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How to pick the perfect mattress
September 25, 2020 at 4:29 pm 0
Boutique Opulence 2400 Pocket Spring Super King Mattress

If there is one product you should love and invest in, it is your mattress. Did you know research shows that an uncomfortable mattress can rob you of up to an hour’s vital, restful sleep? Not what you need… it is time to relax and retreat to a comfortable bed after a long day.

If you are in search of a new mattress, there are actually a few things you should consider before you make your purchase and that is where this blog comes in! A helpful and handy guide on how to pick the perfect mattress that is right for you and your needs.

What you need to know before you start the search

Now this might seem like an obvious one, but a lot of people do not link their lack of sleep to a faulty mattress. The National Bed Federation recommends replacing your mattress every 7 years, so it is quite often worn out before we even realise.

According to The Sleep Council, having a bed with the correct support, comfort and space can have a real positive impact on your sleep cycle. Those who invested in a better-quality mattress reported waking less during the night, feeling less fidgety, less disturbed by their partner and were less likely to wake up feeling tired or achy.

Could it be time for a new mattress? If you find yourself answering ‘yes’ to more than two of the below then it may be time…

  • I wake up during the night
  • I fidget a lot at night
  • My partner wakes me up when they roll over
  • I wake up feeling tired
  • I wake up feeling achy
  • We have had our mattress for more than 7 years

A note from Danetti: We sell mattresses for Double Beds, King Size Beds and Super King Size Beds – plus, we know how much of a hassle it can be to get rid of your old mattress, so we offer a disposal service where we take away your old one and recycle all the separate components so nothing goes into landfill.

Forever Wellness 1700 Pocket Spring King Size Mattress

The Comfort Factor

Your mattress needs to offer the right support for your body and most importantly, your spine. The most popular choice of mattress tension for us is our Medium range which is both comfortable and supportive. Mattresses also come in Firm tension which has thicker gauge springs.

If you are unsure on where to begin when it comes to picking the right tension, you can shop with comfort in mind knowing that we can help pick the right mattress for you – each of our mattresses is made with care in the UK by skilled experts using premium constructions and natural materials.

Comfort Bliss 1000 Pocket Sprung Double Mattress

Your Sleep Personality

It is important to consider other factors of your sleeping routine that are important to you. For example, if you always get hot at night you should consider purchasing a breathable mattress with primarily natural fibres.

Do you prefer to keep the bed making and changing the sheets process simple? If you would prefer to not have to flip and rotate your mattress over on a regular basis, there are easy care options available to suit you better.

If you want to a cosy and enveloping feeling from your mattress, you might prefer a pillow topped mattress. Whatever your preference, make sure your mattress suits the factors most important to you.

Ultimate Pillow-Top 2000 Pocket Spring King Size Mattress

Where is it going?

If the mattress is going in your master bedroom and will be used every day, it would be beneficial to explore all options that match your comfort and personality preferences as there may be mattresses available in both a low, medium and high price range. If you are looking for a mattress for your spare bedroom, then you may want to consider more budget friendly styles.

Budget will often play a part of the choosing process, but one thing worth bearing in mind is, if you spend £1000 on a new bed and mattress and you keep it for its recommended life cycle, according to The Sleep Council, that equates to less than 40p per night and if you want to break it down further, just 6p per hour of sleep. Well worth the investment!

To summarise:

  1. Make sure you have done a bit of research before you start to shop
  2. Pick the right size mattress for your bed
  3. Always think about what kind of comfort would suit your body best
  4. Remember other factors that matter to you personally and would benefit your sleeping habits
  5. Explore various price ranges to suit your budget and your rooms
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Give your bedroom a new look for less
September 21, 2020 at 12:20 pm 0
Maya Navy Blue Velvet King Size Bed

When it comes to enhancing rooms in your home, the bedroom can always seem like an afterthought. Perhaps because it is not the first room that is stepped into when you have guests over, but it is equally as important to invest in because it is the place you go to when you need to relax and retreat.

There are so many ways you can turn your bedroom into a sleeping haven without the big price tag. By simply moving things around, investing in a couple of new pieces or changing accessories, you can create a whole new look and feel without too much time or money spent.

Here are some of our top tips on how you can give your bedroom a makeover for less:

Our new Maya Light Grey Velvet King Size Bed has gorgeous headboard detailing
  • Mix colours together

There are three ways of playing around with colours in your bedroom – stick with one, keep it neutral with a pop of colour, or make a bold statement.

If your bedroom follows one colour scheme, find another shade or two that works well with it and add pieces in to create a dreamy pastel vibe or a fun and vibrant space.

If your bedroom follows a more neutral colour scheme such as greys and silvers, mixing in a blush pink through extra cushions, lampshades or even a centrepiece above the bed can create a cosy and homely feel.

If you want to make more of a bold statement against lighter neutral shades, accenting with peacock blue, ocean teals and mustard yellows can really add just the right amount of ‘cheeriness’ to a calming space.

  • Add a mirror

Mirrors can make any room look bigger because they reflect and accent the light – whether that is natural light during the day or even artificial light at night. If your room is on the smaller side, simply hang one on the wall or angle one in a space to give the illusion of depth. Mirrors can also act as an imitation window if you pick a style that is framed or go for a design that looks like a windowpane, this will help to enhance the illusion of space.

Dexter Navy Blue Velvet Super King Size Bed With Storage
  • Play with textures and patterns

You can add visual interest to your bedroom by mixing in different textures and patterns through accessories and bedding. The focal point of a bedroom is of course the bed, so switching up your duvet, throw, or cushions can be such a simple change that makes a huge difference.

Here is a stylist tip for you – white bedding is the perfect backdrop for your bedroom décor. It will go with whatever cushions you have and any other shades or textures you want to incorporate, providing the perfect neutral and blank canvas to start with.

If you have not thought about accessorising your bed before, throwing on a printed pillow or blanket can transform the room. In the winter, adding a big cosy wool blanket or fluffy throw to your bed can not only keep you warm, but looks very cosy and inviting for those frosty nights!

You cannot beat rolling out of bed and stepping onto a luxuriously soft and warm rug, and this is another fun way to play with textures and pull the look and feel of the room together.

Carina Blush Pink Velvet King Size Bed
  • Bring in your personality

Add a bit of you to your bedroom through accessories on the walls, side tables and dressers. If your walls are blank, hanging up artwork can make a style statement and add interest to the space.

Photographs are a great way of adding something personal to the room and investing in new frames can add life. You can even get creative by displaying them in all sorts of formats – string and pegs, fairy lights and ropes and beams are quirky ways of showcasing your memories and can also become a family fun DIY project. See Pinterest for some inspiration on how to do this!

You can also use your photos or prints to ‘frame’ your bed which adds to the comfort and cohesiveness of the space.

If you have any collectibles such as figures, or you have vases and candles, you can group these items on your dresser to create points of interest. It is best to group in threes and vary the heights to frame the space. A vase full of flowers on a side table would look bright and fresh.

To summarise – our top tips:

  1. Do not be afraid to play around with patterns or textures
  2. Updating your bedding, adding cushions, or buying a rug are simple ways of enhancing the room
  3. Mixing colours is such a simple way to bring a space to life
  4. If you have a small bedroom, simply adding a mirror can create the illusion of more space
  5. Add personality through art, photographs, and décor accessories
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Danetti’s top 5 material trend picks for 2020
May 14, 2020 at 4:54 pm 0

This years interiors are seeing an influx of new and old materials leading the look in our homes. A key theme worth noting is the move to a fresh and clean feeling interior with materials such as glass, ceramic and leather. In contrast to this people are also adding more colour, texture and vibrance to their homes with lashings of velvet, bold colours and warm metallics such as brass.

With this in mind here are our top 5 picks for material trends in 2020.


First up we have VELVET.

Velvet has made a big come back in interiors over the last 18 months and it isn’t going anywhere soon. Velvet can be a great addition in any part of your home and works great in dining, living and bedroom. It’s a great way to add a pop of colour in a dining chair, jewel tone sofa or even a statement headboard.

Amalfi Luxe Peacock Velvet

Our Amalfi luxe velvet ottoman bed is a real statement and the perfect way to work in a trendy yet timeless colour like our peacock blue.


Secondly we have BRASS. This warm coloured metal has taken off recently in interiors and we can see why. It is a great way to add a subtle yet exciting detail to your home and pairs perfectly with both bold coloured velvets and reflective surfaces such as ceramic or glass.

Eclipse White Marble and Brass Side Table

Both polished and brushed brass are a great accent and add a focal point to any room whether set against a velvet bed or sofa. Our Eclipse side table is great example with its polished brass surface and white glass top, it works great in both bedroom, living or any corner or your home that needs that ‘touch of brass’.


Third up we have marble & ceramic. Both materials present a nice clean surface with great properties. Ceramic is super durable which makes it an excellent surface in dining tables. Marble adds an element of texture and interest to a room and its polished surface makes it an easy clean surface in living rooms when used in side tables for which to perch your drink.

Mia 6 Seater White Ceramic Dining Table

New to our range we have the Mia dining table which is available in both light and dark ceramic, its super durable, affordable and pairs perfectly with our velvet dining benches to create an all round trend tailored look.


Fourth on the list is Leather, which we have seen making a comeback this year. It makes a perfect pariing with both ceramic and glass dining tables for a super clean, fresh feeling dining look which is why we think its made such a stir on Pinterest recently. Its also easy clean and hard wearing which makes it a great choice for heavily used seating such as dining benches or sofas.

Leather Cool Grey Leather Bar Stool

Our lambert barstools are a super affordable way to add leather into your kitchen and look great set against the trending darker coloured kitchens of this season!

are a super affordable way to add leather into your kitchen and look great set against the trending darker coloured kitchens of this season!


Our fifth and final trend material pick for 2020 is GLASS.

The reflective properties of glass make it a great way to add depth to your space and achieve a clean and minimal look. Set against darker colours in the room setting such as wall colour, velvet seating or even the glass itself in a smoked finish, provide a really visually impacting space whilst maintaining a modern and minimalistic look.

Fraser Dark Extending Dining Table

Our new Fraser table comes in both dark and white glass and provides a great setting for entertaining friends with its extendable dining table feature.

If you would like to work any of the material trends into your home but you’re not sure where to start, let us know and we will be more then happy to help you work the trends and perfect your interior style!

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Spring Storage Ideas
May 6, 2020 at 2:35 pm 0

Being on lockdown is tough, we’re all missing our family and friends, but spending more time at home has given us the opportunity to start sorting out those jobs we’ve been putting off. Now’s the time for a spring tidy-up, give your home a little spruce up and bring in some clever storage solutions to your space.

Here are our top tips and suggestions for nifty, space-saving, storage solutions.

In the living room

Storage can mean different thing to different people and their needs. If you have a smaller space storing furniture away is as important as tidying your stuff away. This is why we love nesting tables! They are perfect for small spaces where you can keep them together on a day-to-day basis, but when you have guests or need an extra side table, simply pull one out and ta-dah! The Pebble and Dice range of gloss nesting tables are space-saving and perfect for adding a splash of colour to your living room, while the Denver dark oak coffee table has a spacious drawer and floating shelf offering double the space to tidy away your things!

Denver Dark Oak Storage Coffee Table

Consider a small sideboard as a TV stand. Sitting higher than a low TV unit means you utilise all that extra storage space! Take a look at the Elton Sideboard to add some storage and a touch of elegance to your living room.

In the hallway

Hallways and entrance spaces should feel welcoming, yet with high amounts of traffic a hallway needs to be clutter-free. Hallways can often end up being a neglected space, a dumping ground for bags, shoes, keys and post. If you have a narrow hallway, consider a slim console table, like the Acute Console Table to display your home ornaments and family photos, instantly creating a friendly feel as you walk in the door, and with a handy shelf you can also have extra storage space.  

Acute White Gloss & Brass Console Table

For even more storage the Denver console table has a long drawer to tidy away those things you don’t want on display all the time, as well as a floating shelf. To lighten up your hallway hang a large statement mirror or a collection of mismatched smaller mirrors to reflect light and give the illusion of an open space. For additional storage the Amalfi Ottoman Benches are a cosy perch to pop your shoes on, while also offering space to tidy away your hats, gloves, scarves etc.

In the kitchen-diner

No matter how much storage your kitchen has, you always need more, right? Sideboards are the ideal choice here. This versatile piece of furniture can be used to display your home accessories and family photos, to divide a space between kitchen and dining room, as well as somewhere to store your crockery, glasses and much more. Our sideboards come in large, generous sizes like the Eve white sideboard, and a more compact size like the Geo matt white and brass sideboard, perfect for popping in a little nook to really make the best use of a space.

Geo White Matt Textured Sideboard

The Fern Grey Gloss Console Table is great for displaying your cookbooks and crockery, or set up an ‘adult-only’ drinks station for those all-too-often date nights at home.

In the home office

What’s that old saying about a clean space, means a clear mind? Now, more than ever before, the home office has become one of the most-used rooms in the home, so it’s time to tidy away the mess and knuckle down on lockdown. Choose a desk with plenty of leg room (you’ll need to be comfortable in your WFH space), but also somewhere you can tidy away the paperwork or laptop when you’re done for the day. Our Trestle desks, available in a classic white or rich dark oak, are perfect, there’s a discreet drawer that runs the width of the desk to tuck away your things and loads of leg room too.

Trestle Dark Oak Desk

In the bedroom

Storage beds are the obvious choice for anyone a little strapped for space. Our Mellow beds have a whopping 27cm deep storage, we call this our “Super Storage” range and it’s perfect for storing away some of those bulkier items that you don’t want on show.

Mellow Ottoman Storage Bed

And for those smaller items? Opt for a bedside table with storage space, like the Benton bedside tables.  If you’re after a dressing table but don’t have the space, consider a slimline console table, chose a style with an extra shelf like the Acute, where you can pop your hairdryer, straighteners and make-up, simply hang a large statement mirror above and away you go.

Benton Double Drawer Bedside Table

We hope we’ve inspired you with some ideas, do let us know how your coping on lockdown and your home storage shots using the hashtag #mydanetti.

Luxury Beds
May 1, 2020 at 4:39 pm 0

Nothing says luxury more than a grand, luxury headboard. Creating a statement in your bedroom has never been easier than with our NEW range of ottoman beds, each with a designer look, without the designer price tag!

The Extended Headboard

An extended, luxury headboard will create a focal point within your bedroom. Opt for a subtle feather grey colour that will allow you to accessorise your space with colourful bedding and textiles, or go for a bold peacock green colour for a warm and inviting space. An extended headboard bed doesn’t take up more room, the bed size is still the same, but it creates a much more impactful look. Oh and did we mention, the Amalfi Luxe also has USB ports, so you can charge your devices during the night!

Amalfi Luxe Ottoman Bed in Peacock Velvet

 The Mid-Century Look

For a mid-century modern look, the Clover bed has clean, simple lines that marry perfectly with modern plush velvet upholstery and brass details. Style this bed with a muted palate, allowing the bed’s rich green colour to take centre stage, and add dried foliage to your room to complete the look.

Clover Bed in Fern Green Velvet

The Statement Headboard

Our range of luxury headboard beds will really make a statement in your room. The Leo bed, available in a dark teal/navy blue or light, feather grey, has a contemporary chevron design. The Amalfi, is one of our bestselling styles, with a panel, quilted design. Both beds have a tall headboard and ottoman storage space, so not only do they have a grand style to them, they’re really practical too!

Leo Feather Grey Velvet Bed with Storage

The Curved Headboard

A curved headboard creates a cosy, welcoming feel – just what you want when it’s time to snuggle up in bed. The Mellow ottoman bed not only creates impacts, it also has extra-deep ottoman storage so it’s super practical too! The Carina bed also has a lovely, smooth curved shape to it, making the space feel really cosy and inviting, just like @style.less.home bedroom makeover.

Mellow Teal Velvet Bed with Storage

The Colourful Headboard

It’s easy to inject a little colour into your room with our stylish range of velvet headboards. If you’re after a delicate, feminine look the Darcy blush pink bed is ideal, or for a storage bed take a look at the Amalfi blush pink. For a rich, jewel tone the Turin or Amalfi in peacock green, paired with colourful, wallpaper and textiles, like @eli_at_home did here with the Carina bed in Ocean blue.

Carina Ocean Velvet Bed

Complete the look

To complete the look in your bedroom, carefully consider your bedside tables. For a practical storage option the Benton bedsides are perfect, with drawer space and a cable holes so you can charge your devices during the night without having cables all over the floor! For an art-deco vibe to your room, the elegant Venus glass and brass side tables are perfect, or for slim-line option with shelf space take a look at the sleek Layla marble and chrome bedside table.

We’d love to see how your styling your luxury headboard beds. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram with #mydanetti and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Pintrest for more top tips and ideas.

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Product for the Space
April 8, 2020 at 3:52 pm 0
Before buying a product it is important to consider not only the style and colour of the product itself but the environment it is going into. Thinking about how the product will be used and where to put it in the space is fundamental when choosing the right product. We share our top 5 tips for making the most out of your space. Ensuring you have the right products for your home.  

Interhouse Design shows us how to use furniture to break up their space and create separate zones


1. Draw A Floor Plan

  Before you start arranging furniture, it's a good idea to draw yourself a little floor plan. If you cut out your furniture to scale on a separate piece of paper, you can easily move things around until you have a layout you're happy with. Remember to include key features in the room such as windows, doors and fireplaces.  

The Fern and Eames set looks great in Mihaela and Stephen's open plan apartment

  By creating a floor plan, you will be able to visualise the space and ensure you have enough space to walk around your furniture. If you have an open plan living space, you can see clear walkways and allow better flow throughout the room. For dedicated spaces, you'll be able to squeeze a little more in. By back your furniture against walls, you can make the most out of your space.  

All of our product pages have measurements, so you can effectively plan your new layout

  Always read the measurements box on our products pages to ensure that it can fit into the space selected. This is useful with a multifunctional room, you can easily see what can go where.    

2. Use Focal Points as a Guide

  Think next as to how the space is going to be used and who will use it. Identify the focal point in the room whether it be a fireplace, view, television, etc and orient the furniture facing this accordingly. If you plan to watch television in the room, the ideal distance between the set and the seating is three times the size of the screen.    

Centralise your Luxe Chaise to create a central focal point

  By framing a focal point with your furniture you can bring a real dramatic feel to your room. Place sofas facing each other either side of a fireplace for a cosy seating arrangement. Alternatively, if you want your sofa to be the focal point, position in the centre of your room, with enough room to walk the entire way around.    

3. Try to Create Space

  When you are arranging your furniture, always ensure the path between doorways is clear. This isn't just to make your space look bigger, but also ensure you have a clear route out of the building in case of emergency. Don't place any large pieces of furniture in that path if you can avoid it. We recommend you allow 30-48 inches of width for major traffic routes and a minimum of 24 inches of width for minor ones.  

Allow plenty of room between your sofa and dining table, but a lesser amount between your sofa and coffee table.

  In bedrooms, allow at least 24 inches between the side of the bed and a wall, and at least 36 inches between the bed and a swinging door. In a dining room, make sure there are at least 48 inches between each edge of the table and the nearest wall or piece of furniture. By sticking to these measurements, you will keep your rooms clear, which in turn makes them look and feel bigger. You should never feel like to need fill every corner of every room- remember, less is more!    

4. Use Contrast to Achieve a Casual Look

Combine straight and curved lines to create a casual look. If the furniture is modern and linear, contrast with a round table. If the furniture is curved, contrast with an angular piece. For example, pair the curves of the Mellow Bench, with the graphic lines of the Zen Glass dining table. The contrast of the faux leather and glass will help create a casual dining space, too.  

Zen and Mellow Bench Dining Set


5. Use Symmetry to Create a Formal Look

If you want to create a more formal atmosphere symmetrical pieces work best. Try to use products that are of a similar design and style. Our Sanza and Loop Bench Dining Set is perfect for creating symmetry in a room. It's also perfect for saving space as you can tuck it into a corner, keeping your dining room clear.  

Loop Corner Bench and Sanza Dining Set

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How To Choose Your Perfect Dining Bench
March 24, 2020 at 5:00 pm 0

Mellow Blush Velvet and Mia Ceramic Dining Bench Set

A dining bench set is a simple but really effective way to update your dining space. Comfortable, spacious and flexible, after reading this post you’ll wonder why you hadn’t considered a dining bench set sooner! Whether you have a formal dining area or a casual kitchen-diner, a dining bench is a smart choice. So, let us take you through the different shapes and styles of a kitchen bench, the measurements you really shouldn’t miss and the matching dining tables that will create a stunning dining bench set in your home.

We've also have compiled a handy pocket guide with all the information you will ever need when it comes to selecting the perfect Dining Bench.

Ophelia Dining Bench Set

Why Choose a Dining Bench Set?

A dining bench set may seem a big jump from having traditional dining chair seating in your home. But when chosen with the shape and size of your room in mind, a dining bench really can work wonders in a space. Here are a couple of reasons why we think dining benches are a smart choice for your home:

  • It’s more economical: this, of course, depends on how large your table is, but the cost of your dining chairs can really add up. A dining bench will allow you to seat just as many, if not more, all on one cosy seat.
  • It’s a more versatile seating arrangement: whether you opt for a backless bench, a bench with a back or a corner unit, a dining bench will allow you to really transform your dining area. You could also pair a dining bench alongside dining chairs for mix and match seating.
  • It saves space: you can often tuck a backless dining bench under the table and out of the way if you need more floor space, making a backless bench a great space saver. With a dining bench you can also seat a couple more when you have guests over for dinner, so you don’t need to pull up any extra dining chairs.

Ophelia and Mia Dining Bench Set

Measure Up!

Opt for one of our predefined bench sets and all the shapes and table sizes will be matched for you. However, it’s still good to know your key measurements and how much space you’ll need in your kitchen or dining room.

If you’re planning on positioning your bench against the wall, be sure to measure the backrest height to check that it fits with any panelling, radiators or windowsills.

The Mellow Velvet Benches are great when paired with a pedestal table, such as the Sanza, as you are able to tuck them neatly under allowing you extra space in your dining room.

When choosing the length, consider how many people you plan to seat, remember for parties and get-togethers you can always squeeze one or two extra on a corner bench.

You should aim for your bench to be roughly the table measurement from between the legs, or minus 5-10cm if you want to tuck the bench underneath the table.

When trying to work out if your bench set will fit into your space, calculate the total footprint based on the bench aligned with the edge of the table. This will give everyone enough room to get to their seat, and you can always move the bench in if you prefer a more tucked-in position.

Dining Bench Shapes and Sizes

There are a whole variety of benches available, so it’s key to pick one that’s right for you and your space. Dining benches are a great opportunity to really make the most of your dining area and transform its look. Here are our dining bench top picks and what features you should look out for.

Loop Dining Bench Without Backrest

Full-Length Dining Benches

Great For: maximizing the seats around the table.

A full-length kitchen bench does what it says on the tin – it needs to be the full length of your dining table. This style of bench works especially well with pedestal dining tables or where the table legs aren’t set at each of the four corners, as you can neatly tuck the bench in while still maximising your space. That’s not to say a full-length kitchen bench doesn’t look great alongside a table with legs, just consider how you will be able to sit on the bench and if the table legs are in the way. The Sanza and Mellow (https://www.danetti.com/dining-furniture/dining-sets/extending-sets/sanza-grey-gloss-and-mellow-blush-velvet-bench-dining-set) Bench set is the perfect example of this, and if you needed extra space, pop a couple of Form blush pink chairs at either end.

The Mellow Backless Bench is ideal for tucking under tables and keeping out of the way

Tucked in Dining Benches

Great For: space saving and a neat compact look.

To be able to tuck your bench underneath a table with legs, the bench will need to fit the ‘inside leg length’ measurement of the table rather than the length of the tabletop. You’ll also want to leave about 5-10cm for clearance to avoid bumping into the legs every time the bench is pulled in and out.

Alternatively, opt for a pedestal table so you don’t need to worry about the bench fitting in between the table legs. Check out the Mia and Ophelia (https://www.danetti.com/dining-furniture/dining-sets/bench-sets/mia-table-with-ophelia-velvet-dining-bench-set) bench set.

Corner Dining Benches

Great For: creating a cosy dining corner.

Corner dining benches are designed mainly to suit tables with pedestal legs, such as our Sanza, Mia and Camillo tables. That’s not to say that they can’t work with tables with legs though! In this case, you’ll really need to consider your sizing and check there’s enough space to fit around the table legs and be seated comfortably. The Mia and Mellow (https://www.danetti.com/dining-furniture/dining-sets/six-seater-sets/mia-ceramic-marble-table-with-mellow-left-hand-corner-bench-set) corner bench is ideal for a cosy family dining space, whilst the Sanza and Loop & seater Corner set is perfect for those who entertain a lot.  

Left Handed- Longer side is on the left

Right Handed- Longer side is on the right.    

Dining Bench with Backrest

Great For: comfortable and versatile dining.

Mellow Dining Bench with Backrest

Mellow 3 Seater Bench with Backrest

Clean-lined and simple, a straight back bench offers more support as you can lean back when you are seated. Benches with a back create more of a visual impact in a room, which is great if you’ve got the space and are really looking to add a style statement in your dining interior. A dining bench with a back also allows you to squeeze on a couple more, even if seating does become more snug!

Backless Benches

Great For: opening-up the look and feel in your dining area.

Backless dining benches are great for opening-up your dining space as, without a back, they have less of a visual impact in the room. They’re also great space savers too; if you select a bench size that’s smaller than the inside leg length of your table, you can neatly tuck the bench away when it’s not in use. Backless benches are also that bit lighter and easy to move.

Mellow 3 Seater Bench in Petrol Velvet

Mellow 3 Seater Backless Dining Bench

Pairing a backless bench with a bench with backrest is a great way to balance out your dining room while allowing maximum style points.

Perfect Pairings

One of the many great things about a dining bench is that it can be styled alongside a variety of dining tables and seating options. Whether you choose to tie your set together by shape, colour or size, you’ll be able to find a perfect pairing for your space. Here are our top picks when it comes to styling a dining bench set:

A Cosy Corner

A corner nook is a perfect opportunity to have a corner bench in your home. A corner bench will really make the most of an awkward space and turn it into a cosy and communal dining spot. Alternatively, you can use a corner bench to section off a dining area in an open plan kitchen-diner. Our range of Dover and Sanza sets in left and right-hand corner benches would work a treat!

The Right Finish For You

Our broad range of benches are available in luxe velvet upholstery or premium quality faux leather. Two very different looks, both contemporary and stylish. Velvet gives an opulent look and feel to your space and whilst it’s easier to clean than you may think, you may opt for faux leather if you’re concerned about maintaining the look. Our benches are available with black, brass, brushed stainless steel or chrome legs, so you’ll easily be able to find something to coordinate with your dining table.

Seamless Coordination

A great way to make your new dining bench set look right at home is to coordinate it with other furniture pieces in your space. The Mellow blush velvet benches coordinate with the Form Blush Cantilever chairs, if you want to mix and match your benches and chairs. The Bay Sapphire chairs shown here create a really impactful look with the Mellow benches, or take a look at the Ophelia benches teamed with the Form Silver Grey Dining chairs. For an extra seat or to carry the look through to your living room our Plaza footstools are available in coordinating silver grey, blush pink and sapphire blue.

So, have we convinced you that a dining bench set would be a great addition to your home?

We hope so! If you’d like more information on bench sizing and styling, we highly recommend taking a look at our all-you-need-to-know Dining Bench Sizing Blog Post. Or, just ask us a question in the comments!

Show Us Your Style!

Already have a Danetti bench, table (or both!) in your space? We’d love to see! Show us your style by posting a picture on our Facebook or Instagram pages. Don’t forget to #mydanetti.

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Covid-19 – Our Plan
March 19, 2020 at 1:49 pm 0

Dear All,

As the current situation ripples into every aspect of our lives we wanted to talk to you about what we are doing as a business to protect our teams and customers. We’re taking every possible step to carry on as normal, so that you can carry on ordering the items you love and we can successfully and safely fulfil your deliveries.

Firstly, and most importantly, our priority is safeguarding our team, customers, suppliers, delivery partners and wider community. We’ve taken the decision, in line with government recommendations, to practice social distancing. This means that we’ve closed our office day. However, we are an adaptable and nimble business so have a full remote working set up for all teams already. You can still call us, send us emails and get in touch on social. We’re all here and we want to talk – in fact we hope that you do get in touch, encourage you to do so even. Rest assured that we’re a buoyant business and we want to make sure that with all this uncertainly one of the things that you don’t need to worry about is your order with us.

As of today our delivery partner is operational. They are implementing best practices for hygiene so that there is no risk for you when it comes to receiving your delivery. We have taken the following steps across out network to ensure safety, following government guidelines and giving you options:  

  • Hand sanitisers, gloves and alcohol wipes being utilised across the business including with drivers. 
  • We have implemented a new process allowing deliveries to be completed without you having to sign for your delivery if you don’t feel comfortable in doing so. 
  • Offering options to customer who are self-isolating and need to make a revised plan for their delivery.

We feel a responsibility to support our partners to again make sure that we are putting safety first for all. We are taking stock of the facts as they emerge and making sure that we act quickly where needed. 

We’re being responsive, taking the situation day by day and will keep you updated as to any changes we make. Key for us is protecting our people, and you are one of them, whilst remaining as positive as we can. You’ll see us posting on social and maybe sending you new product emails but please don’t think that is a reflection on how seriously we’re taking this. In these times, which none of us have experienced before, it feels right to put out positivity and allow people to look forward. 

We’ll keep in touch but make sure that you do too, we’re all here and in this together.


Daniel Smith CEO

If you have any concerns at all then give us call. Our teams are here, you can reach us on020 3588 1380. Or if you prefer you can pop us an email at sales@danetti.com. You can also message us on Facebook or instagram @danetti_com

The Colour That Everyone is Talking About…
January 21, 2020 at 5:52 pm 0
Classic Blue Moodboard
Pantone's Colour of the Year 2020: Classic Blue

‘Classic Blue’ has been named Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2020. Pantone have described it as ‘a timeless and enduring colour that’s simple in its elegance’, however some have said that Pantone's choice of colour for 2020 is a tad boring compared to recent years with last years bold ‘Living Coral’. Do you agree? If you dig a little bit deeper into the meaning behind the colour, it starts to make sense - the more we look, the more we love it! Inspired by the ever increasing stress in the modern world and the rise in people with anxiety, classic blue is a colour that evokes a sense of calm, wellbeing, and creates a restful sanctuary within your home. Blue has been popping up everywhere across interiors, fashion and textiles in various hues.

So how can you use Classic blue in your home?

This hue works particularly well in velvet, set against geometric prints and accents of brass and you’re well on your way to creating a ‘maximalist’ look for your living space, perfectly on trend for 2020 and beyond!

Classic Blue Velvet Sofa Moodboard interior ideas
Works perfectly with geo prints, bold shapes and brass accents.

Get the Look:

A similar palette for dining creates a moody yet elegant dining set up. Whichever way you look at it, this look is bang on trend and will definitely impress those future dinner guests! It shouts indulgence, with luxe finishes and fabrics and adds a sense of glamour to a seriously grown up dine setting, which makes me think of the Danish concept of ‘Umage’. Yes you heard me right, Danish! This look can be classed as Scandinavian, Let me explain...

The word ‘Umage’ actually means ‘to make a little bit more effort’, so recently we have seen the Scandinavian interiors move away from the overly white and minimalist look to a more elegant and indulgent feel. the darker moody colours create a cocooning and inviting feel which gives us that cozy ‘hygge’ feel of the more typical Scandinavian interiors.

So if you’re feeling like you need a little more “Umage’ in your life you can get the look here: Clover dining chair £169, mellow backless bench £309, Mellow bench with back £449 Zilo dining table £129, Alma floor lamp £39.

Classic Blue Dining Set in Dark Blue Velvet
Coordinating pieces in the same colour - Our Zilo, Mellow and Clover Set

Sometimes 'trend colours' can be hard to use - maybe too bold and not colours that we'd want to commit to seeing day in - day out. Pantone's Classic Blue marks the change; blue kitchens in various hues work on any scale, whether you have a space conscious new build or a larger open plan space. Cool-hued blue is ideal for mixing with grey - this blue kitchen is the perfect backdrop for our New grey velvet Clover Barstools and Harper Chairs.

Classic Blue Open Plan Kitchen
The Aria and Harper Set - Grey Velvet is the ideal coord for an on-trend dark blue kitchen

Moving upstairs into the bedroom....

A statement headboard in a statement blue, is well.. a statement! And why shouldn’t it be? Art deco is fast becoming a favourite in our homes and we are seeing more and more nods to this elegant yet statement trend.

Pantone Colour Harmonues: Desert Twighlight

For this look we worked with one of Pantones series of colour harmonies. ‘Desert twilight’ contrasts the statement classic blue colour with warm earthy tones of pink like muted clay and terracotta. The earthy tones of pink and touches of brass pair perfectly with classic blue to create a really soft, relaxing and harmonised look.

Classic Blue Velvet Art Deco Style Bed
Rene Bed in Midnight Classic Blue

Have a look at our Classic Blue Collection; easy ways to interpret the trend and updates from as little as £29. Shop the collection here

If you decide to recreate any of these looks then you can send in your images to our Instagram and not only will we share our favourites but you may be in with a chance to win a Danetti gift voucher!