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6 Sofa Buying Mistakes You’ll Want To Avoid!
March 15, 2019 at 5:15 pm 0
Sofa Buying Mistakes by Danetti

Buying a sofa is big investment for your home. With so much choice available, we wanted to help you get it right first time with our 6 Sofa Buying Mistakes You'll Want To Avoid!

1. Not Considering Your Sizing

First things first: will it fit through your door? Maneuvering a sofa into a space isn’t the easiest of tasks, but this can be made far easier on the day of delivery by checking your sizing and considering how it’ll fit through your door.

Top Tip: wait to attach the feet of your sofa before getting it through your door. Those couple extra inches of space will make all the difference!

2. Not Considering Your Placement

You’ll want to double check the measurements of your sofa in the space. No one wants to squeeze past the back or tuck in their feet every time someone walks past. Be careful of placing leathers close to radiators or fabric sofas in direct sunlight to avoid damage to the material.

Ellis Large 3 Seater Leather Sofa

To help with your placement, draw out a bird's eye view floor plan and block in your furniture. You could do this by drawing it on or cutting out to scale size drawing of each item in the space. This will allow you to play with the placement without the heavy lifting involved in actually moving the furniture!

3. Not Considering Your Existing Space

How do you use your current sofa? Do you like the position it’s currently in or are you wanting a new arrangement? How often and who uses the sofa? These are all incredibly important questions to ask yourself when choosing a sofa for your space, as they will help you narrow downsizing, style and materials. If you choose a sofa that’s not practical for your needs or fit for purpose, it’ll really disrupt your room.

Studio 3 Seater Right Hand Fabric Sofa with Chaise
Studio 3 Seater Right Hand Fabric Sofa with Chaise

Top Tip: A sofa will generally tell you how many it can seat. However, it’s always a good idea to still check your measurements. This way you’ll get a better feel for how many you personally think you could sit.

4. Prioritising Style Over Comfort

No one wants a good-looking sofa that’s not comfortable to sit on. Some people like to sit back, others want to stretch out and there are those that just simply want to sit.

Mona 3 Seater Leather Sofa
Mona 3 Seater Leather Sofa

A deeper seat will allow you to snuggle up, while a high back will offer more support when sat upright. Opt for lower armrest if you like to lounge on your sofa, as this will offer a place to rest your head. A sofa can be both stylish and comfortable, so make sure you consider both factors.

5. Not Doing Your Research

Many sofas look the part, but it's a good idea to consider what’s going on on the inside too. Factors such as the frame, seat padding and what support the seat has are all contributing factors to the comfort and longevity of sofa.

Studio 2 Seater Fabric Sofa
Studio 2 Seater Fabric Sofa

Central leg supports, high-density PU foam, Zigzag springs and elastic webbing are all additional features to look out for the give a sofa that stamp of quality engineering and design ingenuity.

6. Prioritising Price Over Longevity

That sofa selling for a fraction of the cost of others on the market may seem like a steal, but will it still be sitting pretty in your home in two, three, ten years to come? In many cases, you get what you pay for. So if you choose a sofa because it’s cheaper but lacking the points mentioned above, chances are you’ll end up unhappy with the lack of comfort and quality. Make sure you do your research and if the price seems to good to be true, you’ll know why!

Good To Know:

It’s widely suggested that your try a sofa out before you buy. However, when ordering online this isn’t an option. But don’t let that stop you...

  • When shopping online, check your measurements, read up on the construction of the sofa and order swatches.
  • Watch videos and read the product descriptions- the information is all there for you to take in and will give you a feel of the sofa that’s almost as good as sitting in it.
  • Read up on the warranty and returns so that you know if, for whatever reason, the sofa isn’t right, you can exchange or return it hassle-free.

To shop the Danetti range of sofas, head over to our website. You can also read our sofa cleaning and buying guides for even more information.

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8 Living Room Buying Mistakes You’ll Want To Avoid!
February 15, 2019 at 3:16 pm 0
Living room buying mistakes

Living rooms are a staple part of our homes. Whether we’re sat reading, watching TV or just generally relaxing, we all want a space that we feel comfortable in. Varying in shape, size and style, there are lots of things to consider. And to make creating a perfect living space that bit easier, here are 8 Living Room Buying Mistakes You’ll Want To Avoid!

Not Being Practical

You’ve set your sights on your dream living room interior in that glossy magazine or on Pinterest. It’s clean, contemporary and effortlessly cool. But is it liveable? Many shoots are set up to look great but they just aren’t practical. Remember that you and your family will be using the space, so keep key factors like comfort and durability inline with your styling dreams!

Poorly Planning Your Layout

No one wants to squeeze past your coffee table or climb over your footstool to sit down. Plan out your spacing so there’s enough room for drawers and doors to be opened, tables to be walked around and legs to be stretched out and put up without getting in the way.

Ripple Glass and Black Chrome Coffee Table
Ripple Glass and Black Chrome Coffee Table

Not Enough Light

We talk a lot about how important lighting is for your home and lighting your living room is no exception. (You can read more here if you’re keen to find out how to do it well). Consider where the natural light will fall in the day and what areas you’d like to illuminate when it’s dark at night. Living rooms are generally more relaxed settings, so you’ll want ambient lighting to help to create a softer, calming glow.

Alma White and Brass Table Lamp
Alma White and Brass Table Lamp

Buying Everything At Once

It can be tempting when furnishing a new space or renovating an existing home to get everything in one go. But not everyone has the time or money to have that luxury! And that’s not always a bad thing. Start with your essentials like your sofa and seating. Then you can colour match and coordinate accessories to this. Trends and fads come and go, and you can always change your accent pieces over time. But matching to your staple furniture in the space means your living room will always feel up to date.

Ellis Leather Armchair
Ellis Leather Armchair

Not Checking Your Measurements

One obvious living room buying mistake but also one that can be easily missed. When ordering furniture online, it’s best to check, check and then check again that the furniture can fit through your door, that it’s the right size and shape for your space, and that you haven’t overfilled the setting. You can do this by drawing a floor plan on squared paper or marking out your furniture using making tape. Either way, you want to know it'll fit.

Luxe Modern Large 3 Seater Leather Chesterfield Sofa
Luxe Modern Large 3 Seater Leather Chesterfield Sofa

Leaving Out End Tables & Surface Space

The comfiest sofa isn’t half as accommodating when guests have to sit with their drink in hand and snacks on their lap. That’s why it’s always handy to have a surface near your seating, whether that’s a coffee table or smaller end table next to your sofa. If you’re short on space opt for a side table that can nest or be stacked when not in use.

Dice Dove Grey Gloss Side Tables

Making Everything Match

Although coordination can go a long way in creating a well thought out space, overly matchy-matchy interiors can look a bit static and uninspired. Start with your basics and have one central colour or theme, but don’t be afraid to introduce different patterns and textures through your soft furnishings and accent pieces. This will really help bring your room to life and give it some character.

Ellis Large 3 Seater Leather Sofa

Living Room Buying Mistakes -Avoided!

Have we inspired you to freshen up your living room? You can browse our collection of living room furniture over on our website.

Already have some stylish Danetti pieces? We’d love to see! Post a picture on social with the #mydanetti for your chance to be featured on our Facebook or Instagram pages.

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Valentine’s Competition – Win £50 worth of Lighting or Resturant Vouchers!
February 14, 2019 at 5:02 pm 0

Staying in or dining out this Valentine’s? Either way, we’ve got you covered.

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T&C’s: To Enter, You Must:

  • Like the competition post.
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  • Follow either @danetti_com or like the Danetti Facebook page.
  • A winner will be randomly selected and announced on Monday 18th February 2019.
  • Your prize will be a £50 restaurant voucher OR a £50 lighting voucher.
  • Cannot be exchanged for cash or in-store credit on another item.
  • No purchase necessary.

Wait, There's More?

That's right! We're also running Free Standard Delivery this Valentine's weekend. So you can bring back the love with stylish mood lighting, new beds, and sumptuous velvet pieces. Offer ends midnight Monday.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Dining Room Sizing Guide: Know Your Measurements
February 1, 2019 at 3:30 pm 0

Ddining room measuring guide Danetti You could order a beautiful dining table and chairs, a contemporary dining bench or a set of stylish bar stools, but it’s no good if they don’t fit in your space!

Ordering online, it’s especially important to check your measurements. Although our returns are free and easy, it’s always nice to get things right first time around. That’s why we’ve created our ultimate dining room sizing guide. In this post we'll cover:

  • Measuring your room
  • Dining Chairs
  • Dining Tables
  • Benches


First Things First: Measure your room

You can do this by either:

  • Drawing out a plan of the room to scale on squared paper and add your furniture measurements.


  • Mark out the dimensions of the piece of furniture you’d like to buy using a piece of cardboard or masking tape. Doing this is a great visual representation of how much space your furniture will take up and will also help you check that it’s the right proportions for your room.


Dining Seating

The optimum seat height for a dining chair is when there is 26cm to 30cm between the top of the seat and the top of the dining table.

Zilo and Fia 4 to 6 Seater Dining Set Zilo and Fia 4 to 6 Seater Dining Set

If your chair is 46cm to 51cm from the floor to the top of the seat, it will fit well under a standard height table while allowing plenty of legroom. If you are after a chair that has lumbar support, a back height between 30cm and 40cm is ideal.

Sizing Checklist

  1. Height
  2. Seat width
  3. Seat height
  4. Depth
  5. Back Height
  6. Footprint


Dining Chair Spacing

Allow 60-80cm per place setting, dependant on whether you want a cosier feel or a more spacious feel.

Fern White Gloss and Stylo Extending Dining Set Fern White Gloss and Stylo Extending Dining Set


Dining Armchairs

Don’t forget that if you go for dining armchairs you may need to double check the spacing. The thickness of the table top will eat into your space available for the arm of the chair

Marlow Swivel Dining Armchair Marlow Swivel Dining Armchair

Check the Footprint

Bear in mind that some dining chairs are wider at the bottom, for example, our Marlow or Ora dining chairs, so will need more space around the table. It’s always best to check the measurements and if they aren’t available, just ask! In this instance, the measurement you are looking for is called the ‘footprint’ .


Ora Dining Chair Ora Dining Chair

Dining Table Sizing

The length measurement of a table refers to the length of the table top, not from where you can fit your chairs tucked in underneath. Generally speaking, the description of the table will include how many it can seat, but if you are hoping to squeeze in a few more or use other chairs, make sure you check.

Louis Ceramic Marble and Deco Real Leather Extending Dining Set
Louis Ceramic Marble and Deco Real Leather Extending Dining Set


Plan to leave 70-90cm between the edge of your table and each wall or between other pieces of furniture in the room. This is so that chairs can be pulled out with ease, leaving enough room for people to pass through.

Profile and Ida 4 to 6 Seater Glass and Grey Dining Set Profile and Ida 4 to 6 Seater Glass and Grey Dining Set


If you’re looking at a dining table with an apron, make sure you check the height of the arms on the chairs so that they can slide under neatly.

As a final check, why not mark out the space to get a rough idea of how much room the table will occupy. It’s the easiest way to get a feel for how much physical space the table will take up.


Round Dining Tables

Round dining tables are great for giving a good amount of seating space in a small area. No corners mean the table allows for ease of movement in kitchen or dining areas where space might be a little tight. Sizing wise, you can be a bit more flexible with your seating, just depends on how snug or spread out you’d like to sit!

So here is our final run through of the vital checks...

  1. Measure your space
  2. Table height (this is especially important when it comes to choosing dining chairs)
  3. Table width - especially if you want to use the ends
  4. Table length
  5. Table length with extensions
  6. Where are the extension panels stored?
  7. Table measurement from in-between the legs (not just the table top)
  8. Will everyone fit?

Louis Ceramic Marble and Light Grey Extending Dining Table


Dining Benches

Full Length or Tucked in

Full length

Great For: maximizing the seats around the table. A full-length bench does what it says on the tin - it needs to be the full length of your table. This style works especially well with pedestal-style bases as you can neatly tuck the bench in while still maximising the space you have available. That’s not to say it doesn’t look great alongside a table with legs, just consider how you will be able to sit on the bench and if the table legs are in the way.

Sanza Grey Gloss and Mellow Blush Velvet Bench Dining Set Sanza Grey Gloss and Mellow Blush Velvet Bench Dining Set

TOP TIP: If you decide not to tuck your bench in we suggest choosing a backless bench. A backless bench will be narrower than a bench with a backrest. You still have all the seat comfort without the extra depth of the back. Also, backless benches are lightweight and easy to move in and out.


Tucked in

Great For: Space saving and a neat compact look. To be able to tuck your bench underneath a table with legs, the bench will need to fit the ‘inside leg length’ measurement rather than the length of the table top. You’ll also want to leave about 5cm for clearance to avoid bumping into the legs every time the bench is pulled in and out.

Fergus Fabric 3 Seater Bench with Backrest Fergus Fabric 3 Seater Bench with Backrest

TOP TIP: Whether you have your bench tucked in or at the full length of your table, we recommend that you allow enough space so that when you are sitting on the bench, the front of the bench is in line with the front of the table. This applies for corner benches as well as it will give you the optimum comfort while seated.

Bench Sizing Checklist

  1. Seat back height If your bench has a backrest and you plan to put it against a wall be sure to check that it fits with any panelling or window sills.
  2. Seat height (from floor to the seat) A comfortable seat height should be around 45cm, the same as a dining chair
  3. Bench depth
  4. Seat depth
  5. Bench length


So there you have it. Everything you need to know when it comes to dining room sizing. Make sure you take a look at our buying guides for even more information on styling and sizing for your home.

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Contemporary Beds: Ultimate Bed Buying Guide
January 18, 2019 at 2:17 pm 0
Mellow Teal Velvet King Size BedBuying a bed is a big investment for your home. And it's where we spend most of our time too. With most of us spending between 7 to 9 hours a night curled up under the covers, you'll want to make sure the bed you choose is as comfortable, supportive and long-lasting as it can be. If you're a little overwhelmed by the number of contemporary beds available, take a look at our bed buying tips and you'll be choosing the perfect piece in no time!

Double, King or Super King?

TYPE Double King Super King
AVG. SIZE 4ft6 UK Double. 135cm x 190cm / 4'6 x 6'3" 5ft UK King size. 150cm x 200cm / 5' x 6'6" 6ft UK Super King size. 180cm x 200cm / 6' x 6'6"
WEIGHT BEARING 500kgs 500kgs 500kgs

Double Bed

A double bed is a great size for a spare room or as an upgrade from a single bed in a room where space is a little limited. A double can comfortably fit two people and is a popular choice.

King Size Bed

If you’ve got the space, consider a king size bed frame. A traditional king size bed may be too bulky for a small bedroom, however, they do offer that extra bit of sleeping and potential storage space.

Super Kingsize Bed

The extra inches of a super king size bed frame will not only keep you well supported, it also gives you and your sleeping partner that extra bit of room to move around and get comfortable without disturbing one another.

Top Tip: If you’re upgrading your bed size  - think about your bedding! A king size isn’t too much bigger than a double, so you might be able to pass. However, jumping from a double to a super king you’ll need some new sheets.

Consider Your Space:

    • It’s best to leave a minimum of 76cm at all sides of your bed so you can get around it comfortably. This will also allow enough room for bedside tables, wardrobe/cabinets, doors to open etc.
    • Could you downsize your current bedframe to make more use of your room? Or upsize if you have space? Consider what’s more important, extra flooring or extra room in bed.
  • If you don't yet have a bed in your room, get a feel for the sizing by using masking tape or a piece of cardboard to mark out where it’ll sit.

Questions to Ask Before You Buy:

    • Does the bed come with a headboard?
    • Are there storage options?
    • What’s my budget?
    • Do I have space to open the storage options?
    • How will the bed be delivered - fully assembled, or is assembly needed?
    • Is a mattress included?
    • What does the bed's guarantee cover, and for how long?
  • Will it fit through my door?

Choosing Your Bed Frame

Height: The height of the frame and the matress will affect how easy it is to get in and out of the bed. There’s not right or wrong, just what suits you and your space. Headboards: A tall headboard will add both impact and grandeur to any bedroom interior, whereas a shorter headboard will help to open up the space. Contemporary beds are available in a variety of designs so you can realy have some fun with your styling.  Structure: No one wants a bed that feels wobbly or creaky every time someone rolls over! That’s why it’s important to check the bedframe. Ask yourself:
    • How is it constructed?
    • What’s holding it in place?
  • What materials have been used?
A selection of our contemporary beds are constructed of bowed beech slats. These then slot into place onto aluminium base rails, using sturdy plastic fittings to support your mattress. This helps to keep it in the most supportive and comfortable position. It’s factors like this that ensure you’re choosing a supportive and quality bed, so they’re important to check. Flooring: beds are weighty pieces of furniture so you’ll want to protect the flooring underneath. Floor protectors on the feet, or having a rug or carpet are all simple solutions to keep your flooring looking its best.

Top Tip: When it comes to assembling a slat frame bed, pre-assemble your bed slats and then put the bed together, rather than attaching them one by one when the frame is in place. This will save both time and effort!

Contemporary Beds & Simple Storage

Everyday Access vs Longer Storage

What you want to store in your bed will help you choose the type of storage you need. If you’re looking to house clothes you regularly need, opt for a bed with drawers as this allows for easy access. Items you want to store for longer periods of time, like winter coats and bedding, would be better stored in an ottoman bed as this offers more support and space.
Amalfi Peacock Velvet King Size Bed with Storage

The internal storage for the Amalfi is a great space saver.

Top Tip: With a fixed frame bed, consider the height from the floor to the underside of the bed as this may allow for space for storage underneath.

Snooze in Style

Once you know your sizing, you can move onto the fun stuff- the styling! And with our Stylist’s bedroom cheatsheet, creating a cosy bedroom interior couldn't be easier….
  • Stick to a minimal colour palette - Choose colours within the same shade to create a complementary look and create a serene setting.
  • You can’t beat fresh white sheets - you can then add a couple of tonal cushions for an added element of colour- but simple is always best.
    • Clash your textures - for example, balance the smoothness of velvet with a chunky knit and cool metallics like brass and copper for an effortlessly trendy and designer look.
    • Less is always more - The more bits and bobs you have on display, the more cluttered your bedroom will feel. Invest in trendy boxes or side tables with drawers to hide all those unsightly necessities. Tidy room, tidy mind.
    • Play with proportions - Avoid an expanse of bed linen by breaking it up with throws and cushions.
    • Wooden floors need a rug - You can choose an area rug, to sit under and around the base of your bed, or a couple of runners either side, just to keep your toes toasty on cold mornings.
    • Warm things up with chunky knits and sheepskin rugs. You don't want your bedroom to feel cold and uninviting.
  • Style your bedside tables simply - a simple stack of your favourite books, a pretty vase and a relaxing candle should be more than enough.

Care & Cleaning

Velvet Bed Frame

Velvet upholstery is far easier to clean and maintain than you may think. Firstly, the 100% polyester short pile velvet we use for our range of furniture has been rub tested to 40,000 rubs, so you know it’s far from delicate. It’s best to act as soon as a spill occurs, as it’s far easier to clean velvet before the mark sinks through to penetrate the base cloth.
  1. To wipe away marks, use an absorbent cloth or paper towel to soak up the spillage. Dab the surface rather than rubbing as this will better soak up the liquid.
  2. To clean your velvet furniture, all you need to use is a soft cloth and some warm soapy water, wiping the fabric in a circular motion.
  3. Then, leave the material to air dry or use a hair dryer to speed up the process.
  4. You can also vacuum your velvet upholstery by using the handheld nozzle. This will better collect any dust or bits that have been caught up in the pile. Be sure to use the upholstery attachment on your vacuum as this will be much softer on your velvet and avoid any unwanted marks.
If you feel your velvet upholstery has lost a bit of its sheen, have no fear. You can use a steamer to restore its signature shine by keeping the nozzle moving across the velvet at a moderate pace. Move in the direction of the nap and hold the steamer about an inch away from the fabric for the best results. Once completely dry, brush the material in the direction of the nap using a soft-bristled hairbrush. We also suggest regularly brushing your velvet bed frame with a velvet brush or soft clothes brush, going in the direction of the nap. 

Fabric Bed Frame

Our melange fabric bed frames are upholstered in a fabric made from single or spun melange yarn. You can tell it apart from other multi-coloured or dyed fabrics as you can see varying colour flecks, rather than it being one solid colour.

Spot Cleaning

Spot cleaning your bed frame is probably your best option, as it's unlikely you'll need to go ahead and deep clean the whole frame. To do this:
  1. For any small little marks, you can usually clean them off with some warm soapy water- as long as you catch them quick enough! Put 1 tablespoon of dish soap (such as Fairy) into 2 cups of warm water.
  2. Take a clean white cloth and dab it into your soapy water. Pat over the stain (don't rub) and use a dry white cloth to absorb the water. Repeat this 3-4 times until stain has gone.
  3. If you have a slightly more stubborn stain, then try adding 1x tablespoon of white vinegar into your soapy solution. White vinegar is a great household cleaner and can be used in all sorts of cleaning solutions. Don’t worry about the vinegar smell, as this will disappear once dry

So There You Have It!

If you feel like you need a lie down after all that information, why not take a look at the Danetti Bedroom Range and see what your home is missing! If it's bedroom styling you're after, be sure to take a look at Bedroom Styling Tips with our Interior Stylist. 
January Sale 2019 – Our Top Picks
December 21, 2018 at 11:46 am 0
  Start saving on some of your favourite pieces sooner thanks to our early January sale. Get 10% off sitewide, 20% off sofas and beds and up to 40% off on our January sale deeper discount page. With such great savings, there’s never been a better time to revitalise your home with some stunning new furniture pieces!

40% off

The biggest discount in our January sale, update your kitchen, dining room or living room with up to 40% off selected colours and sizes.

Cleo 4 Seater Matt White Pedestal Dining Table

Cleo 4 Seater Matt White Pedestal Dining Table  

Cleo 4 Seater Matt Grey Pedestal Dining Table

Cleo 4 Seater Matt Grey Pedestal Dining Table  

Duo Matt Grey Side Table and Lime Fabric Stool Set

Duo Matt Grey Side Table and Lime Fabric Stool Set  

Loop 7 Seater Right Hand Corner Bench in Black

Loop 7 Seater Right Hand Corner Bench in Black  

Monti Real Leather Armchair in Black

Monti Real Leather Armchair in Black


Monti Real Leather Dining Chair in Black

Monti Real Leather Dining Chair in Black  

Elise Bar Stool in Cream

Elise Bar Stool in Cream


Elise Chrome Gas Lift Bar Stool in Latte Beige

Elise Chrome Gas Lift Bar Stool in Latte Beige


30% Off

From stackable chairs to stylish storage pieces, save up to 30% on some of our top tables and dining room seating.

Senn Colourful Dining Chairs in Blue, Red and White

  Senn Colourful Dining Chair in Blue Senn Colourful Dining Chair in Red Senn Colourful Dining Chair in White  

Aria Espresso Dark Wood and Glass Square Dining Table

Aria Espresso Dark Wood and Glass Square Dining Table Danetti


Form Cantilever Dining Armchair in White

Form Cantilever Dining Armchair in White  

Assi White and Grey Gloss Sideboard

Assi White and Grey Gloss Sideboard  

Form Chrome Bar Stool in Cool Grey

Form Chrome Bar Stool in Cool Grey    

20% Off

Keep the look cool and contemporary with Calanna white oak console or Louis marble table. Then introduce dark luxe looks with the matt black legs of the Bella chair or the rich walnut of the Halo coffee table.

Bella Real Leather Dining Chair in Cool Grey

Bella Real Leather Dining Chair in cool grey Danetti  

Arc 4 Seater Grey Gloss and Oak Dining Table

Arc 4 Seater Grey Gloss and Oak Dining Table


Calanna White Oak and Glass Console Table

Calanna White Oak and Glass Console Table


Louis Ceramic Marble and Light Grey Extending Dining Table

Louis Ceramic Marble and Light Grey Extending Dining Table Danetti


Danni Real Leather Dining Chair in White

Danni Real Leather Dining Chair in White  

Halo Walnut Coffee Table

Halo Walnut Coffee Table  

And that's not all!

Don't forget, during our January sale you can get 10% off sitewide on orders over £200 and 20% off sofas and beds. Shop the range now at www.danetti.com
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Lighting Buying Guide: Table, Floor and Pendant Lamps – Danetti Lifestyle 
December 7, 2018 at 4:27 pm 0
  Lighting should never be left as an afterthought when it comes to home styling. A well thought out lighting scheme can help pull together the overall look and feel of your room while also performing a variety of functions. In this post, we’ll talk you through what lamp styles and colours to choose so you can illuminate your home in style!  

What Type of Lighting?

Let’s start with the basics. There are essentially three ways you want to light your home: Ambient, Task and Statement or Accent lighting:  

Ambient Lighting

Acting as a replacement for natural light in our homes, ambient lights are an extremely important factor in any interior space. This style of lighting should promote a comfortable level of brightness rather than a high sheen or glare.    

Task Lighting

Unlike ambient lighting, task lighting works hard in a small area. It should be used in areas you need more directional lighting, and where overhead lighting won't reach. Table lamps and pendants will help light a previously unloved corner and help you get some work done!       

Statement and Accent Lighting

Statement lights work to highlight features and add character to a room by drawing the eye to your most cherished items such as pictures or ornaments. Because of their shape and size, accent lighting is usually restricted to one area. Top Tip: When choosing your lights, think about the room's natural light and how that changes throughout the day. Are there any dark corners that would benefit from some illumination? What about a space in your room that’s just out of the sun’s reach? Placement of your lighting is just as important as the lamp itself.  

Just The Right Light

Lumens, unlike watts, are a direct measure of light output. The larger the lumen count, the brighter bulb. You can multiply a traditional light bulb wattage by 10 to provide the lumens that you should expect. For example, a traditional 40W light bulb would give about 460 Lumens. Here's another breakdown to give you a better idea of lights and lumens:  
Type of Light Lumens
Floodlight 1,000
Reading Lamp 800
Living Room 450

What Type of Lamp?

Danetti lighting - table lamps and desk lamps When you introduce lighting into your home, remember that you’re adding purpose as well as a prettiness. Whether that’s providing a guiding glow or task illumination, the type of lamp you choose will have a big impact. Here are the three main types of lamps and their purposes:  

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps don't require any installation, beyond being plugged into the nearest socket, making them one of the easiest interior updates for your home. They’re incredibly versatile too, as being a free-standing light they can be positioned throughout your home. Overarching shapes like our Evey floor lamp will make a statement in your space while slimmer profiles like the Carmel floor lamp offer lighting versatility for smaller spaces.  

Table Lamps & Desk Lamps

Like floor lamps, table lamps offer ultimate lighting versatility and are an inexpensive makeover for your home. Being lightweight and portable means they can be placed anywhere, helping illuminate dark corners and provide accent lighting.   Top Tip: a lamp with a fabric lampshade is perfect for creating a softer glow, as the shade helps to softly diffuse light throughout the room.     Table lamps are ideal for producing targeted light to assist you as you work, read or apply makeup by focusing attention and reducing eye strain.
Alma Black and Brass Table Lamp

Alma Black and Brass Table Lamp


Pendant Lamps

Pendants require more installation as they need to be hardwired into your home. But once this is done, they will transform the look and feel of your room. If you want to style your pendant over a kitchen island, allow clearance of around 75-90cm above your work surface and the bottom of the pendant. If you're worried steam and grease may come into contact with your pendant lights, make sure to pick a material that's easy to wipe clean. When it comes to sizing, pick a pendant that's in proportion with the area you want to light. Too small and the light will look lost, too big and it'll look overpowering. Pendants with or without lampshades are a good way to suit the size of the lamp to your space.   Low hanging pendants are also a great alternative to bedside lamps, like the Teo styled alongside the Mellow bed, as they look super-modern while saving space. It's a good idea to position your light switch close to your bed for easy access when reading or lounging in bed.    Top Tip: When it comes to hardwired lights, try to arrange your light switches so it’s convenient to turn them off. For example, it's best to place switches at the top and bottom of stairs, at each end of a hallway and by the door to a room.  

Warm or Bright?

Having various types of lighting throughout your home is essential to set different moods during the day and evening. Each lighting style has its place: bright for reading, working and practical tasks, and dimmed for watching TV and relaxing. A softer light will ensure a relaxed, welcoming space, projecting warmth into the room.     Top Tip: Consider the main function of the room. If it’s a kitchen or dining area, add task lights to illuminate key areas. A bedroom or living room space calls for a softer, more ambient light, such as shaded lamps that diffuse the light softly around the room.  

Extra Features

Looking for a little bit more? Keep your eye out for these features as they’ll make your lighting even more versatile...  


An adjustable lamp means you can direct light to where it’s needed most. The Hugo lamp takes this one step further, with three-adjustable lights, so you can illuminate even more of your space.
Hugo Black and Brass Floor Lamp

Hugo Black and Brass Floor Lamp


Weighty Base

Our marble lamps don’t just look effortlessly luxe, they’re incredibly practical too. Rather than being a marble effect, our marble based lamps are solid marble. Having a lamp with a weighted base helps prevent it from topping over while still remaining easy enough to reposition and move in your space.  

Decorative Bulbs

As we’ve mentioned previously in this post, lamps add both prettiness and purpose to space. We have a variety of lamps designed for use with decorative and filament bulbs. Some are included, like the sleek frosted glass bulb of the Pablo lamp. So you can really have some fun with your styling.  

And Finally, Some Lighting Top Tips...

  • Always turn the lights out when you leave a room, even if you’re just leaving the room very briefly. This will save both electricity and it's better for the environment. 
  • Don’t wait to replace your bulbs if they’ve darkened. The light may still work but they use the same amount of power as a new bulb, just with less light.
  • Brighter bulbs can make your space feel bigger and more inviting, but try to avoid using a higher wattage bulb than necessary – this can make a massive difference to your electricity bill.
  • Clean your bulbs, shades and fixtures regularly to get rid of dust and dirt that accumulates and absorbs light.
  • Something to consider is line of sight. You want it so the light is guiding but not shining uncomfortably in your face!

So there you have it!

Have we inspired you to choose some new lighting pieces for your home? We hope so! Head over to our website to shop the collection of table, floor and pendant lamps.   Have You Heard? We now do beds! Find out how to style this range and more with tips from Danetti's interior stylist.
Special Offers
Danetti At Christmas: Festive Edition. Win £300 worth of Danetti Vouchers!
December 5, 2018 at 4:12 pm 0

Danetti at Christmas

It's Christmaaaaas... well, nearly. And to celebrate the festive season, we're launching our Danetti at Christmas: Festive Edition prize giveaway! For your chance to win £300 worth of Danetti vouchers, simply share a snap of your Christmas decorations and Danetti furniture. You can share your image on Facebook, Instagram, or both! just make sure to use the #danettixmas.   Here are some of last years entries to get you started...
Christmas: Saras light and open dining area with the Fern and Stylo set is a nordic inspired dream! So clean and stylish.

Sara's light and open dining area with the Fern and Stylo set is a Nordic-inspired dream! So clean and stylish.

What a delightful corner created with our Wing Occasional Armchair and Grey Gloss Pebble Side Tables! Thanks, Lynne

What a delightful corner created with our Wing Occasional Armchair and Grey Gloss Pebble Side Tables! Thanks, Lynne

Hayley's Cleo and Santo Dining Set looks fab in her family home... We love the boxes turned into houses for the kids too!

Hayley's Cleo and Santo Dining Set looks fab in her family home... We love the boxes turned into houses for the kids too!

Entries close midnight 1st January 2019 with the winner being announced 4th January 2019. We can't wait to see your Christmassy homes! Good luck and Merry Christmas from everyone here at Danetti.  

Competition T&C’s:

  • To enter, you’ll need to share a photo of your Danetti furniture on our Facebook page or on Instagram using the #danettixmas.
  • Our interior stylist here at Danett will select the winner based on the photo they think looks the best. 
  • The competition will run from the Wednesday 5th December 2018 until Tuesday 1st of January 2018. Entries after this time will unfortunately not be counted.
  • The winner will be announced on Friday 4th January 2018.
  • The prize cannot be exchanged for money or any other product or service.
  • No purchase is necessary to enter this prize giveaway.
  So, get your Danetti furniture looking its best, put up your sparkly decorations and spread some festive cheer this Christmas.   You can view our Facebook here and Instagram here. For more style inspiration, check out the rest of our lifestyle blog.
Black Friday 2018 – Save Big This Black Friday!
November 22, 2018 at 1:21 pm 0
  Our Black Friday sale is here! So now is a better time than ever to snap up that piece (or those pieces) that have been sat in your cart for a while now but are yet to be checked out. With site wide offers and additional discounts of up to 40% on some great pieces, you’re sure to find something to suit your home in our Black Friday sale.

40% off

Our biggest saving this Black Friday, get up to 40% off a selection of dining tables, our real leather Monti dining chair in black and the handy duo side table set.  

Black Leather Monti Real Leather Dining Chair in Black

onti Real Leather Dining Chair - Friday  

Cross 4 Seater Grey Gloss and Oak Dining Table

Cross 4 Seater Grey Gloss and Oak Dining Table  

Duo Matt Grey Side Table and Lime Fabric Stool Set

Duo Matt Grey Side Table and Lime Fabric Stool Set  

30% off

Sideboards and dining tables are big investments for your home, so why not snap these statement pieces while they're 30% off!

Assi White Gloss And Walnut Sideboard

  Assi White Gloss And Walnut Sideboard  

Elise Bar Stool in Latte Beige

Elise Bar Stool Latte Beige from Danetti  

Zen 6 Seater Grey Gloss Dining Table

Zen 6 Seater Grey Gloss Dining Table


Bella Real Leather Dining Chair in Cool Grey

Bella Real Leather Dining Chair in cool grey Danetti  

Cleo 4 Seater Matt White Pedestal Dining Table


Aria Large Espresso Dark Wood Coffee Table

Aria Large Espresso Dark Wood Coffee Table  

20% off

If grey is what you're after, we've got you covered. The Arc table, Louis table and Cleo are all now 20% off in our Black Friday sale.  

Arc 4 Seater Grey Gloss Dining Table

Arc 4 Seater Grey Gloss Dining Table


Moda Dining Chair in White

Moda Dining Chair in White Danetti  

Cleo 4 Seater Matt Grey Pedestal Dining Table

Cleo 4 Seater Matt Grey Pedestal Dining Table


10% off

From durable ceramics to rich dark wood veneer, save up to 10% on selected tables and chairs.  

Louis Ceramic Marble and Light Grey Extending Dining Table

Louis Ceramic Marble and Light Grey Extending Dining Table Danetti


Aria Espresso Dark Wood and Glass Square Dining Table

Aria Espresso Dark Wood and Glass Square Dining Table Danetti


Senn Colourful Dining Chairs 


Black Friday 2018

Visit our website to shop the Black Friday 2018 sale, or give us a call on 020 3588 1380 if you have any questions. We're always more than happy to help!   **All Black Friday Offers End Midnight 26/11/18. The BF18 code will not be valid after this time.**
Cleaning Guides
Cleaning Leather Furniture: What Products Work Best!
November 6, 2018 at 6:15 pm 0
  Although we take care to look after our leather furniture, there’s no getting away from the occasional spaghetti spillage or accidental denim smudge. But what product do you trust to use on your leather when those pesky marks do occur? In this post, we've conducted our own cleaning test, on both leather and faux leather, to find the cleaning solution must-haves for your home cleaning kit.  So without further ado, let’s start some cleaning…  

Scotchgard Multi-purpose Protector

Description: Protective spray Category: Protect Price: £8.34 How to Use: Spray onto new and clean surfaces from 20cm away. Allow the leather to dry overnight (minimum of 12 hours). Reapply periodically and after cleaning to maintain protection. How we tested it: we applied the Scotch guard and then used tea droplets to see how well the surface was protected from the 'spillage'. NOTE: This Scotgaurd is designed for use on real leather, but for the purposes of this cleaning video, we thought we'd test it on the faux leather too...   Smell: 👍🏼 Texture: 👍🏼👍🏼 Easy of use: 👍🏼👍🏼 Effectiveness:👍🏼👍🏼 Our Verdict: Good for a base level of protection, easy to use and not overly expensive. Out of all the protective products we tested, this one was by far the best.  

Furniture Clinic Leather Ultra Clean

Description: Cleaning solution Category: Deep Clean Price: £17.95 How to Use: Shake the bottle before use, then spray the cleaner onto a sponge or cloth. Wipe the mark in a circular motion. How we tested it: we used tomato puree on the right of each of the leathers and dye transfer from jeans to the left.   Smell: 👎🏼👎🏼 Texture: 👍🏼👍🏼 Easy of use: 👍🏼 Effectiveness:👍🏼👍🏼 Best for: Cleaning PU Our Verdict: The cleaner worked reasonably well cleaning the sauce from the PU. This took some time (and a bit of elbow grease!) but it did manage to wipe it all away. However, the product didn’t work as well on the real leather as it struggled to get the sauce of out the deeper grooves. This cleaner didn’t work particularly well on the colour transfer. As you can see from the clip, the solution did make the stain lighter on the PU and did make it less visible on the real leather, but it didn't remove it completely.   

HG 4-in-1 Cleaner

Description: Cleaning Solution Category: Deep Clean and Protect Price: £7.48 How to Use:  To use, dampen a soft, lint-free cloth and gently rub the solution into the leather. Remove any excess so this isn't left on the leather.  How we tested it: we applied the cleaner and then used tea droplets to see how well the surface was protected from the 'spillage'.   Smell: 👎🏼 Texture: 👍🏼👍🏼 Easy of use: 👍🏼👍🏼 Effectiveness: 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 Best for: General maintenance of leather Our Verdict: This product gave the leather a really nice feel but, from our tea-test, didn't seem to create much of a barrier of resistance. This product would be good for general leather maintenance but not so much if you want to properly protect it.  

Fabric Magic Leather Cleaning Wipes

Description: leather cleaning wipes Category: Spot clean Price: £2.50 How to use: pull out of the packet and you're ready to go! How we tested it: we used tomato puree on the right of each of the leathers and dye transfer from jeans to the left.   Smell: 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 Texture: 👍🏼👍🏼 Easy of use: 👍🏼👍🏼 Effectiveness: 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 Best for: Food spillages  Our Verdict: This was by far the easiest cleaner to use, and they smelt great! The wipes didn’t remove the colour transfer so we don't recommend them for this. However, the wipes did remove most of the sauce. With the real leather, we were able to scrub a bit harder resulting in a deeper clean. If you have leather furniture then these wipes are a must-have for those quick spills and easy clean-ups. They're cheap too so even though we had to use a few to clean away the sauce, this wasn't an issue.  

Leather Upholstery Cleaning Kit 

Ink Solution (the smallest bottle of the three):

Description: cleaning solution Category: designed to remove ink Price: kit costs £14.99 How to Use: apply the solution to a damp cloth and dab the ink stain rather than rubbing. Do not apply the solution directly to the leather.  

Cleaning Solution (the spray):

Description: Cleaning spray Category: general leather cleaning Price: kit costs £14.99 How to Use: apply the solution to a damp cloth and wipe the leather in a gentle motion rather than rubbing.   How we tested them: we used a dye transfer from jeans on the right of each of the leathers and a biro pen on the left.  

Ink Solution:

Smell: 👎🏼👎🏼 Texture: 👍🏼👍🏼 Easy of use: 👍🏼 Effectiveness: 👎🏼👎🏼 Best for: - Our Verdict: Didn’t remove the ink but did make it lighter. May possibly work on smaller, lighter pen marks but not a child drawing on the surface, for example. The ink remover ultimately didn't work so this won't be the quick fix you need after your kids have gone all Picasso on your leather dining chairs!  

Cleaning Solution:

Smell: 👍🏼 Texture: 👍🏼👍🏼 Easy of use: 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 Effectiveness: 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 Best for: cleaning away dye transfers from jeans. Our Verdict: Easy to use, wiped away the colour transfer with minimal effort and pressure. Didn’t leave behind a mark. Best by far for removing a colour transfer from jeans.  

Renapur Leather Balm:

Description: Cleaning balm Category: Clean and protect Price: £12 How to Use: Apply to the leather sparingly using a dry sponge. How we tested it: we applied the balm and then used tea droplets to see how well the surface was protected from the 'spillage'.     Smell: 👎🏼👎🏼 Texture: 👎🏼 Easy of use: 👎🏼👎🏼 Effectiveness: 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 Best for: - Our Verdict: Tea rolled off both surfaces the same, seemed to have made little difference. Doesn't smell that nice and was quite hard to apply using the sponges provided. From our tests, we didn't feel like it made that much of a difference.   So there you have it. We've cleaned, wiped and scrubbed our way through these cleaners to help you find the best solutions for your leather. For more leather care and cleaning tips, make sure you take a look at our Real Leather Buying Guide.   

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