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Creating a lifestyle scheme in your home can be quite a task if you are not sure what look you are going for. Danetti have taken out the hard work by bringing you a selection of products to choose from that have been carefully selected to blend with each other or stand alone. Our beautiful cushions are made from 100% feather filling with velvet, cotton velvet, and cut velvet covers. Our plain cushions are piped to add interest and detail and our patterned cushions are backed with linen or plain fabrics.

Stylist Tip:

Look at your colour scheme and decide what you want for your home. We have created a selection of cushions that can be mixed and matched in a variety styles. If you are looking for a warm colour scheme we have a lovely palette of colours to choose from but we've also created a selection of cooler colours too. Really the choice is yours so you can mix and match colours, hues and tones to suit your homestyle. Read More...