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Velvet Furniture | Explore The Trends and Use Velvet In Your Home
July 12, 2019 at 10:23 am 0

As we get more adventurous with our homes, it seems no matter what your style is, you can still incorporate Velvet Furniture into your interior scheme. Take a look at these 3 very different interior trends for 2019, and learn how to use velvet furniture in your home.

Art Deco Teal & Blush Pink

Pair Blush Pink and Teal Velvet with Brass Accents for an Art Deco-inspired home.

Velvet furniture lends itself so well to Art Deco styling, especially when paired with brass as velvet is naturally quite an opulent material. The colour combination of Teal and Blush Pink is bang on trend for 2019, while also creating a cosy, inviting and warm home.

Peacock Velvet Amalfi Bed, Casa Brass Table Lamps, Blush Pink Plaza Stool

The Peacock Velvet Amalfi Storage Bed brings the modern feel, while the Casa Brass Table Lamps and Blush Pink Plaza Stool add the Art Deco vibe. If you're feeling a bit more playful, opt for some colour palm prints and lots of house plants for a nod to 1950's Miami vibes.


Our super cool customer @kingkieronspalace is nailing the Art Deco Teal & Blush Trend by pairing the Teal and Blush Form Dining Armchairs with a vintage marble table. The brass accents on the table and wall tie the whole look together, bring an Art Deco touch to a modern new build.

Mia and Blush Mellow Dining Set

You can always tone down the look, and choose either Teal or Blush to create an art deco home, or substitute the teal more a darker navy blue. As long as you stick to the brass highlights and introduce a geometric touch, you'll be working the Art Deco trend all over!

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Modern Marble & Monochrome

Grey continues to dominate the pages of your favourite interior magazines, although we are seeing a shift towards warmer greys for 2020. Grey Velvet is a gorgeous material and can be worked in all manner of styles. However, one we are particularly fond of is the combination of grey velvet and marble.

Pair Marble, Stainless Steel and Grey Velvet for a slick and modern luxe.

Due to the calming properties of a white and grey, minimal colour palette, this is the perfect combination for use in your bedroom. The simple colour palette promotes relaxation while the mixture of soft velvet with hard marble creates a very luxe look.

The Turin Velvet Bed in Feather Grey

This luxe material combo also works amazingly well for kitchens, as marble worktops are a sought after addition. Real Marble or a Marble effect, you can easily bring this opulent look to your home regardless of your budget!

@christopherhowardcabinetry Showcasing the Form Velvet Barstools in Silver Grey in his stunning kitchen showroom.

If you want the look of marble, without the high maintenance, take a look at our new Mia Dining Table, with a ceramic top finished with a stunning marble veining.

Mia Marble and Form Velvet Dining Set

Pair this with the chic Form Velvet Dining Chairs and Armchairs to create a modern marble and velvet interior. Choose brushed steel for an extra contemporary touch and to bring another element of texture.

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Oppulent Jewel Tones

Our final look is a warm, opulent and super stylish look combining rich, jewel tone velvets. Sick to similar shades such a fern green, teal and sapphire blue, and mix and match to create a visually exciting, inviting space.

Blue, Teal and Green Velvet combine to make a warm, inviting home.

As green, blue and teal are neighbouring colours on the colour wheel, they make for a harmonious colour scheme. Playing with the levels of each colour can create different feels.

For example, if you choose a dark teal wall with a dark blue sofa with fern green cushions, you will make a much more moody space than if you paired blue chairs with a blue kitchen and light grey walls.

The Nala Dining Table and Clover Fern Velvet Dining Set

This dark blue kitchen really lends itself to moody furniture. The combination of dark wood from the Nala table and soft Fern Green Velvet of the Clover chairs bring a subtle mid-century vibe, while really creating an inviting space.

The Peacock Amalfi Bed from @appleton2plus_morrishomes

The Amalfi bed in peacock velvet works well against this dark blue wall as styled by our customer @appleton2plus_morrishomes. Pair with a touch of warm wood and brass accents for a mid-century vibe.

Pair Fern Green Velvet with Walnut and Black for a modern, chic look.

Create a balanced and well-decorated home by bringing this green velvet and wood style throughout the rest of your space. Pair the Clover Dining Chairs with the new Mia Brass and Walnut Dining Table for a chic, mid-century home with all the style points.

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How To Get an Insta-worthy Bedroom
July 5, 2019 at 2:45 pm 0

With Instagram becoming an amazing source of interior inspiration, more and more of you are creating home accounts and getting stuck in with a rapidly growing community of interior lovers.

Amalfi Kingsize Storage Bed in Peacock Velvet

But how do you get that Insta-worthy bedroom shot without spending thousands on re-decorating (or having enough followers to get everything gifted to you)? We've got a few tips and inspiration from some of our amazing customers, plus some insider secrets from our Stylist to help you create that Insta-worthy bedroom.

Chic and Subtle

The first style we're looking at is super easy to achieve and requires little more than a simple velvet bed and a muted feature wall.

Choosing a great quality headboard with subtle detailing is the key to creating a calming bedroom interior. Our Turin and Paolo Beds both have super soft velvet upholstery and subtle yet very effective details.

The Turin has a neat pipe around the headboard, while the Paolo has a subtle stitch detail and gentle wings to create a cosy cocoon feel.

@alishialove has paired the soft feather grey velvet of our Turin with the smokey green feature wall.

@moderntownhome has gone for a very similar look, with the Paolo bed and a clay pink statement wall.

The soft feather grey velvet of both the Turin and Paolo work so well against muted wall colours due to its warmer undertones. Choose a colour with a slight grey tint to create that calming and serene atmosphere.

When styling a bedroom like this, choose natural woods or stick to simple white furniture so as to not distract from your statement wall and super soft bed. Try to avoid too many clashing textures- a chunky throw at the end of the bed will help soften the look, but stick to one or two textures to keep your space calm.

Stylists Top Tip: When creating a calming bedroom, always choose warmer tones and stick to a very simple colour palette. Avoid using too many different colours as this can create a visually stimulating space, which is not ideal for a bedroom.

Get The Look:

Paolo Bed in Feather Grey

Pebble Sidetables in white Gloss

Casa Table Lamp in White Marble and Chrome

Farrow and Ball Green Smoke

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century styled spaces are still huge in the world of interiors, with new twists always appearing to create a more modern look. This gorgeous bedroom from @appleton2plus_morrishomes has just the right amount of mid-century styling with the side tables and lamps, while the Amalfi bed in Peacock brings that modern twist.

The Amalfi Bed in Peacock goes perfectly with the dark feature wall.
A touch of wood brings a mid-century vibe, while the colour and panelling of the Amalfi headboard support the modern styling.

You can be more playful with prints and textures in a mid century style home. Pair geometrics with tribal prints to really mix things up. Remember to keep your prints focused to one area, and let the design of your furniture do the rest of the talking.

Get The Look:

Amalfi Velvet Bed

Orbit Bronze and Black Side Tables

Little Greene Paint Hicks Blue

Pablo White Marble Table Lamp

Maximalist Bedroom

Maximalism is becoming more and more popular in our homes, with many of us seeking out ways to make our homes more personal. (Find out more about maximalist style here). However, use a toned down version of maximalism in your bedroom to ensure this remains a calming and relaxing zone.

@lifeatno.15 Has created this dramatic style with a bold floral mural wallpaper.

@lifeatno.15 has perfected a subtle maximalist look but pairing an oversized floral mural wallpaper with a super soft and silky velvet bed.

By choosing wallpaper in a bold print but with harmonious colours creates a calming vibe while remaining a true style statement. For an extra element to your maximalist style, choose a larger bed to make more of a design statement.

Stylist Top Tip: Pick out one or two colours from a bold wallpaper to use throughout the room. The colours you choose here will greatly affect the overall style. For example, @lifeatno.15 has pulled out the blush pink and grey to create a soft, feminine look. However, if she had chosen the subtle shades of cream and green this look overall would be much more muted and minimal.

Get The Look:

The Manolo Bed with its subtle . button back details brings a statement to modern homes.

Use the Plaza Stool with a tray on top as a convenient and multi-functional bedside.

"Chloe" Wallpaper from Muralswallpaper.co.uk

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How To Create An Interior Focal Point
June 21, 2019 at 3:28 pm 0

Regardless of your personal interior style, all homes need a focal point, where your eye is drawn to and where your guests stare and say "WOW". Whether it's an architectural feature, statement wallpaper or oversized furniture, we're here to help you create the perfect interior focal point.

The Shell Pink velvet of our Harper Chairs create a focal point in this kitchen by adding a new colour and texture to an otherwise hard and cold space.

What is a Focal Point?

So, what is a focal point in interior design? A Focal Point is a something that will draw your eye to a specific point in a room. This could be a wide range of things from a feature fireplace, piece of artwork or one off statement colour.

If you're feeling brave, choose vibrant furniture against muddy, dark walls for an instant, eye catching focal point in your home. The Luxe Chaise in Mustard works great for this look.

Creating a focal point can be something super simple and subtle you may not even acknowledge it straight away- it's that level of detail that makes you stop and appreciate a space.

How to Create a Focal Point

Architectural Details

If you're renovating your home or lucky enough to be able to build your dream dwellings, think about creating an architectural focal point. This could be a textured wall, an ornate marble fireplace or a statement staircase in the middle of your living space.

The styling of this space is very natural and simple, however your eye is drawn instantly to that black full height fireplace in the middle of the room.

Don't worry, if you're not renovating there are some simple things you can do with a tin of paint.

By painting an area of your homes, such as a fireplace or staircase, you can create a dramatic contrast, leading your eye directly to this point. This also works especially well if you have any old details you wish to highlight like ornate Edwardian architrave.

Lighting Focal Point

A bold, metallic pendant light over a table or breakfast bar will instantly add height, which will draw your eye in creating a focal point with a designer edge. Alternativly, some well placed spots on your favourite pictures or artwork brings a warmer touch and makes a feature of your wall art.

An oversized, arched floor lamp will add shape and structure to minimal interiors...

The Evey Floor Lamp in Black adds drama against pale interiors.

... While metallic and marble pendants either-side of your headboard will draw the eye in, turning something simple into something special.

The Teo pendant lights are ideal when used ether side of a bed, really drawing your eye into that dramatic headboard of the Mellow bed.

Focal Point Furniture

If you're looking to make more of a statement with your furniture, the main thing to consider is contrast. A white table in a white room will blend in and feel light and airy but will be lacking in that spot your eye is drawn to as soon as you enter a space.

A Statement table in a contrasting finish will create an effortless focal point- Shop the Otter for minimal effort but maximum style.

However, introduce a wooden dining table or colourful sofa to contrast the white wash space, and instantly you've created that "WOW" effect. It's then important to consider the layout of the space, to really showcase your stunning furniture.

When planning the layout of your home, these are the things you need to consider.

  • Position: You don't always have to push your furniture up against a wall. Place your dining table in the middle of the kitchen, or a desk in the middle of your home office, facing a window, to create a more attractive and considered space.

The Nala and Clover set has been positioned in the middle of this room to great a dramatic statement as soon as you walk in.

  • Lighting: Arguably the most important factor in all elements on interior design, is the lighting right? Statement pendant lights over a table, or as we've mentioned an oversized floor lamp will bring the drama and highlight that area you really want to show off.

Large pendant lights like the Fiesta Dome Pendant draws your eye up encouraging our guests to take in the entire space.

  • Walkways: Make sure you consider the flow of your home, creating usable walkways but without having a straight line through space. You want to flow with ease throughout your home, making a point to walk past and appreciate the space you've created.

Placing a shelving unit coming out of a wall in an open plan space is a great way to zone your home will creating a real focal point.

Paint and Paper

Finally, there is no quicker or easier way to create that focal point than to experiment with paints and wallpapers.

We've already covered this a little bit, but there are so many things you can do as well as a statement chimney breast or staircase. Pinterest is full of creative and fun things you can do for focal wall inspiration.

L-R: Angelo Ocassional Chair | Scandi Desk | Image via Kidsinteriors

Different paint effects can create very different looks and feels to your space. Darker colours on white walls create a cosy nook which draws your eye in, while ombre walls bring a true colour statement.

L-R: The Naro and Form Dining Set | Image via Pinterest

Likewise, bold wallpapers can create a focal point by making your furniture stand out, or showcasing a key feature of your home, such as a reflective glass dining table.

Apart from building a focal point into the architecture of your house, creating a focal point is super easy with a little creativity and experimentation.

  • Play with the layout of your home to make your furniture the centrepiece.
  • Experiment with colour combination and paint techniques to draw your eye to a certain point.
  • A focal point doesn't have to be in the middle of the room. Take attention to a corner or doorway with the clever use of paint.
  • Balance print, pattern and colour to create a unique and eye-catching space.

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How To Make Your Garden Feel Like Your an Extension of Your Interior
May 10, 2019 at 2:12 pm 0

With summer well on its way, we're looking forward to those long, balmy summer evenings spent outside. However, once you've filled up on a tasty BBQ, you may be inclined to move inside to relax.

Bring a warming vibe to your garden with simple candles and super comfortable furniture, like the Palermo Corner bench.

In this blog post we're going to show you just how to bring the comfort and style of your interior, to your exterior. Allowing you maximum time spent enjoying your garden and really making the most of every second of summer.


What's the one thing at the top of you list when it comes to any new furniture? Comfort. You wouldn't buy a sofa just because it looks good- you buy it to be comfortable and to have a place to relax at the end of a long day. The same goes for your garden furniture.

Bali Modular Garden Bench

We tend to opt for garden furniture that is low cost, plastic and easy to clean, however with new finishes and materials always being developed, you can say goodbye to your uncomfortable plastics, and hello to sofa style garden comfort.

Willow Corner Sofa

The Willow Range is perfect if you're looking for all the comfort of your sofa, but outside so you can enjoy the weather. The cushions are constructed in exactly the same way as your sofa cushions are, so you know you're in for a super sumptuous seat.

The Woven back and sofa style cushions give the Willow bench a super soft look.

The foam and fibre construction used on the seat of the Willow Bench make it really comfortable while also retaining the cushion shape, meaning no sagging and allowing the cushions to bounce back when vacated. The back cushions on the bench are stuffed with fibres, rather than foam, this makes them lovely and soft creating the ideal spot to spend your summer relaxing in.

The Savannah Range is super comfortable and can be re-arranged to suit your needs!

The cushions on our Palermo, Savannah and Bali Garden sofas are all constructed in the same way offering complete comfort.


As you know there are so many different interior styles to suit your personality. The same goes for your garden furniture. Whether you prefer a sleek, contemporary look, or a modern scandi vibe, you're sure to find the perfect match for your home.

We've selected a few different looks to help you seamlessly coordinate your exterior to your interior.

Colourful Homes

If you have the Aver and Finn Dining Set, think about coordinating it with the Palermo Corner Bench in Ocean.

Aver and Finn Dining Set

Palermo Corner Bench and Coffee Table in Ocean

The subtle pop of colour will show your fun side and suits family homes perfectly.

Minimal Homes

If you love the sleek feeling of the Loop and Sanza Dining Set, then the Savannah Modular Unit is the one for you.

Loop Left Hand Corner Dining Bench with the Sanza Table and Backless 3 Seater Loop Bench

Savannah compliments the Loop benches perfectly.

Both the Loop and Sanza benches have simple U-shaped legs to create a minimal and stylish look. The neutral colour palette gives you the freedom to accessories your outdoor space to match your interior, be it with colour, texture or accessories.

Small Homes

If you've got a slightly smaller home, chances are your garden isn't going to be massive either. If that is the case, co-ordinate your compact Terni dining table with the Koko Garden table.

Terni Matt Grey and Fia Dining Set

Koko and Edie Garden Dining Set

Whats more, we have a range of super comfortable garden dining chairs in a colourful summer colour palette to help you pick the right style, shape and colour to suit your space.

Alma Stackable Garden Dining Chairs

For added comfort and maximum style points, choose a chair like the Alma. With its considered silhouette and wrap around arms, you can add both style and comfort to your space.

Edie Stackable Garden Dining Armchair

For a more classic contemporary look, opt for the Edie or the Lola stackable garden chairs. Again, these are available in a variety of colours from the super on-trend mustard, to a fresh aqua to create the look you desire.

Palermo 3 Seater bench with 6 Seater Palermo Table and Skye Dining Chairs

That's not to say that garden chairs should only be used for small gardens! Think about pairing your garden bench with colourful chairs to really complete your garden style.


To really bring the feel of the inside out, accessories your garden space the same way you would your interior.

Palermo Corner Bench with Edie Dining Chairs

Add cushions and throws to garden sofas. This not only adds an extra layer softness and comfort, but also gives you and your guests a handy cover if the temperature should dip after dark. What's more, this subtle styling touch will create a super cosy setting you'll never want to leave.

Palermo White Corner Bench

We all love a house plant, and there's no better spot to bring in the greenery than to your garden. Choose palms and exotic plants to bring that Ibizan vibe, or opt for pots of pretty flowers to soften your space and add an extra splash of colour.

Rio White Dining Table with Ice Bucket

Lighting is so important for getting that cosy atmosphere indoors, so use that knowledge to subtly light your garden too. Lanterns and candles work great dotted about the floor, while festoon lighting or string lights will bring a subtle twinkle to mirror the nights sky.

Palermo Corner Bench in Ocean with the Grey 6 Seater Palermo Table

By thinking about comfort, style and accessories, just as you would when decorating your interiors, you can create a beautiful, inviting and cosy outdoor space. Our British summers are always that bit too short, so by bringing your interior style outside, you'll be outside enjoying the summer until it's gone.

Show us your garden style by tagging us on facebook and instagram by using #mydanetti. Take a look at the complete garden range here, and let us know what you would choose to match your interiors.

Compact Garden Styling Tips
April 26, 2019 at 3:57 pm 0

Summer is well on its way, so now is the time to get your garden summer ready!

Grey Koko and Mustard Edie Garden Dining Set

If you have a smaller, more compact garden or patio, you may feel like there's not a great deal you can do with it. That's where you'd be wrong. Take a look at our top tips for creating your dream space no matter how small.

Small Gardens

Say you have a small garden with a paved or decked area and a lawn. You may think that there is not enough space for an outdoor dining set, but there is a wide variety of different garden furniture to fit your space and create the spot to spend your summer!

White Koko and Aqua Lola Garden Dining Set

  • Folding Dining Set's are great for small spaces, as you can easily pack down and store, making the most of your compact space.
  • Stackable Dining Chairs are another ideal choice for small spaces. This allows you to keep your area clear but easily unstack and place around your table when entertaining.
  • Round Dining Tables take up slightly less space than rectangular tables and give you that bit more flexibility with seating options.

All our garden chairs are stackable, making for easy storage and space saving.

If you have that little bit more space, you may want to keep your garden furniture out all summer long. By choosing a round table with stackable chairs, you can create many dining situations, depending on the time of day or event you're hosting.

Garden Parties

If you're hosting a garden party, push your table into a corner and use this to display the food and drinks. Positions your chairs around your patio so your guests can socialise and have fun, without the formality of sitting around a table.

If you really want to focus on entertaining, see if you could squeeze in a corner bench and coffee table like our Palermo range.

Weekend BBQ's

For a relaxed day time situation, pair your table and chairs together. Your guests can relax around the table with a glass of Pimms, while the husbands gather around the BBQ exclaiming "when it's black, it's done!".

Porto and Alma Dining Set

With a round dining table, you have the flexibility of squeezing a few extra places if needed. Our Koko and Porto Dining Tables are 4 seaters, but you can easily squeeze up to 6 if needed.

Porto and Alma 4 Seater Set Increased to 6 Seats.

Small Patios

If you've got a tiny garden, consisting of a small patio, you can still make the most of your space.

Have a look at a small 2-4 seater garden table, like our Palermo, as you can still create a lovely area to dine, without taking up all your usable space.

White Palermo 2-4 Seater and Lola Dining Set

If you have a mini sun trap in your garden and favour relaxing over dining, think about a super chic day bed. The Willow 2 seater garden sofa is great for relaxing, and the contemporary coffee table comes with a handy cushion, allowing you to turn your casual seating into a garden day bed.

Willow 2 Seater Sofa plus Coffee Table, Creating a Cosy Day Bed

The aluminium powder-coated frame is inherently anti-rust, meaning you can store the frames outside all year long. Pop the cushions inside to protect them, and for extra protection, keep your outdoor furniture covered.

Apartment Balconies

If you live in a flat or apartment with a small balcony, why not choose a couple of stackable armchairs. Dining armchairs are more comfortable due to their supporting nature. Treat yourself to a stylish seat cushion and soak up that vitamin D out on your balcony.

Grey Alma Dining Chairs

Small Garden Styling

Now you have your furniture sorted, have fun with your styling! With gardens, there are so many different styles to look at. From classic English country gardens to sleek, minimal and structured Ibizan inspired terraces, take a look at these styles.

Modest and Modern

Looking for the modern style with a bit more of a personal touch? Think about combining sleek shapes with free growing plants. Be clever with how you use the space and create wall potters to add interest and satisfy your green fingers.

White furniture looks great against dark painted garden walls or raw wooden fences. Stick to natural textures and elements to give your garden an organic and modern feel.

When the evening starts to draw in, hang festoon lights to create a cosy outdoor space.

Images via Pinterest

Get The Look

Grey Koko Dining Table

Mustard Edie Armchair

Cool and Colourful

If you want to add colour to your garden the easiest way is to introduce colourful garden chairs. Our mustard and aqua stackable plastic garden chairs bring that much-needed pop to your space.

If you're feeling creative, why not paint rendered walls a bright colour! Yellows or Pinks will bring a really fun feel and balance modern white garden furniture.

Play with fun prints and textures and be sure to bring in the most colourful plants you can find! Eclectic gardens at their finest.

Images Via Pinterest

Get The Look

White Palermo 2-4 Seater Table

Lola Garden Dining Chair

The most important element to small gardens is clever, multifunctional furniture with space-saving qualities. A coffee table that doubles as a footstool. Stackable dining chairs. Tables where you can increase numbers as required.

Show us your garden style by using #mydanetti on Facebook and Instagram, and if you have any tips for us on how you've styled your compact garden, let us know in the comments below!

How to Declutter Your Bedroom and Get A Great Nights Sleep.
April 18, 2019 at 4:16 pm 0

When it comes to getting a good nights sleep, we're all guilting of not paying enough attention to the little things that make a huge difference.

Turin Storage Bed in Shadow Grey Velvet

In this blog, we're going to teach two things. The first will be how to declutter your bedroom and create a calming, serene environment. The second will be our top 10 tips, tried and tested, to getting a great nights sleep, ensuring you wake up refreshed and energised to be productive and live life to the fullest.

Decluttering Your Bedroom


The first thing to do when it comes to clearing out your bedroom is to look at the furniture you have in your space. If your room is a riot of mismatched furniture filling every available corner, it's going to look, and feel, cluttered.

Mellow Velvet Bed in Teal

Before we get into the detail of the general "clutter" we have in our bedrooms, we need to make the space as simple, clean-lined and efficient as possible. That bench at the end of your bed may look great, but if it's not serving a purpose it's taking up space and feeling messy.

In your bedroom, regardless of size, all you need is the following:

  • Comfy Bed
  • Bedside Tables
  • Dresser
  • Wardrobe
  • Lighting

If you have the space, you may want to introduce a statement chair or a dressing table, but the less we have in our bedrooms the better.

Carina Bed in Ocean Velvet

It's key to keep your furniture unfussy and neutral. Although that pink painted dresser with gold inlay looks amazing, it's not going to do your head much good when you're trying to relax. Instead, stick to soft neutrals and natural textures. If you want to introduce a splash of colour, save this for your bed or bedding, and keep the rest simple.

Storage Furniture

As we tend to have a lot of stuff in our bedrooms, be sure to look for clever storage solutions in your furniture. Think about bedside tables with drawers, Fitted wardrobes or a bed with hidden storage.

Mellow Velvet Bed in Pepper Grey

We're going to focus on beds, as there is a wide array of different options you can choose which have maximum storage to suit any look you're after.

Under-bed Storage

If you prefer a lighter look, choose a bed with enough clearance under to fit handy under-bed storage boxes. Just be sure to choose good quality storage boxes, as these will be seen.

Paolo Bed in Feather Grey Velvet

Clear boxes seem like a great idea but you will be showing off the clutter. Instead, opt for a solid colour box or white drawer on wheels to keep your room looking simple and de-cluttered.

Our Hector Bed is a great option if you want to stick to a streamlined look but be able to store things under your bed. If you want to keep your space open you can explore other storage solutions, otherwise this bed is a great option for minimal storage.

Hector Bed in Ash Grey

The Mellow Bed is also great for under-bed storage, but makes a little more of a statement with its plush velvet curved headboard.

Bed with Drawers

If you want a bit more depth and easy access storage, think about a divan bed with drawers. Our Myla bed is fully velvet, so not only looks great, but also means you can quickly and easily access anything tucked away in the handy drawers.

Myla Storage Bed in Feather Grey velvet

Historically a divan bed means you need a slightly dated and tricky to use valance. The beauty of our Myla bed, and all of our beds, is that the base is wrapped in the same plush velvet, creating a really chic and simple look.

nce. The beauty of our Myla bed, and all of our beds, is that the base is wrapped in the same plush velvet, creating a really chic and simple look.

Myla Storage Bed in Pewter Velvet

Built-in drawers are great for storing clothes, shoes or extra bedding as you can quickly and easily get whatever you need without crawling under the bed. whats more- your bits will be protected from dust keeping them clean and fresh.

Storage Bed

Finally, most popular in our bed range is the storage bed. You maximise your storage space by having almsot the enture size of your matress as extra storage space.

Amalfi Storage Bed in Peacock Velvet

Again, this type or storage is ideal for extra bedding and towels if your home doesn't have an airing cupboard, or to keep your summer wardrobe clean and fresh during those long winter months.

Manolo Storage bed in Pewter Velvet

The Amalfi, Manolo and Turin beds are ideal options for maximum storage. Simple lift the slatted base to access your bits and bobs.

Turin Storage Bed in Feather Grey Velvet

Our storage beds have been carefully and thoughtfully constructed using high quality hydraulic pistons, allowing for a smooth and sturdy opening. This means you can easily lift your bed up without taking the full weight, and that your bed will stay up without you having to hold it up.

Bedroom Decluttering

Now you have your furniture and storage sorted, lets look at what we can clear out from our bedrooms.

Rene Bed in Midnight Velvet

What do you use your room for? I'd imagine it's for sleeping, relaxing and getting dressed. The only things we should keep in our rooms are:

  • Clothes- neatly tidied away in our wardrobe and drawers.
  • Beauty products- should be displayed nicely on a bedside surface or managed in drawers for easy access but minimal clutter. Only keep the essentials in your bedroom.
  • Books- keep a few of your recently reads close by. Don't keep your entire book collection in your bedroom- it will only collect dust and make your room feel messy.
  • Clocks and lamps- should be small and well coordinated to the rest of your decor.

Top Tip: Keep your bedside tables clear by choosing pendant lamps. This will free up your surface, making it feel less cluttered.

  • Photos- keep a couple of your favourite pictures of your loved ones nearby.

That should be all you need in your bedroom. Anything else, either clear it out or think logically and store in a more suitable room, like the kitchen, living room or study.

What To Look For When Buying a Bed

A high quality, comfy bed is a must for getting a good nights sleep. There are a few key features to look out for which will result in a comfortable bed, and therefore a great nights sleep.

Pedro Storage Bed in Ash Grey Fabric

All of our bed frames have sprung slats that have been designed to increase the overall comfort of the bed. This is because your bed frame is effectively helping your mattress be in the best, most supportive position. Sprung slats are a really premium and considered feature that will help you get the most out of your bed and mattress.

You also want to make sure you have a really high quality, comfortable mattress. A pocket sprung mattress offers optimal comfort and stability, and usually comes in a variety of different firmness's.

Mellow Bed in Teal Velvet

Where possible you should try to test a mattress before you buy, but if you're buying online, check the returns policy carefully!

For extra comfort or to update an older mattress, look at investing in a mattress topper. These are available in many different materials, from memory foam to feather. Whatever you choose you'll be adding an extra layer of comfort and support to your bed.

How To Get a Good Nights Sleep

A high quality bed, comfy mattress and clear and decluttered bedroom will do wonders for your sleep quality, however if we don't take note of our behaviours throughout the day, all that hard work can be easily undone.

Mellow Bed in Ochre Velvet

Modern technology makes switching off very hard, with emails pinging up all evening, instagram and TV shows keeping us "entertained", our brains have little chance to wind down at the end of the day.

To ensure a great nights sleep, try these 8 simple tips:

  1. Go to bed and get up the same time each day. That includes the weekend. If we get into a routine, our body clock will kick into gear and know when rest is coming. This, in turn, makes waking up much easier and leading to a more productive day.
  2. Reduce screen time. We may think scrolling through Insta is a calming thing to do, but its the complete opposite. The images we're viewing are very visually impactful, and the blue light emitted from our phones is scientifically proven to stop us from switching off and sleeping better. Avoid using your phone 2 hours before bed, and try reading a book in a softly lit room instead.
  3. Practice sleep hygiene. Experts say our bed should be used for sleeping and sex only. So if you're partial to watching TV in bed or reading a book, try going without for a few weeks and see how you feel. Remove the TV from your bedroom to remove temptation and give it a go.
  4. Watch what you eat. Cutting back on caffeine and sugars before bed it a well-known method for a better nights sleep, however we really shouldn't eat anything at least 2 hours before we go to bed. We need to give our digestive systems a chance to work before our body goes into rest mode.
  5. Wind down and try to reduce stress. By turning off our phones and avoiding highly stimulating activities such as watching tv will help relax the mind. If you struggle with stress and anxiety, try meditating or again, reading in the hours before bed. A hot bath and soothing music will also help relax you.
  6. Fill your home with aromatherapy. The smell of lavender is proved to instantly make you feel calmer, so look to invest in a good room diffuser, or a nice pillow spray to help wind down.
  7. Keep your bedroom cool. We all know our bodies need to cool before we sleep, so keep your bedroom a little bit cooler than the rest of your house. Not only will you sleep better, but it will make getting into bed that little bit cosier.
  8. Practice Mindfulness. If like me, you find it really hard to switch off, practice mindfulness before bed. This could be a wide array of things, but if your laying in bed struggling to drop off due to a whirring mind, try to refocus your attention. Focus on what you can hear, be it people outside of a ticking clock. I think focusing on the clock ticking in my room helps calm me. As I count the ticks of the second hand I soon drift off with ease.

Amalfi Storage Bed in Feather Grey Velvet

We've also asked some of you what helps you drift off at night. Although everyone is different, it's worth giving these a try also;

  • Get in some exercise during the day. You'll naturally tire yourself out helping to fall asleep and stay asleep.
  • Try meditation apps such as Headspace or Insight Timer. These guided meditation apps will help you refocus your attention and forget the worries of the day.
  • Listening to a podcast can help with stress levels throughout the day anyway, but listening to one at night will again help calm your mind and focus on something else.

There you have it. By decluttering your room and practising some self care in the evenings, we should all be sleeping much better and waking up brighter, more refreshed and kinder, ready to face the day ahead.

We would love to know how you guys declutter your rooms and your sleep tips, so leave us a comment below. Don't forget to check us out on Facebook and Instagram and tag us in your pictures using #mydanetti.

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A Royal Roomset | The Ideal Home Show with Style Editor, Jess Taverner
April 5, 2019 at 2:05 pm 0
A Royal Room Set at the Ideal Home Show 2019 Featuring the Luka Dining Table and Harper Shell Velvet Chairs.

If you visited the 2019 Ideal Home Show at London Olympia, you would have seen a very eye-catching, bright and stylish kitchen room set from Good Homes Magazine and devised by Style Editor, Jess Taverner.

Full of bright colours, luxe materials and curvaceous shapes, this bold look plays on the Pantone 2019 Colour of the Year, Living Coral, while giving a nod to the current interior design trend of curved silhouettes.

Our stylist, Kitt, caught up with Jess to see how she thought up this incredible room set, and why she chose our Danetti products to feature to complete the look...

Kitt: How did you come up with the concept for this Royal Roomset, and what was the inspiration behind the look?

Jess: Each year the Good Homes’ roomsets are assigned a theme and with the overall concept of the Ideal Home Show being ‘Best of British’ we thought it would be fitting to design the roomsets for the Royal family.

The kitchen-diner features two top trends for 2019 - Pantone’s colour of the year, Living Coral, and curvaceous silhouettes. With a glamorous nod to Meghan’s Hollywood lifestyle, the kitchen-diner had to be designed for none other than Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The Form Blush and Brass Barstools look perfectly at home in this colourful kitchen, made to feel more mature with pops of walnut and brass.

K: How do you take such a bold colour and incorporate it into a suitable style for our homes?

J: The key to conjuring up an all-pink colour scheme is to combine a variety of textures to help prevent the pink from overpowering the look. For example, we used natural elements such as herringbone flooring and marble-effect worktops and then introduced blush pink upholstered chairs and brass accents for a luxe finish.

Be daring and enhance crescent-shaped furniture or make a statement with shutters by painting them three or four shades darker than the wall colour.

K: What did you see in the Danetti product that made you choose these pieces for the roomsets?

J: We wanted to elevate this tonal look with plenty of decadent materials – such as brass and velvets. The Form bar stools with curved brass legs and Harper dining chairs featuring shell detailing on the back were perfect for achieving this Hollywood-glam scheme.

Form Blush and Brass Barstools with Backrest

K: What’s your favourite element of the roomset?

J: Either the curved cabinets – we had these custom-made for this room. I learned that the carpenter put lots of tiny cuts in the wood to allow it to bend, which I found fascinating. Or, the lighting! I sourced these from a new company that instantly caught my eye.

Harper Shell Velvet Chair and Luka Dining Table

K: What advice would you give our customers and readers when it comes to using colour?

J: Don’t shy away from using colour, although it can feel daunting, once you find the colours that work for you and instantly bring joy, it can be exciting and uplifting. Either introduce pops of colour with artwork and accessories or push boundaries with paint and furniture.

I’d suggest sourcing lots of paint charts and visual inspiration to help discover which colours excite you.

Love this Look? Here's how to recreate for yourself:

If you want to inject a bit of Living Coral into your home, but in a slightly more subtle way, as jess suggested, look at adding a pop of colour to your soft furnishings or wall art.

Cole&Sons Wallpaper

We love this wallpaper from Cole & Sons for its geometric print and combination of Coral and Pink. Look at wallpapering dresser drawers or framing a bold pattern for less commitment but max style!

Tone down a vibrant print with soft materials and luxe finishes for a soft overall look. To get the look as seen in the Ideal Home Show Royal room set, here's what you'll need:

Harper Velvet Dining Chair in Shell

Harper Shell Velvet Dining Chair

Luca Extending Dining Table

Luka Extending Dining Table

Plaza Blush Pink Velvet Stool

Plaza Velvet Stool in Blush Pink

Form Blush Pink Velvet Bar Stool

Form Velvet Barstool with Backrest in Blush Pink

Love this look? Show us your Royal style and how you'll be using Living Coral in your home. Tag #mydanetti on Facebook and Instagram to be featured!

Big thanks to Jess for chatting with us and credit to Gemma Gear, we hope you love this Living Coral, Royals inspired Kitchen.

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The New Aria Range | How to Style and Care for Laminate Furniture
March 22, 2019 at 3:27 pm 0

When it comes to shopping for furniture, you want to be sure you're buying for style and longevity and not just because something is "on trend". For most of us the furniture we buy is an investment, so you want to know what you're buying will last.

Aria Coffee Table
Aria Grey Oak Coffee Table

With that in mind, we would like to show you our new Aria Grey Oak range. Made from a grey oak laminate, this hardwearing and practical range is perfect for busy family homes, and for timeless interior style.

Historically laminate has been seen as a less desirable material. However, due to modern technological advances, it's really hard to tell the difference between laminate and real wood furniture. What's more, the easy cleaning and low maintenance of laminate furnitue make this the perferred option for busy family homes.

Why Choose Laminate?

Wood Laminate is made from synthetic materials layered on a solid base, such as MDF. To give the look of real wood, a grain is printed with clear, textural layers added on top to give a very realistic wooden look and feel.

Although not solid wood, a wood laminate is actually much stronger and harder wearing than real wood which requires regular maintenance.

With a wood veneer you get the look and feel of real wood, without the high maintenance.

Wood Laminate Pros

  • Lighter than real wood, making easier to manoeuvre around the home

  • Cheaper than real wood, making more affordable for families wanting the look of real wood, without splashing out and signing up to regular maintenance.

  • More colour options than real wood, due to the printing process. The Grey Oak colour is much easier to achieve through laminate becuase of the printing process. Laminate allow you more choice of colours to suit your interior style.

  • Guaranteed stability. Unlike real wood, laminate are not prone to splitting or warping when subjected to different heat sources. This makes it the perfect material to use in homes with central heating.

  • Low Maintenance and easy to clean. As laminates are much more durable, they require much less care and cleaning than real wood. You needn't worry about sanding back and re-sealing like you would with real wood, instead you can clean your surface regularly with warm soapy water without the fear of warping or damage, making laminates ideal for families.

Wood Laminate Cons

  • Less longevity than real wood. As with most raw, natural materials, they will last longer than man-made materials. That said, if cared for properly your laminate furniture will last a reall long time and look as good as new, where real wood can show more signs of wear and tear.

Prone to water damage if not properly protected. Overtime if water seeps under the surface of the veneer it can cause it to bubble and crack. Our wood veneers are protected with a sealant to stop this from happening.

  • Less refurbishing options. We are all partial to a bit of up-cycling from time to time, however, with laminate furniture, this is not possible due to its synthetic nature. That's why buying a piece which is neutral and unlikely to date is key!

Laminate Care and Cleaning Tips

Cleaning and caring for your wood laminate furniture couldn't be easier. As with all furniture, it's key to catch any spills as soon as they happen to keep your furniture looking its best.

For daily care and cleaning, we recommend dusting down the table top with a clean microfibre cloth. For any sticky marks, use mild soapy water and a clean cloth. Be sure not to get too much water on your tabletop, and dry any water with a clean (and dry) microfibre cloth.

For more stubborn marks, avoid using any aerosol or oil-based polish, as these can leave marks. Instead, stick to a solution of water and dish soap, adding a very small splash of vinegar... It really couldn't be easier to care for your wood laminate furniture.

Top Tip: Be sure to use coasters and table mats and catch any spillages as soon as they happen.

Aria Grey Oak Dining Table

The Aria Grey Oak Dining Table is super versatile and will happily sit within all manner of different interior styles. By pairing a thick, wood effect laminate table top with sleek glass legs, you create a light and fresh look to your home.

Grey Oak Aria and Shell Velvet Harper 6-8 Seater Dining Set

Velvet Dining Chairs vs. Faux Leather Dining Chairs

For a more relaxed, chic look, pair the grey oak laminate and glass dining table with a soft velvet dining chair. The Harper Velvet dining chair is perfect for this look due to its curved seat and chrome legs.

Grey Oak Aria and Smoke Grey Velvet Harper Dining Set

The curved back of the Harper chair balances out the angular table, softening the space and creating a relaxed, inviting setting.

Shell Velvet Harper Dining chairs with the Grey Oak Aria Dining Table

Stylists Tip: Mix and match reflective finishes with matt textures, like the velvet and the grey oak. This will stop your home feeling too twee, and give a real designer edge.

Alternatively, for a more modern luxe feel, pair the Aria Grey Oak dining table with a faux leather dining chair.

Grey Oak Aria and Cool Grey Theo Dining Set

The Theo Faux Leather Dining Chairs create a modern luxe look but balancing the hard glass and grey oak with soft shapes and matt finishes.

Grey Oak Aria and Theo Cool Grey Dining Set

Stylist Tips: The Grey Oak laminate will feel different when paired with different colours. For a warmer look, pair with new warm neutrals and colours with a red or yellow undertone. To look cooler, choose more greys with blue undertones.

Aria Grey Oak Laminate Storage Furniture

Laminate furniture isn't just perfect for dining tables, but also storage furniture too! We've made it easy for you to create a well dressed and coordinated how by completing the Aria range with matching sideboards, shelving units and coffee tables too!

Aria Grey Oak and Glass Display Unit

Aria Sideboard

A favourite of ours in the Aria Grey Oak Sideboard. With sturdy glass sides, this modern sideboard looks light and airy in your home, while being a practical storage unit to hide away all those bits and bobs.

Aria Grey Oak Sideboard

Showcase your favourite objects on the display shelf, while stylishly hiding away all those odds and sods in the handy drawers.

The Grey Oak Aria Sideboard works great as a drinks cart!

Stylist Tip: Create a sideboard/ barcart by using the display shelf to house your best glasses and Gin bottles!

Aria Display Unit

New for 2019, we have designed a super stylish and highly practical display unit as part of the Aria Grey Oak Range (but also available in white oak which can she shopped here).

Aria Grey Oak and Glass Display Unit

One of the best features of the Aria Display Unit is that the cupboards open on both sides, making this stylish piece of furniture 360º. Position against the wall, or use to divide your room and still have access from all angles.

Handy doors on either side mean you can get to your goodies from all angles.

Stylists Tip: Be aware that you can see into the cupboards even with the doors closed, so maybe avoid piling in those letters and random bits and stick to showcasing your fine china while keeping dust at bay.

Aria Grey Oak Coffee Table

And finally, complete the look with the Aria Coffee Table. Like the rest of the range, this coffee table consists of a soft grey oak top paired with sleek and minimal glass legs.

Glass legs promote a modern and stylish feel, while keeping your interior feeling open.

The glass allows light to flow throughout your home and feel bright and airy all year round.

The grey oak veneer of the Aria range creates a soft sheen, keeping your interior bright and airy!

The grey oak laminate is super versatile and can be used with whatever sofa or statement chair you wish! Position in front of a real leather sofa for a soft, minimal and modern look, or pair with a rich green velvet sofa for a softer, richer look. The possibilities are endless!

What do you think?

Tell us what you think of the new Aria Range, and if you have any questions on Wood Laminate, leave us a comment below.

Don't forget to share your pictures with us on Facebook and Instagram by using #mydanetti!

Danetti Garden Range 2019- Explore The Collection
March 8, 2019 at 2:43 pm 0

The 2019 Garden Collection is finally here!

Last year we launched our first ever collection of garden furniture for contemporary homes (you can see that right here). After such a phenomenal response, this year we're back and bigger than ever.

Verano Garden Lounge Chair
Sit back and relax in the new Verano Garden Lounge Chair

We've developed 2 new ranges of Modular Garden Sofas, some beautiful day beds and some of last years favourites in new colourways. So keep on scrolling to take a look at this year's modern garden furniture.

Modular Garden Benches


The new Savannah modular garden unit allows total garden flexibility. Modular units are available in a single, double, corner, double with side tables, so you can pick and mix the units to suit your garden, regardless of its size.

Savannah Corner Modular Bench

For extra versitility, we have shown you how to take your dining set and turn it into 2 smaller areas to make the most of your garden.

Garden Modular Unit
Split up your corner unit to create a cosy garden hangout zone.

Grey Modular Garden Furniture
Add 2 extra single units and take your cosy corner set into a social hub perfect for parties!

The Savannah modular units are made from a seamless lightweight powder coated aluminium frame. They require no assembly at all- simply unpack and position in your garden, ready to enjoy the summer sun.

Savannah Day Bed
Push the cushioned Savannah Coffee Table up into the corner for a "never leaving this spot again" day bed.

Whats more, the Savannah Coffee Table comes with a removable cushion. This allows you to use it as a coffee table, or attach the cushion for a foot rest or, better yet, a luxurious day bed!

Bali Modular Unit

Also new for 2019 is the Bali Modular Garden Furniture. This set is super luxurious and is ideal for modern, minimal gardens. As with the Savannah range, the Bali comes in a variety of indivudual modular pieces so you can create a look perfect for your garden.

Bali Modular Corner Bench

Unlike our previous corner garden sofas, the Bali range has a tempered frosted glass side table, whereas the Palermo and Savannah both had polywood side tables. The tempered glass brings a level of luxury unlike any other.

Bali Garden Dining Set

Garden Dining Benches

Palermo Outdoor Benches

Back due to popular demand is the Palermo Corner Benches, but this year they've had a bit of a makeover...

Teal Garden Corner Sofa
The Ocean Palermo Range works great with the Dark Grey Palermo Dining Table

We've introduced not only a new Ocean Teal colour but also 3 seater garden benches with backrest. This gives you the freedom to use as outdoor dining furniture, or separate for the evening to create an intimate, comfortable setting.

Palermo and Skye Dining Set for Gardens
Mix and match to create your own personal outdoor dining set up

Mix and match your outdoor dining bench with our stackable plastic garden chairs. We've brought back the same best selling styles from last year and introduced more colours and styles, giving you optimum options for your garden style.

Palermo 3 Seater Dining Bench
Make the most of the summer evenings with the Palermo benches, giving extra comfort for long, lazy mealtimes.

Pair up 2 of the new 3 seater Palermo benches to take your garden dining set from day to night. These benches offer the comfort of a garden sofa with the practicality of dining chairs.

One small change we have also made this year is that we have removed any fittings to hold the corner units together, and replaced this with velcro straps, allowing you to keep as a corner sofa, or separate to create a more social, relaxed feel.

Willow Corner Bench and Day Bed

The Willow range has been designed in house and consists of a beautiful hand wrapped rope back. The simple grey colour palette brings depth and style to green gardens and offers the most appealing place to relax.

Rope Back Corner Sofa
The Willow Garden Corner Sofa is perfect for summer lounging.

The corner sofa is perfect for parties, while the love seat / day bed is perfect for first time buyers.

Willow 2 Seater Sofa with Coffee Table
Use your Willow Love Seat as a sofa and coffee table...
Willow 2 Seater Garden Sofa and Foot Rest
...a sofa and foot rest...
Willow Day Bed
...or as a super cosy daybed. Perfect for sunbathing (just make sure you slap on the SPF)

The cushions on these and all of our garden furniture are showerproof, meaning you can leave them out in a light summer shower and they will be absolutely fine. For heavier downpours we recommend taking them inside, just to be on the safe side.

Verano Lounge Chairs

We did some digging last year and it seems that if you don't have a huge amount of space in your garden, you'll go for lounge furniture over dining furniture.

Verano Lounger Set

We don't blame you. Even if you have a BBQ on the go, you'll spend more time sitting around and lounging than eating, which is exaclty why we've designed the new Verano Lounge Chair.

Verano Headrest

With a perfectly positioned head rest and matching foot rest if you only have limited space in your garden, make sure you make room for these.

All of our garden furniture is UV protected and designed to be left outside, meaning the colour will not fade in the sun and you're fine to leave it out all year long.

We would recommend a garden furniture cover to keep off any grit and grime, but should you choose to leave out, they're easily cleaned with a spray from the home and a wipe down with a clean cloth.

Dining Tables

Rio dining table with removable ice bucket

We have also introduced 2 new dining tables and new colour options of last years favourites such as the Koko and Palermo. This year, we've listened to your feedback and included an ice bucket to our new Rio table- making those long summer evening even more enjoyable!


Porto garden dining table

The Porto is a generous 4 seater outdoor dining table, but will easily seat 6-8 comfortably. We have new dining sets including our new Alma dining chairs, and the Ivy outdoor dining chairs (keep reading to check them out!) to suit all garden styles, from family orientated to sleek and modern.

U-shaped garden corner dining set

The beauty of the Porto Table is that it's hand size means it's suitable for small townhouse gardens or your larger country gardens. Pair with a with a U-shaped bench for all-day comfort!


Rio garden dining table with ice bucket

We love the Rio dining table. With it's handy removable ice bucket you really can take the party from day to night while maintaining all the garden style you're after.

Rio White Garden Table with Ice Bucket

When not needed, you can remove the bucket and cover the hole for a classic garden dining table. However, when you want to get the party started, simply fill with ice and your favourite beverages and keep them cool all night!

Ice Bucket

Ice bucket being removed

Ice bucket removed fully

Available in white or dark grey you're sure to find the perfect addition to your garden.

Garden Dining Tables

The Koko Dining table was first launched last year, however after so many of you were trying to get your hands on it once it sold out, we knew we had to bring it back for 2019. But this year it's had a bit of a makeover.

Koko white garden dining table

Still made from powder-coated aluminium and a frosted tempered glass top, it now also comes in white! Channel those Ibizan terrace vibes in the Surrey hills!

We have also updates the small 2-4 seater Palermo Garden Dining Table to white, making sure you have plenty of style options regardless of the size of your garden.

Garden Dining Chairs

Ivy and Porto dining garden set

I gave you a little preview earlier on, but we're super excited to share with your the new Ivy Garden Dining Chairs.

Made from a sleek powder-coated aluminium frame, the also boasts a beautifully handwrapped rope back and cushioned seat.

Rope back dining garden chair

The modern styling brings all the style and detail from your interiors to your garden, proving that garden furniture is an extension of your home.

Have a look at the new Alma stackable garden dining chairs too. They are made from the same polypropylene as all of our garden chairs from the first collection, but with an updated armchair shape.

Alma garden stackable dining chair

Alma has been designed with long summer evening in mind. The curvaceous back holds you for extra comfort while packing a style punch.

Tell us What You Think!

Now you've seen the new collection, let us know your favourite pieces and how you'll be spending the summer.

Don't forget to share your pictures with us on Facebook and Instagram by tagging us and using #mydanetti!