • To clean your gloss desk, use a soft microfibre damp cloth, without applying too much pressure.
  • After cleaning, don’t leave the desk to air dry. Instead, we suggest giving the gloss surface a quick wipe over with a dry cloth to remove any moisture.
  • Avoid throwing things down on the desk, especially sharp objects such as keys as this will scratch the surface. A bowl or stylish dish is perfect for placing on the desk to prevent marks and minor scratches.


Black Glass

If you’re after something to really impress friends and family when they check out your new home office, black tempered glass would be a great option. Safe, strong and durable, forsted black glass isn’t your typical desktop finish but it certainly does the job- and does it well. A glass finish works incredibly well with a design like the Cavour desk as it’s in keeping with the clean lines and streamlined shape of the desk.  

Care and Cleaning

  • This great thing about a glass desktop is that you can use antibacterial sprays, even ones that contain bleach, as the glass is nonporous.
  • You can also use a specific glass spray, such as a window cleaner, to protect the surface from smears using a lint-free cloth.
  • Don’t leave the table to air dry after cleaning because if left, the soapy residue can leave stubborn watermarks and avoid placing abrasive materials on the table as this will scratch its beautifully smooth surface. Most things will be fine but objects with a rough underside could leave a mark if dragged.

Get the Look

Once you’ve chosen your perfect desk, you can easily build out your designer looking study setting. Whether you’ve got a dedicated home office or want to make use of a unused space, side tables and sleek cabinets are are ideal accompanying items that will turn any space into your very own home office haven. Here are three of our styled desk looks to give you some study space inspiration:  

Look one: Cavour Black Ash & Zilo Chair in Orange

The streamlined shape of the Cavour makes it ideal for smaller study spaces as it both physically and aesthetically takes up less of your room. Here we’ve styled the Cavour with the Zilo chair in russet orange to add a pop of colour alongside a comfy place to sit.  

Look two: The Trestle & Ida Chair in White

If you need a little more storage space but still don’t want your workspace to take up a lot of your room, the Trestle is ideal. This modern desk has a handy drawer so you can tuck away your keyboard or stationary items. However, it maintains a sleek shape. Here we’ve styled the Trestle with the Ida dining chair. The wooden legs add a touch of warmth and while the PU upholstered seat keeps it comfy.   

Look three: The Fern & Zilo Chair in Blue

Slightly chunkier in shape, the Fern is a simple but really effective way to transform an unused spot into your new favourite study corner. Having solid legs creates a neat space under the surface to stack and store various books and boxed. This is perfect if you’re a little pushed for room. Pair a white gloss piece like the Fern with a colourful dining chair for a really on trend impactful look.  

Show Us Your Style!

Already have a Danetti Desk in your home? We’d love to see! Share your picture on our Facebook and Instagram pages with #mydanetti for your chance to be featured on our page!
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3 Desks, 3 Ways: Make your workspace your favourite space
February 15, 2017 at 5:31 pm 0
Working from home is becoming even more popular. With people taking the leap into freelance work or deciding to stay in and avoid any persistent rail strikes! We have a great new selection of desks to inspire and encourage productivity. Whether you are a meticulous minimalist or creative with colour, we have the perfect work desk inspiration for you…  

Look 1: Cavour Black Glass Desk - A Grown up, Executive Space Ideal for those who juggle commuting to the office and working from home.  

  May we please introduce you to our stylish, new Cavour Black Glass Desk. Finished with a matt black glass top and slimline leg, the Cavour is perfect for any home office or corner workspace. We've styled the Cavour Black Glass Desk with an indulgent concoction of leather, marble, glass and brass. Resulting in an air of sophistication and tranquility. Why not add our Zilo Fabric Dining Chaircreating a comfortable and relaxing home office. Make working from home not feel like work at all!    
Cavour Black Glass Desk with Zilo ChairCavour Black Glass Desk £149

Get the Look:

  • Playing off the graphic lines of the frame, we’ve used geometric shapes in a sophisticated palette. Taking inspiration from the warm teak floor we have kept the accessories simple, playing with luxe heritage colours and textures. Adding in a desk lamp into a decorative grouping will soften the look and create a more mature, executive feel.  
  Cavour Desk Detail Cavour Desk Detail  
  • We have chosen to use the Zilo Dining Chair as the black base looks great with the matt black leg of the desk. Another great alternative you could is our Delta Dining Chair. The Eiffel leg of the Delta mimics the cross bar of the desk creating a coordinated feel. Both chairs are available in a range of colours to suit any mood. We have used the Orange and Grey to show you different looks.   
  Delta Dining Chair
Delta Dining Chair £49
Zilo Dining Chair
Zilo Dining Chair £59
  • To make your work space more transitional and comfortable, try creating a reading corner with our Drift Occasional Chair. Especially important for when you need to take a break for that necessary work / life balance!
  Drift Occasional Leather Armchair
Drift Leather Occasional Armchair £499
Cavour Desk and Drift Occassional Chair


Look 2 : Trestle Matt White Desk - Contemporary update on the classic trestle style Ideal for families to share for homework and working from home.  

  If you prefer a more minimalistic and clean work space then look no further than our new Trestle Matt White Desk. Featuring a contemporary update on a classic Trestle style leg. Whats more, the Matt white finish is so versatile and will work in any existing decor schemes. Incorporating the drawer to sit flush with the leg keeps the lines compact and creates a beautiful silhouette. The single full length drawer is then perfectly concealed within the matt white top, helping to keep all that unwanted clutter away… Tidy desk, tidy mind!!  

What White Trestle Desk

Trestle Matt White Desk £249

Get the Look

  • We have opted for a minimalist story balanced out with a touch of brass. By keeping the colour pallet neutral the Trestle desk will sit perfectly in any existing home office or the corner of a busy family room!
  Trestle Desk Detail  
  • Using the Ida Dining chair we create a modern scandi feel. While the wooden leg adding warmth against the matt white finish of the Trestle desk. The padded seat also offers comfort for prolonged homework sessions! The Stylo Dining Chair is another great alternative, with the chrome base complementing the trestle leg and offering a more contemporary and modern scheme.
  Trestle Desk and Ida Chair
Ida Dining Chair £59
Trestle Desk and Stylo Chair
Stylo Dining Chair £49
  • Stack up your favourite pile of magazines that you cannot bring yourself to throw away for a quick burst of inspiration. Or perhaps even for a little read while you take a break from working. And don't forget to add a touch of greenery, keeping the air cleansed and your focus sharp!

Look 3: Fern White Gloss Desk - Modern, stylish and practical Ideal for the perfect inspirational bloggers work space

  Ok, you got me. So the Fern White Gloss Desk may not be new, although it has long since been a favourite in our range of Fern products. We have given the Fern White Gloss Desk and update, inspired by the recent trend of jewel tones. Showing you how to bring the trend to life without cracking out the Mulberry Purple paint! The chunky legs and curved edge the Fern White Gloss Desk brings drama and visual impact to any space.   Fern Desk and Zilo Chair
Fern White Gloss Desk £249

Get the Look

  • We’ve used a complementary palette of Blue and yellow glass to reflect beautifully in the high gloss finish of the desk. The fresh mimosa is a tease of approaching spring season, while the enlarged leaf print in a blue hue pulls out the colour in our accessories. As a result, we've created a colourful and inspirational work space.
  Fern Desk Detail  
  • The Ink Blue of our Zilo Dining Chair helps pull this tonal look together and add a touch of comfort! On the other hand, try using our new Finn Dining Arm Chair. The bucket style seat cradles you while you work- so comfortable you'll never want to leave your desk!
  Finn Dining Armchair
Finn Dining Arm Chair £55
Zilo Dining Chair
Zilo Dining Chair £59
  • For when you’ve finally had enough working, take time to relax in the Canio Occasional Chair and matching foot stool. The soft grey leather ties in nicely with the blue, white and yellow colour  scheme. All the while offering a quiet space to wind down. Chuck on your favourite knitted throw, and you have created the perfect work space!
  Canio Occasional Leather Chair
Canio Leather Occasional Armchair £499 Canio Leather Footstool £259

10 Top Tips for perfect Home Office

Here in the office we have compiled a list of top tips for styling your work space and creating the best possible destination to get productive…
  1. When it comes to choosing your desk chair, always go for comfort. You’re more likely to work well if you are comfortable, so go for something with good amount of padding, or you can add padding to. Maybe even look at a chair with a bit of spring in the back. 
  2. Although we say tidy desk, tidy mind, that doesn't have to mean draws (more out of sight, out of mind!). Draws will always help you hide all of the junk, but why not go for some coordinated desk accessories? These will help you keep organised and show off your favourite accessories!
  3. Hanging something above your desk will help create a designated work space and will effectively zone your work space. Remember, your choice of imagery can either integrate your desk into an existing room, or separate it as a work space…

    Option A:

    A notice board or wall collage will instantly create a feeling of a workspace and activity, and is a great place to keep all your inspiration and notes, clearly stating “this is where I work”.  

    Option B:

    Or corporate your desk style with the general living space by hanging your favourite piece of art to mirror the feel of a room. Maybe hang a selection of family photos as a gallery wall to make the desk feel integrated into the room and frame the desk itself. See what a difference this will make… Fern Desk without Artwork Fern Desk with Artwork
  4.  If you're a bit of a hoarder and need to optimise space on your desktop, swap out a desk lamp for a floor lamp. By choosing one which can be angled, you can spread light wherever you need it most and keep your desk clutter free! 
  5. If you're tight on space and don't want your home office to take over a room, then opting for a desk with drawers is a wise move.
  6. An open plan home office is a great thing to have. However, if you want to keep the area spacious as possible, then choose dining chairs which double as a desk chair. 
  7. When thinking about the perfect spot for your home office lighting is very important. If you spend a lot of time at your desk, position it in direct daylight to soak up all of the vitamin D! You may also want to angle your desk to face into a room, rather than looking at a wall. 

    Top Tip: If the desk is used by a teenage, try the opposite to minimise distraction!

  8. Always. Have. Post-its. If you are prone to forgetting important information, like picking up the kids from karate or calling your mum back, then post-its are a lifesaver! Have a stack in arms reach at all times, weather this is at your desk or around the house, or even in your pocket. That way you cannot go wrong! 
  9. Make sure that whether you have an office room or work in the corner of the kitchen, give yourself designated ‘me time’. This will be where you can close off and spend at least 30 minutes to clear your mind and focus. There is nothing less productive than being interrupted every 5 minutes, so give yourself the time and make sure everyone knows it! 

And finally

These are our Top 3 Home office accessories that are the must have buys to compliment your desk area. If we must be working at home, we need all the stuff, right..?  
  1. Desk Bin – Not the most fun purchase but kind of essential, especially if it’s a homework desk.
  2. House Plant – Something living gives any space, especially as desk, a feeling of life and energy. We love a succulent or an ivy for their low maintenance credentials.
  3. Wireless Keyboard and Mouse -  If you’re not working on a laptop, to avoid too much cable clutter go for wireless accessories. They are inexpensive and as a result, enable you to clear the desk when you need to.
  Let us know what you think of our new Desks and if you have any top tips for your perfect Home Office. While you're at it, take a look at the rest of our desks right here.  
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Interior Inspiration: How to Fit a Home Office in a Small Hous
April 15, 2016 at 5:32 pm 0

No home is complete without a home office.

But what if you are short on space? At Danetti we are always offering interior design tips to customers regarding their purchases and helping them choose the right products for their spaces. So, we thought that having just launched our new Scandi desk, we would suggest some specific home office design ideas for small spaces. Helping you create a perfect spot for at home.   It may be that you have a spare small room that can be your dedicated office space. Or perhaps it’s a case of trying to find a small space within a larger room. Either way there will be a solution! If you are looking for home office ideas, some home office furniture or maybe you just need some help with your home office styling. We’ve come up with a variety of looks for you to try which will help you when designing your small home office. We will be showing you colour combinations and a few furniture choices for the ultimate home office.  

Finding a Home Office Space:

The first thing that you need to think about is what sort of space you want? Do you need storage? If you need a full size desk for a Mac you’ll need a desk top width of around 125 cm wide. Bear this in mind when you are looking to slot a desk into a certain space. If you only need space for a small laptop, then you’d need something much smaller. The Scandi desk is 105cm wide and provides ample space for small devices. Don’t forget - you don’t have to have a desk, it could be that a small table will suffice.    

Do it Yourself:

Once you know how much space you need, you can start to look around your home with fresh eyes. If you don’t have a study and you are looking for a space saving solution, look again. Could that wasted under stairs space become an impromptu home office? If you know someone handy with  jigsaw, ask them to craft some shelves and a desk top out of MDF to fit the space perfectly. Add a few filing drawers, a desk lamp, notice board and a desk chair. Hey presto- you will have created an ideal home office in no time! Perhaps you could put that wide alcove in your bedroom to better use? Why not put up some shelves within the alcove area from head height up to the ceiling. Find a good fitting narrow desk that fits snugly within the space. Add a chair and your laptop, some magazine files and desk lamp and look at that - an instant pop up office. Or, may the empty deep cupboard in the hallway, currently cluttered up with coats and skateboards be just enough space for a small desk and some shelves? If you take the door off you could make a perfect perch and with some office style inspiration, turn it into a little work hub! Whatever you decide you’ll be surprised at how easy it can be to find the perfect nook!  

Styling your home office

Putting your mark on your home office will need some interior design inspiration. We came up with a few ideas recently that work really well colour wise that could be adapted for smaller spaces. So if you are integrating your home office into an existing space then it might be best to co-ordinate it with what’s already in the room. Just to ensure it blends well with the scheme. On the other hand, if its a room on it’s own or a little contained area - then you can be brave with colour and make a feature of it!

Ideas to Try

Have a look at some of these ideas for some real home office design inspiration! You can create a mood for your home office space with colour. Whats more, depending on where in your home it is, you can style it to blend into a room or be bold and let it be a feature in its own right!

Tropical Treat:

We decided to create a slightly tropical breezy feel for this look. An ombre wall has a lovely soothing effect, especially when painted in a light teal colour like this. This type of arrangement would fit into a corner of a room like a bedroom or living room as its not too office heavy. A small notice board is a useful place to pin notes but otherwise it is quite a decorative look. Oak Scandi desk £199, Eames style chair with wood base £49, Danetti 

An alternative chair for this look:



Pale and Interesting:

Soft neutral colours provide a gentle mood for this look. Plus, there is a something quite relaxing and calming about the neat ordered way the papers are clipped on the wall.  By using these gentle tones this subtle looking desk space could easily blend into an existing scheme. Oak Scandi desk £199, Grey Senn chair £32, Danetti

An alternative chair for this look:


Back in Black: 

This look is all about creating a busy hub for working, organising and managing your home. Blackboard paint is a great idea for scribbling down important reminders and notes. This sort of look works really well in a dedicated study or spare room. Plus, it's great for teenagers bedrooms too as they can graffiti the walls without getting in trouble! Scandi black Ash desk £199, Eames style chair with wire base £49, Danetti

An alternative chair for this look:

Shelf Life:

If you need to integrate your workspace into your living space, try styling your shelves in a decorative way so that they help to balance the home office with the general feel of the room. Next, try to mix and match pictures and decorative items with all of your office paraphernalia. Erin Shelves £119, Danetti

Black and Blue: 

There is nothing subtle about this look. This is for the more seasoned home worker! The Scandi Black Ash Desk is almost camouflaged against the dark wall. For this reason it's perfect for a home office station in the corner of a communal space. The desk is a good size for laptops and the shelves are stocked with books and box files. If you work from home, remember to invest in a comfortable chair - this Eames style armchair is ideal for a lengthy perch! Scandi desk £199, Erin shelves £119, Eames style armchair £55, Danetti  

7 Things you’ll need for making a study nook in your home

  1. Any surface that is big enough for your laptop/tablet and enough space for pen and paper
  2. Keep your pens/pencils in a pot for easy access
  3. Store some basic office supplies (stapler, paper clips, sellotape etc) in a drawer or in a box or a jar.
  4. Make sure you have a chair to suit your needs - it’s important to be comfortable whilst at your desk.
  5. Include something inspiring, stimulating or motivating in your desk set up - it could be a quote you love or an image of something that spurs you on - it will help you keep you going!
  6. Invest in task lighting - you will definitely need a desk lamp or some form of lighting for your office space.
  7. Create a ‘work’s over now’ ritual! Working from home can make it difficult to switch off. Most importantly, make sure you close the door, draw the curtain, turn off the desk lamp or simply just shut the laptop. Whatever you do, turn your back on the home office when the work is done!
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Win a Home Office Mini Makeover This Easter!
March 21, 2016 at 5:34 pm 1
Danetti Easter 2016 To celebrate the launch of three new products this week, we are offering you the chance to Win a Home Office Mini Makeover as part of our Easter egg-stravaganza … (sorry, we had to!) Somewhere on the Danetti website we’ve sneakily hidden a tasty easter egg shaped treat. If you find it, head over to our Facebook page and tell us where it’s hidden. Alongside this, comment which new product you like best, either the Erin Matt White Set of 4 Box Shelves, the Scandi Natural Oak Desk or the Scandi Black Ash Desk for your chance to win your favourite piece! And that's not all… We are also offering the lucky winner an additional prize of an Eames Style Dining Chair or Senn Colourful Dining Chair in a colour of their choice. So whether you are after a sleek desk and chair combo or a set of gorgeous shelves to complement your walls, start searching for the egg now to be in with a chance to win!   Easter Competition T&C’S:
  • To enter our Easter competition, all you need to do is comment on our Facebook post the location of where our Easter egg is hidden, alongside which of our three new products you’d like to win.
  • The choice of products are the Erin Shelves, Scandi Natural Oak Desk and Scandi Black Ash Desk.
  • The prize will be the winners choice of one of our three new products, alongside an Eames Style Dining Chair or Senn Colourful Dining Chair in a colour of their choice.
  • The competition will run from Monday 21st March until midnight on Easter Monday.
  • The winner will be announced by the end of Wednesday the 30th of March and contacted by one of our team.
  • The prize can not be exchange for money, store credit or any other product or service.
  • No purchase necessary.
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Modular Furniture for Office Breakout Areas
October 31, 2011 at 1:51 pm 0
Over recent years, the way in which businesses operate has become much more relaxed as well as open plan.  Modular seating has become more and more popular as many companies have recognised that informal office breakout areas are beneficial in encouraging employees to relax and build good working relationships, and that many meetings taking place within the business are small and informal.  These breakout spaces are always popular and well-used, creating a central hub in the office and a relaxed and inviting environment. If you are looking to source modular seating, low stools, bar stools, tables and chairs which are suitable for a break out area and manufactured to very high standards, with commercial use in mind, take a look at some of our suggestions below.  To see our full range please take a look at our website, and if you need any further advice don’t hesitate to contact us. Jamie Modular Seating Range
Jamie Modular Seating Range

Jamie Modular Seating Range from £279.00

Whether you have a small space in your premises that needs some stylish seating, or have a whole building to fit out, the Jamie Modular Seating Range is a great flexible solution.  There are 11 components in the range, including concave and convex seats, which means you can position your seating on a curve. Whichever combination you go for, you'll have a contemporary and up-market seating area that's comfortable too.  And the range of colours is stunning, with 22 shades of faux leather, all of them durable and hardy enough to withstand the demands of a commercial environment. Pop Modular Seating
Pop Modular Seating

Pop Modular Seating £389.00

The Pop is a funky modular seating range where choice is paramount.  It is upholstered in faux leather and you can make this chair look just how you want it to. Choose the colour of the front of the chair and another colour for the side of the chair - use the drop down menus to see the options available. Not only does the Pop look brilliant in break out areas, it is fabulous for a waiting area in a restaurant or salon, in reception areas, or in a creative business. We love the chunky and solid look of the Pop and its smooth curves and deep padding means it both looks great and feels comfy to sit on. If you need a few seats, you can position them in a straight line, right next to each other, or on a curve, perhaps separated by small tables. Drum Low Round Stools
Drum Low Round Stools

Drum Low Round Stools from £109.00

The Drum Low Round Stools are a classic cylindrical low stool made in the UK and the ideal companion for modular seating. They are finished to a high standard, ideal for demanding commercial environments, and perfect for casual seating. These low round stools are available in a variety of sizes and can be finished in a wide range of funky colours in either micro-suede or faux leather. Cube Low Stools   
Cube Low Stools

Cube Low Stools from £99.00

If you prefer cube shaped stools to complement your modular seating arrangement, the Cube Seating Collection offers a range of flexible, fun and informal seating. Use it on its own to provide a small seating area in your office, shop, bar or other commercial space, or team it with other items from the Cube Collection for a customised solution. The cube stool collection comes in such a great variety of colours - with choices including tan, pink, zesty lime and royal blue, available in either faux leather or micro-suede finish. You can mix and match colours and textures to create a bespoke look, or go for a totally co-ordinated one-colour set.
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Tips for creating an efficient home office
October 1, 2010 at 11:28 am 0

If you work from home or just want the kids to have a space to do their homework, creating a home office can be a great idea. We show you the furniture buys that will allow you to do it in style!

Whether you have just a small space in which to set up your home office - under the stairs, or in the corner of the living room, perhaps - or whether you've got a whole room or a garden office to furnish, Danetti has some great products to help you make the most of it.
Zap gas lift office chair

1. Zap gas lift office chair

1. The Zap gas lift office chair is one of the best investments you can make for your home office. The chair that you sit in all day long can make a great different to your comfort, and your longer term health. If you've got a suitable place to sit then you're more likely to feel ready to work, and also more likely to sit down longer rather than finding excuses to get up. The Zap gas lift chair has a height-adjustable seat and arm rests, plus a deeply padded seat and even a head rest!
Saya extending glass desk

2. Saya extending glass desk

2. The Saya desk is often purchased as a dining table as well a s a desk - it's that kind of flexibility that you should have in mind when choosing your home office furniture. The Saya is extendible so is really useful if you have a couple of people needing to use the desk at the same time, or for when you have lots of guests for dinner! Added to this, the glass top is really elegant and will not clutter your home office up visually.
Previl fabric desk chair

3. Previl fabric desk chair

3. The Previl desk chair is a less elaborate desk chair - perhaps best for creating a home office in a little spare space such as under the stairs or in the corner of the living room or bedroom. This chair is great for using with any table to create an instant working area and the height-adjustable arms, seat and back mean you can make it fit any person and any table height.
Santino square gloss cabinet

4. Santino square gloss cabinet

4. The Santino square gloss cabinet is one very classy piece of furniture. It's perfect for having a bank of storage along the one wall of your home office, or if you don't have a dedicated room, it would also look amazing in any living room or dining room. You could even just use part of it for paperwork and office storage, and keep some storage space free for crockery, DVDs or whatever tends to clutter your home!
Walther multiform wooden table

5. Walther multiform wooden table

5. The Walther multiform table is one of our niftiest items. It's a coffee table, it's a desk, it's a dining table... it's SO useful. Position it in your living room and it's great for mugs of tea when friends come over,but as soon as you need to go into work mode, you can simply bring up the one half of it and hey presto - the perfect surface for your laptop!


  • Turn your home office into the kind of room where you want to spend time - create a good ambience with easy chairs, pictures, candles and a bookshelf so you won't mind staying in there all day if you need to.
  • Make an effort to keep your desk and office clear of junk and have regular clearouts, even if you're not naturally tidy.
  • Get a good desk light to prevent eye-strain and make the room seem more inviting.
  • If possible position your working space or office away from the road or other rooms in the house which get used frequently.
  • Make storage a priority – sensible shelving and cupboards that will house box files – along with a desk that is fit for purpose and a comfortable chair.
  • Ask an electrician to add extra sockets if needed, so that you can put the desk where you want and not be ruled by where the plugs are.
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A perfect pink modern home office
July 21, 2010 at 12:49 pm 0
Modern home office furniture

Modern home office furniture

Work in style...

Office spaces needn't be boring and corporate-seeming. With the use of bright colours and a little imagination, they can be places you'll actually want to be. We've styled this pink, white and black home office with Danetti furniture, and a few plants and accessories to show you how to get a modern look - whether you want to create an office for your home, or for a more formal, commercial environment.


DESK: The Fern white desk, available from Danetti. BUY CHAIR: Pink and white Sweet office chair, available from Danetti. BUY. POSTER AND CLOCK: The flower clock and 'Don't Sweat The Small Stuff' poster, both available from Hunky Dory Home PLANT: Available to hire or buy from Interior Plant Scapes. SIDEBOARD: The Santino 3-door sideboard with gloss finish black doors. BUY
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Tips and ideas for creating a great home office
March 10, 2010 at 9:36 am 0
Sweet office chair

Sweet office chair

Working from home can be bliss. No need for the daily commute (unless your home is extraordinarily large!), no office politics, no fighting over the last drop of milk for your coffee. But many people who are lucky enough to work from home don't get the best out of the situation because they never get around to creating an efficient and attractive environment for themselves to work in. If your home is big enough, then it's best to make your office in a spare room so you can close the door on it in the evenings and really take a break. Even if you can't devote a whole room to the office, then there are clever ways of making sure that your office space and living space are clearly defined. We've got a few suggestions for making your home office an oasis of calm and productivity, and furniture solutions that will enhance your home rather than ruin it ...



Yellow is energising

The psychology of colour is important in any room, but it's perhaps most important of all in a home offices. You have to think about how you want to feel when you are in your office space: energised, productive, creative, yes, sleepy, cosy or stressed, no. Well there are ways of using colour to help you get into the right mood. For example, an office space painted or furnished in a stimulating yellow will keep its occupant upbeat and exhilarated, while a business-like deep blue colour scheme can aid concentration. Purple encourages creativity and lateral-thinking (although is also linked to day-dreaming). Red is at the bottom of list for office colour because it raises the heart rate and can become overpowering The most important thing is that you chose the right colour for the type of work you do. You should also consider the colours in the rest of the house. You may want your office space to stand out from the rest of the house so that you can keep the two areas separate in your mind, and there will be a clear cut-off when you finish your work for the day and go back to your ordinary living space.


The main consideration is that your furniture is fit for purpose - that the desk and chair are a suitable height and that they allow you to sit and work in a way that's not going to cause you aches and pains.
Empire chair

Empire office chair

The Sweet office chair from Danetti (above left) has an adjustable height so you can make sure you're sat at the correct height for your desk and computer. It's also great no matter what office colour scheme you go for - the back of the chair comes in seven eye-popping colours. Other chairs from Danetti include the Empire chair (right), which comes in a wood veneer, or a leather upholstery finish in a variety of colours. For desks, Danetti has a great variety, all of them contemporary and sophisticated looking. You could go for something cool and futuristic like the Lenda curved table (below), which would be great for working at, and also for holding impromptu meetings with clients.
Lenda curved table

Lenda curved table

If you're after something made from natural materials then Danetti also has a range of wooden tables and desks including this Spirit table (below), which can double up as a dining table if you're entertaining. This is one of the great things about home office furniture - if you buy multi-purpose items then you can also use them when you're not working!

Spirit table

Spirit table


* Make sure you get the lighting right. A strong over head light is recommended if you need to hold meetings in your home office. If not, then task lighting is the most important. At Danetti we have a range of lighting solutions, including some great statement lighting to give your home office a creative and original look. You can see it here.
Santino four door sideboard

Santino four door sideboard

* Clutter can sap your energy, so invest in furniture that will keep everything accesible but out of view. The Santino four-door sideboard from Danetti (left), for example, is a really attractive and practical option. For other storage solutions, see our full range. * Plants and other decorative accessories add life and personality to a home, office, so don't be afraid to add a few quality shelves and display your possessions - just make sure that they improve the room, and never start looking like pointless clutter.