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Interior Colour Schemes for Kitchens and Diners
October 11, 2016 at 4:44 pm 0
Your kitchen is often the hub of the home, a place to hang out and chat, dine, enjoy a drink at the bar with a friend, do homework with your kids, cook up some comfort food or enjoy a special occasion. Whatever you do, you’ll find the kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your home and so it needs to be decorated accordingly. We decided to look at some of the most popular kitchen colours and share them with you!
black kitchen

Elle Deco

Back to Black:

Black can be seen as a bit dark and gloomy but not when teamed with the right other finishes. Black is becoming increasingly popular and being used more and more in kitchen spaces. Where before a black granite worktop was considered ‘on trend’, we are now seeing units being given the black treatment and worktops in walnut, concrete or stone. Forget all memories of shiny 80’s style black gloss, this time around it’s a much more organic look. So, we’re seeing sophisticated matt black finishes making an appearance in the kitchen which is then given a luxe treatment with elegant black leather and more subtle styling. Green plants add a burst of life to the scheme and the effect is very striking. However, if you are feel slightly dubious about this being too overpowering in your space and you are not too confident about it, then pare down the blackness and go for a warm grey instead. You can still blend black accessories and natural wood finishes and achieve a similar, softer look.  

Get the Look:

teal kitchen


Feel the Teal:

Ever since being names as Dulux's Colour of the Year 2014, Teal has become a really popular colour for Interiors. It is calming and restores balance in a room but also energises a space - which is ideal in a busy hub like the kitchen! Teal is extremely versatile and blends well with concrete, stone, chrome and metal as well as a more natural modern scheme like white, black and wood tones. So, whether you decide to go for teal kitchen units and more neutral worktops, walls and tiles or perhaps paint the walls or use teal tiles with a plain simple white, wood or black kitchen, this uplifting colour has really positive qualities that will bring zest and umph to any kitchen! Teal is a great backdrop for traditional and contemporary looks, so don’t think it can only be used in modern kitchens! Dating back hundreds of years, Teal is a very traditional colour. So be bold, brave and feel the teal!  

Get the Look:

white kitchen


All White

A white kitchen is still for many the first choice. It always looks smart, crisp, hygienic and fresh. Whilst it may be deemed the ‘safe’ option, generally speaking this blank canvas can provide the basic shell for showcasing some beautiful styling with accessories and splashes of colour. All white has been the ultimate in ‘cool’ style for a good few years, but it is worth noting, that it can look clinical or cold, so finding a definite ‘look’ is important to give this ‘heart of the home’ area character and and warmth. This could mean introducing a colour, texture or a glossy finish like chrome, brushed steel or glass. An all white kitchen can go in almost any style direction, yet create very different moods depending on what it’s used with. So, the options are limitless. Bright colours will create a fresh energised space, muted tones will create a calming atmospheric room. It's the hues and finishes you choose that will determine the mood in the room - it’s a brilliant option and so versatile!  

Get the Look:

bright kitchen


Kitchen Brights:

Colourful kitchens are always happy places to be! Often they are family kitchens as children need stimulation and sometimes their artwork, oilcloth tablecloths, multi coloured plastic plates and cups etc can add to the colour. A vibrant kitchen bursting with colour is always a fun place to be. It is worth bearing in mind that the family kitchen needs to be able to ‘grow-up’ just like the family. Bright kitchens could date or become tired - so do choose carefully! Some interesting advice I read recently was this, ‘There are no bad colours, just bad colour combinations’. This is a very good piece of design info - use the colour wheel to look up shades that blend. Are they warm cool? Do they enhance each other or clash? Generally speaking I would say these rules apply; either choose neutral kitchen units and add pops of colour with bar stools, splash backs, dining chairs and table. Or if you want bright kitchen units make sure the rest of the kitchen is subtle and perhaps stick to similar tones and hues - monochromatic schemes in brights work well. If you’re not sure - stick to a white kitchen and introduce other shades on the walls, chairs and tiles!     

Get the Look:

Colour, Ideas and Inspiration
Interior Inspiration: Black Chrome with Monochrome
September 23, 2016 at 1:20 pm 0
Black Chrome Collection We have just introduced a new finish to our range - Black Chrome. Chrome has never been so exciting - the reflective quality is still there but with a smoky filter that adds a stylish, unique appeal that works beautifully with the ever popular monochrome look.

So what is black chrome and what makes it different to chrome?

Black chrome is a dark luxurious finish which provides a great alternative to the brighter more reflective silver chrome - it has similar qualities and blends well with silver chrome but it is more subtle, a little deeper and less contrasting but it still creates a very strong look when used alone or combined with other finishes.

Can I mix Black Chrome in my kitchen / dining room as it already has brushed chrome and chrome accents?

Black chrome is very versatile and quite subtle and will instantly make a statement in a room. Becuase it's still a type of chrome it tones in and compliments other metalic elements. It can be used in very different ways - especially with the ever-popular Monochrome trend. Don’t be afraid to use black chrome, its smoky dark looks are for everyday use and will add to what you already have in your kitchen/dining room! This stand alone finish isn’t about matching as it works well on its own but it does blend with other finishes and textures and is a perfect ingredient in black and white schemes.

What is Monochrome?

The official definition of Monochrome is when you use black, white and grey or varying tones of only one colour. We feel that there are three strong ways to use Monochrome; High Contrast, Mid-Tone and Scandi Monochrome - read on and all will be revealed...

How can I use Monochrome with Black Chrome in my home?

Using a black and white colour scheme in your home is a brave and refreshing way of decorating - a great way of breathing life into a tired space. Here's how to create your own version of a Monochrome scheme using our Black Chrome range.

1. High Contrast Monochrome:

Black and White - This is a pure look, strong, graphic and very visual.  It has a high contrast style and is perfect for lovers of the contemporary home with a crisp, clean and sophisticated style that is not ‘muddied’ with other tones.  BlackchromeMoodboard Get the Look with Danetti:
  • Dining chairs like the Elise Black Chrome Dining Chairs and Elise Black Chrome Bar Stools in black and white faux leather would be the perfect match for this look. Choosing a white upholstered seat against the Black Chrome frame creates a fabulous sharp contrast.
  • If you are after something a little more luxurious it could be worth checking out the black and white Form Black Chrome Dining Chairs in black chrome from the Julia Kendell collection. Create an overall black look by teaming a black chrome frame with a black upholstered seat.
  • For a really glossy 'luxe' look, team a white gloss Eva table with black or white leather dining chairs.
  • As this monochrome look is strong and high contrast, use furniture that is either pure black, pure white or a blend of black and white like our Bianco nest of side tables.
  • If you are looking for something more linear then check out the striking Neo collection with it's strong black frames and glass table tops it will create a perfect contrast within a black and white scheme.


2. Mid-tone Monochrome:

Black, White and Grey: This scheme is a much more muted look and creates more atmosphere by adding another layer to contemporary pure black and white. This is more about using white and grey with black and grey, so its really about adding a bit more of a tonal middle ground and perfect for those of you wanting to create a softer look. Grey lightens the look and broadens the palette. GreychromeMoodboard Get the Look with Danetti:
  • Our gorgeous new Elise black chrome dining chairs in putty grey faux leather or the black chrome Form dining chairs in in Graphite Grey would be ideal for this look, with the muted grey colour bridging the gap between the black and white. 
  • To create this kind of monochrome look it’s important to use grey as a filler to soften the effect. Furniture that combines a mix of tones, like the Assi White and Grey Gloss Sideboard, is ideal for this looks as it encompasses the trend in on key piece. You can layer up varying tones to get an eclectic but still cohesive space. 
  • A combination of colours and finishes can be used for this look. Black Chrome blends well with silver chrome, glass surfaces, various leathers and obviously touches of pure black and white. 

Scandi Monochrome:

Black, White, Grey and Wood: The third Monochrome look is much more organic and earthy. Black, white and grey teamed with wood and other natural textures and neutral colours. This palette is more modern Scandinavian in style but very effective and hugely popular this year. As far as blending our Black Chrome range into this look goes, it’s really a question of combining a mix of all three looks but adding wood tones and more natural elements to create a tactile, contemporary look.  OakchromeMoodboard Get the Look with Danetti
  • Black Chrome Form Barstools with lighter colours such as cool grey would work well but don’t forget to drop a splash of pure black and white into the mix or it will look insipid. It's the pure black and White that creates the accents and adds punch! 
  • Choose an oak table as your starting point like the Sanza dining table in Oak, or the Luka Oak and White Extending Dining Table and then drop in black and white elements, perhaps with your choice of chairs. A blend of finishes will make this look tactile and natural too so look at combining black chrome, chrome, oak and white wood.
  • The Penny Oak and Grey Side Table is made up of two colours and finishes and creates the perfect balance for the stronger hints of black and white.
    So, what are you waiting for? Get shopping and start experimenting and introduce some black chrome and monochrome black and white interior design ideas into your home!
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Interior Master Class: How to Style your Sideboard
August 31, 2016 at 2:16 pm 0

Create show stopping focal points in your home with our top Sideboard styling tips.

Have you ever looked through the pages of magazines and wondered how the stylists make furniture look so good - is there a secret science to creating that effortlessly stylish look? The answer is yes. With a little insider info direct from the Danetti Stylists, we’ll show you how it’s done. Creating a perfectly styled sideboard!  

All White:

At first glance this looks like a really beautiful simple shot of a white sideboard, but it's no accident how casually grouped it looks - it's all planned! This arrangement is particularly interesting as it is styled up on one side. So, how come it doesn’t look lopsided? It's all to do with the careful balance of accessories and so visually it looks equally weighted. White sculptural forms with soft rounded edges grouped loosely in three’s work beautifully together and set the scene for the eye trickery! What does that mean? Well, it's quite simple! A cascading ivy takes the eye from the low left hand side and slowly rises along the surface to the top of the taller plant and the picture frames. Your eye is never too distracted as the grey tones of the prints and the candles blend gently into the otherwise all white scheme - easy!  

Aria glass and white oak sideboard £649.

Family Living:

Family living is often vibrant and fun with bursts of colour but sometimes lots of clutter! Danetti have created this wonderful Glide sideboard in collaboration with Julia Kendell to allow ample concealed space within the sideboard itself . Allowing you to create a stylish surface on top. So how does this one work? Well again there is a careful planning to this stylish arrangement. Firstly the grouping of three accessories on one side add varying heights to one side. Then adding wide bowl on the other side helps balance the tall group and combine beautifully with the sideboard and other accessories.  All the while subtly combining all the colours used elsewhere - simple!  

Glide sideboard in grey gloss with teal and oak £549. 

Warm Tones:

Its much harder to create a fresh look on a wooden surface than on white furniture. Wood is a wonderful material but the grain can create quite a distraction and is a focal point in its own right. So, how can you lighten up the look of wood and blend the accessories? The stylists at Danetti have created this look to accentuate the warm tones of the Walnut Assi sideboard. By choosing some soft aubergine and chocolate coloured glass vases compliment the warmth of the walnut. Then we've blended the coloured glass with white pots and monochrome prints. By using lots of greenery and a copper tray for the grouping on the left hand side to sit on we tie the entire look together. Why does the tray help? Well, using a darker tray helps to bridge the colour and warmth gap between the white sculptural pots and the rich wood tones helping to blend the colours and textures so that it looks pleasing and not too harsh.  

Assi walnut sideboard £449.


Eastern Promise - Stylists Top Tips! 

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Interior Inspiration: How to Style 1 Console Table 2 Ways
July 13, 2016 at 2:11 pm 0

Modern Console Tables

Once you invest in a console table you'll find it a really helpful addition to your home. Its that great ledge where you can either enhance and decorate your room by creating a focal point. It will often provide much needed space for essentials like keys, clocks, and phones. Perhaps use in a dining room to give you extra serving storage? A console table will offer a place for plates, glasses or bottles to be on display. They are practical, useful and can be beautiful too! When choosing what sort of console table you want, have a think about the room you it’s going in and how you’ll use it.

Modern Contemporary Console Table

A modern console table can work well in classical settings too as long as you get the styling balance right. You can create a sort of eclectic look. If you have enough space in your home it might be worth considering console tables with storage for an added space saving bonus. We have just brought out a stunning modern glass console table with chrome legs called the Tiva glass and chrome console table. What is so great about this slim glass console table, is that it has such a simple design and being glass it is really perfect for almost any room in your home. This is because it can easily blend with your existing interior schemes. The glass top console table is wide enough to provide a good surface whilst not taking up too much space. We were amazed at how versatile the console table was and decided to style it two ways to give you ideas and inspiration. We're going to show you how you could use a small glass console table in your home. Whether you are looking for something decorative and feminine, or perhaps a more dramatic masculine look. Either way we hope this inspires you to see where in your home the Tiva could work for you!  

Perfect Pastels

A glass hallway table creates a perfect 'stage' for creating a dramatic entrance to your home and our lovely Tiva console provides a great surface for decorative objects. So with a plain white wall, we decided to use some colour and developed a strong pastel scheme. Based around an abstract painting that we used as our starting point, we feel this is punchy, without being too overpowering. We created the look by using coloured glass on the transparent table. Then we gently built up the colour until it reached the striking abstract print. Finally, we choose to use a fairly elaborate twig to balance the harder edges of the chrome. While working with the softer colours this creates a really harmonious balance. We finished off the look by adding a strong patterned rug in complimentary colours. This will really help the table stand out and the accessories above feel more connected.  

A Monochrome Moment:

A console table doesn’t have to just be used in a hallway. It can also provide an ideal place to either store useful things in any room, create a display or create an extra surface for whatever you like. We thought it would be great to use the chrome and glass combination in a more masculine setting to show how versatile the Tiva console table can be. Using a stylish monochome black and white palette punctuated with hints of inky blue this look is graphic with an urban style about it. Black and white framed prints add height to the console table area creating more impact. We also have the boldly patterned vase which creates a strong focus and combines well with the rug. We always use some sort of foliage when styling tables as it adds life to the other more static accessories.

9 Styling tips for your Tiva Console Table:

So, when you decide that you need one of these little gems in your life, here are a few tips to consider when it comes to styling your Tiva console table. (oh, and by the way, if you are thinking of one of these for your dining room - don’t forget to check out our stunning Tiva dining table incase you want a matching set!).
  1. Consider changing the paint colour of the wall behind the console table. This will help to create a more dramatic, stylish look.
  2. Does your flooring look plain? Have a look and see if you need to enhance the setting with a new rug to create more impact.
  3. Think about your colour scheme. If you want to blend and combine patterns, as long as the colours are the same tones and hues they will mix perfectly without clashing.
  4. Create height by either using something tall on the surface or use the wall behind to hang artwork. This is key, as it will help you frame the area and turn it into a focal point in your room. 
  5. Try to use some sort of foliage as it will breathe life into your arrangement.
  6. If you have the space, think about expanding your console display area. We did this by using a floor standing lamp, but a tall plant would work equally well. By extending the arrangement, you'll give it more substance in the room, whilst freeing up the useful surface area for other things.
  7. If you want to stack books on the console but still want to create an attractive selection theres a few things you could try. Our top stylist tip is to either remove the dust jackets to see if the colours work nicely. Otherwise simply turn the books around so that the white pages are on display rather than the spines. Don't forget to choose an attractive simple book to sit on the top.
  8. Always group things in three’s. It really IS the magic number! If you want to know more, read a previous post here for more information.
  9. Remember that you can also use the space under the console table, but always style it neatly. Boxes and baskets can give you more storage and add to your setting. By choosing colours which blend with your chosen look will help create a effortlessly cool area.
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Interior Inspiration: How to Dress a Coffee Table
May 6, 2016 at 10:47 am 2

Aria White Coffee Table Portrait

Have you ever wondered how to achieve an effortless ‘designer look’ in your home? What is the trick to giving your living room coffee table the kind of makeover you see in your favourite interiors magazines and what about finding out what sort of things to put on your coffee table. Well, believe it or not, there is actually a styling science to creating the effect. As usual, we are going to share our decorating tips with you, so that you can recreate the look at home. The trick of creating a naturally styled look is all about how you put your accessories together and what you combination of objects you choose. Coffee tables are a great surface to style and decorate. However all too often can end up looking like a dumping ground for mugs, remote controls and paperwork. Same as an unmade bed, a messy coffee table top instantly makes a room look cluttered, unloved and certainly won’t be winning any style awards. Give your room a quick spring clean by clearing the clutter. Plump up your sofa cushions, get rid of the opened, discarded letters, old magazines, coasters you never use and Lego figures currently littered all over the coffee table top. With a clean slate you are now ready to begin your masterclass in coffee table styling. Following these coffee table decorating tips, you’ll soon see how you are using the surface to enhance the style of your home.

Coffee Table Display Ideas!

So, if you feel that you have got the coffee table styling bug, perhaps its time to take it to the next level. Coffee table arrangements within your coffee table styling! These hints and tips can be adapted to all tabletops, so are not just coffee table decor ideasDecorating the top of a coffee table is easy! It is essentially a square, rectangle or a circle and depending on its size there are a few options for the placement of your accessories. I’ve divided them up into style types. Have a look and see which one suits your table and give it a go!

Styled Corners:

This is quite an art and involves styling all corners of your table. Play with different objects, art, books etc but keeping them visually equally weighted. A centrepiece can also help pull this look together ,so go and have a play with your design ideas!    

Contain your Groupings:

Sometimes if you have some small things that you want to display, it might be worth grouping them on a tray? This way they have more impact as a group. This idea would also work by using a shallow large bowl (especially on a round coffee table ). This is also an ideal solution if your coffee table has an uneven surface. Above all, this will give the objects more substance and helps them show up properly by ‘framing’ them.  

Less is More:

As with all styling, be it fashion or interiors,  this rule always applies somewhere. It could be that your coffee table just needs a small simple boost. Perhaps just a lovely stack of books with a decorative topper? Or maybe a beautiful arrangement of flowers in a simple vase.

The Line Up: 

For longer, larger coffee tables try lining up piles of similar accessories. It could be a low stacks of books, a small bowl and a few stand alone objects like pebbles or shells to combine the look. Try to create groupings that are either the same colours and tones or have the same theme.     Follow this simple guide to create a beautiful coffee table arrangement: Coffee Table Styling Blog Post Final

P.S. If you love these ideas but don't have a coffee table to style...why not improvise? Have a look around your home for tables/storage trunks or stools and group them together. Release your inner stylist and start dressing your tablescape!

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Interior Inspiration: How to Fit a Home Office in a Small Hous
April 15, 2016 at 5:32 pm 0

No home is complete without a home office.

But what if you are short on space? At Danetti we are always offering interior design tips to customers regarding their purchases and helping them choose the right products for their spaces. So, we thought that having just launched our new Scandi desk, we would suggest some specific home office design ideas for small spaces. Helping you create a perfect spot for at home.   It may be that you have a spare small room that can be your dedicated office space. Or perhaps it’s a case of trying to find a small space within a larger room. Either way there will be a solution! If you are looking for home office ideas, some home office furniture or maybe you just need some help with your home office styling. We’ve come up with a variety of looks for you to try which will help you when designing your small home office. We will be showing you colour combinations and a few furniture choices for the ultimate home office.  

Finding a Home Office Space:

The first thing that you need to think about is what sort of space you want? Do you need storage? If you need a full size desk for a Mac you’ll need a desk top width of around 125 cm wide. Bear this in mind when you are looking to slot a desk into a certain space. If you only need space for a small laptop, then you’d need something much smaller. The Scandi desk is 105cm wide and provides ample space for small devices. Don’t forget - you don’t have to have a desk, it could be that a small table will suffice.    

Do it Yourself:

Once you know how much space you need, you can start to look around your home with fresh eyes. If you don’t have a study and you are looking for a space saving solution, look again. Could that wasted under stairs space become an impromptu home office? If you know someone handy with  jigsaw, ask them to craft some shelves and a desk top out of MDF to fit the space perfectly. Add a few filing drawers, a desk lamp, notice board and a desk chair. Hey presto- you will have created an ideal home office in no time! Perhaps you could put that wide alcove in your bedroom to better use? Why not put up some shelves within the alcove area from head height up to the ceiling. Find a good fitting narrow desk that fits snugly within the space. Add a chair and your laptop, some magazine files and desk lamp and look at that - an instant pop up office. Or, may the empty deep cupboard in the hallway, currently cluttered up with coats and skateboards be just enough space for a small desk and some shelves? If you take the door off you could make a perfect perch and with some office style inspiration, turn it into a little work hub! Whatever you decide you’ll be surprised at how easy it can be to find the perfect nook!  

Styling your home office

Putting your mark on your home office will need some interior design inspiration. We came up with a few ideas recently that work really well colour wise that could be adapted for smaller spaces. So if you are integrating your home office into an existing space then it might be best to co-ordinate it with what’s already in the room. Just to ensure it blends well with the scheme. On the other hand, if its a room on it’s own or a little contained area - then you can be brave with colour and make a feature of it!

Ideas to Try

Have a look at some of these ideas for some real home office design inspiration! You can create a mood for your home office space with colour. Whats more, depending on where in your home it is, you can style it to blend into a room or be bold and let it be a feature in its own right!

Tropical Treat:

We decided to create a slightly tropical breezy feel for this look. An ombre wall has a lovely soothing effect, especially when painted in a light teal colour like this. This type of arrangement would fit into a corner of a room like a bedroom or living room as its not too office heavy. A small notice board is a useful place to pin notes but otherwise it is quite a decorative look. Oak Scandi desk £199, Eames style chair with wood base £49, Danetti 

An alternative chair for this look:



Pale and Interesting:

Soft neutral colours provide a gentle mood for this look. Plus, there is a something quite relaxing and calming about the neat ordered way the papers are clipped on the wall.  By using these gentle tones this subtle looking desk space could easily blend into an existing scheme. Oak Scandi desk £199, Grey Senn chair £32, Danetti

An alternative chair for this look:


Back in Black: 

This look is all about creating a busy hub for working, organising and managing your home. Blackboard paint is a great idea for scribbling down important reminders and notes. This sort of look works really well in a dedicated study or spare room. Plus, it's great for teenagers bedrooms too as they can graffiti the walls without getting in trouble! Scandi black Ash desk £199, Eames style chair with wire base £49, Danetti

An alternative chair for this look:

Shelf Life:

If you need to integrate your workspace into your living space, try styling your shelves in a decorative way so that they help to balance the home office with the general feel of the room. Next, try to mix and match pictures and decorative items with all of your office paraphernalia. Erin Shelves £119, Danetti

Black and Blue: 

There is nothing subtle about this look. This is for the more seasoned home worker! The Scandi Black Ash Desk is almost camouflaged against the dark wall. For this reason it's perfect for a home office station in the corner of a communal space. The desk is a good size for laptops and the shelves are stocked with books and box files. If you work from home, remember to invest in a comfortable chair - this Eames style armchair is ideal for a lengthy perch! Scandi desk £199, Erin shelves £119, Eames style armchair £55, Danetti  

7 Things you’ll need for making a study nook in your home

  1. Any surface that is big enough for your laptop/tablet and enough space for pen and paper
  2. Keep your pens/pencils in a pot for easy access
  3. Store some basic office supplies (stapler, paper clips, sellotape etc) in a drawer or in a box or a jar.
  4. Make sure you have a chair to suit your needs - it’s important to be comfortable whilst at your desk.
  5. Include something inspiring, stimulating or motivating in your desk set up - it could be a quote you love or an image of something that spurs you on - it will help you keep you going!
  6. Invest in task lighting - you will definitely need a desk lamp or some form of lighting for your office space.
  7. Create a ‘work’s over now’ ritual! Working from home can make it difficult to switch off. Most importantly, make sure you close the door, draw the curtain, turn off the desk lamp or simply just shut the laptop. Whatever you do, turn your back on the home office when the work is done!
Ideas and Inspiration
Modern Contemporary or Soft Sculptural? Which Style are You?
February 12, 2016 at 1:43 pm 0
On our most recent shoot created two similar looks, each with a different feels. We took two of our new dining sets and shot them in the same room set. However, but by styling them slightly differently we can show you just how versatile our furniture can be. One look is sharper, more of a cool city style. While the other is a gentle, curvaceous tactile look, but still with a modern edge.  Our dining sets are always effortlessly stylish and modern but sometimes it can be hard to visualise how they will work in your space. Here we show you how easy it is to create a look you want. By adding a few different twists, the furniture can sit happily in any home with existing accessories. Or, if you are in a mood for change, why not copy our room set style! 

Look 1: Modern Contemporary

If you are looking for a more urban style with a modern contemporary feel why not recreate this look. The gorgeous glass Tiva table is ideal for creating a feeling of space. With the reflective chrome legs it looks stunning, especially when paired with cool grey Elise chairs. The chrome chair legs enhance the look perfectly and add to the overall elegance of this uber stylish set.   Set in a monochrome room with touches of colour, this is a look for those who want a bit more out of minimalism. By just choosing elements that make a style statement so here are some tips to follow when trying out this look at home:
  • Stick to a monochrome scheme overall.
  • Inject some colour with well chosen accessories. But remember- less is more.
  • For a modern urban feel choose chrome, glass or brushed steel.
  • Don’t be afraid to ‘fluff’ it up a bit with some soft textures like sheepskin, which work in contrast to the cool metals.
  • Greenery or something floral will bring life to the scheme. Even a bunch of plain foliage or twigs is enough to get the look.
  What we used: Tiva Glass and Elise large Dining Set £539Canio Leather Occasional Armchair £499, Reflect White Gloss and Chrome sideboard £499.  

Look 2: Soft and Sculptural

If you are looking for something a bit softer visually you might like the tactile curves of the new white gloss Eva table and the gentle shape of the Santos chairs. This is a really stunning combination with a sculptural feel that is easy on the eye and looks contemporary but classical. The white gloss is a striking finish. Whilst the chairs that are wrapped from top to toe in faux leather are beautifully curved and stackable too! What really makes this look is the absence of a metal finish which makes it all about the silhouette. Once again set in a monochrome room, this look works well but appears softer and more feminine than our previous look. If you are after a gentle version of cool style then this is the look for you. If you want to get this look at home, try these tips:
  • Use soft modern pastels like mint to accentuate the monochrome backdrop.
  • Add stylish texture and pattern with cushions and other soft furnishings like rugs etc.
  • This look works with tactile textures like leather and white gloss. Don't be afraid to mix textures. Gloss, matte and leather will all blend really well in a mix of monochrome tones. 
  • Accessorise this look with stylish bold pieces - a dash of clutter but not too much! Here we went for fewer bolder pieces. A great interior designer tip is to go for oversized props. Choosing props that are larger will automatically give a more dramatic impactful look. 
  • Choose sculptural leaves and plants, with strong large blooms for a graphic feel. Shop around, there are some amazing faux versions available. 
Danetti 260116_07

Styling our Canio Chair £499, Grey Gloss Side Tables £119 and Eva and Santo Dining Set £615 together for a clean and contemporary look.

What we used: Eva white gloss and Santo stackable 6 seater dining set £615, Canio Leather Occasional Armchair £499, Reflect White Gloss and Chrome sideboard £649.